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Pokemon Reign: Aslan: Ref Sheet

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Name: Aslan
Species: Litleo/Ducklett
Type: Water/Fire/Flying
Gender: Male
Ability: Rivalry (Ability 1)
Special: Chimera, Deviant
Hatch Date: June 8th, 2015
Claimed Rolls: Full Body, Shading, Colored

Level: 32
HP: 27
Attack: 23
Defense: 61
Special Attack: 47
Special Defense: 55
Speed: 52

Move List:
:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconwatertypeplz: Water Gun
:iconnormaltypeplz: Echoed Voice
:iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Ring

Father: Bleakfield Bestiary: The Eternal
Mother: PR: The Celestial
Experience Log:
Clutch: PR: Celestial/Eternal Litter I Four Levels
Ref Sheet: Five Levels
PR: Evo and Move Dump IV: Nine Levels
PR: Forest Confusion: Thirteen Levels
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Finished Art - Fullbody, Color, Shading

Aslan gained 5 Defense, 12 Sp. Defense, 10 Speed.
Aslan has earned 27 stat points! Aslan gained 5 level!

Trainer earned 30 Trinities.