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Von Braun Rocket

Been in a rocket mood lately.

Anyhow three stage rocket designed by Werner Von Buran in the early 50s.

Model Rhino 4.0
Textures Bryce 6.1
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It works in Kerbal Space Program!
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brilliant, a lot of people forgot that Von Braun wrote a number of sci-fi stories on the sided along with being a serious scientist, a couple of his books have been reprinted.
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Would it have worked?

...(goes to make it in kerbal)

Could have worked. However, the great weight of the wings worries me. WVB, issued a study on the small stubby winglets on the SATURN V. In that the study showed little control potential was realized, and they should be removed from the BLOCK II, SATURN V's. Now these large wings were meant to be used in a configuration for flyback recovery, and reuse. It is to complicated to go into here, however, it was explained in his books. You might contact DA artist William Black who does realistic spacecraft. He can stir you to other answers. Hope this helps. Cheers and be well.

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Imagine that entire upper half section landing on the moon--this was the original “direct ascent” concept for making a moon landing.

It might have been made to work--at much greater expense and difficulty than the actual Apollo program.

Luckily,others came up with more workable ideas—even if they didn’t seem that way to begin with...
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this is how saturn v should be looks realy impressed.
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I wish I could do something like this. But first I need something better than Goolgle sketch up.
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Pretty cool. Love it.
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interesting sunject from an interesting era in aerospace
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Excellent recreation of this project.
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One of the best models I ever seen! Nice work!
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lol I just watched War of the Worlds last night- The original and BEST version. . . Made me think of that movie so much for some reason. Actually it looks like its out of that other 50's sci-fi movie "When Worlds Collide".
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haha i'm workin on one of the Martian war machines from that movie ^^

and i actually made that ship too before this one
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This is what the nazis used to get into space :D
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I remember these. Nice model.
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oh yeah. rather interesting concept. been in a 50s rocket /scifi mood lately
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