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Masquerade 2014

By shekeira
Horse: 6761 ECr Haldus
Raelan:: 10 Suntoucher
Show: Fall Art Auction And Masquerade Ball

Haldus, The Mummy: In Ancient Egypt, the bodies of the dead were preserved with a variety of chemicals, and wrapped in linen. Bodies were often placed in elaborate sarcophaguses and laid to rest in massive pyramids.

Suntoucher, Maahes: Maahes was the lion-headed god of war, and son of Bastet. "Maahes was a deity associated with war and weather, as well as that of knives, lotuses, and devouring captives." (More here.)

Haldus trotted gamely into the giant warehouse where the Masquerade was being held. His brow was maddeningly light and his sides itched where the linen wrappings rubbed his skin. In order to make sure no one got skewered in these close quarters, or lost an eye, he’d taken an eye-droplet of potion diluter. For the next several hours, until midnight, his great elk rack was reduced to a pitiful set of deer horns.

At his side was Suntoucher, a Raelan. Sol towered above him by three full hands, larger and more intimidating than any draft Nordanner could ever be. They would be performing a pantomime set to a haunting tune: Hal was a mummy, and Sol was the Egyptian god, Maahes. A quick glance around the huge space proved slightly intimidating—there was any number of brilliant and wonderfully-constructed costumes on display.

“I think we’re underdressed,” Sol muttered.

If Hal had learned anything over the last year, it was confidence. He shrugged, which only served to make him itch all the more. The bay roan stallion hitched up against a sturdy scarecrow and rubbed his hip along the wood until the sensation abated.

“Maybe,” he allowed, blowing the linen strips that dangled off his nose. “But it’s all how you work the costume.”

Sol blinked, then grinned; he flexed his significant claws. “Then you better work it.”

Art, story, Hal (c) me
Suntoucher (c) ShadowRaven1
References: Lion Stock IV (c) Melyssah6-Stock | attack 2 (c) Jello88

I considered doing any number of elaborate costumes, but in the end, I decided to go with something simple. Something I could work a theme around. And hey, how could I not do something involving Egypt, especially with a giant cat involved?

On Suntoucher's bracelets, if you look closely enough, is "Maahes" in hieroglyphics. The ankh symbol is on his brow. There's also a small portrait of my original equine character, Lightning, in the background.

In all, this took me about three days, off and on. :)
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© 2014 - 2021 shekeira
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ShadowRaven1's avatar
Oh my goodness this is wonderful! :heart:
I love his costume ^^. Not to mention the banter you had between him and Haldus was absolutely perfect :love:.
shekeira's avatar
*grins* I had all sorts of things in mind -- a giant sun-ray head-dress, to name one -- but in the end it came down to two things: space and skill.

I'm glad you like it. Thank you for letting me play with him and dress him up, albeit minimally. ^^
ShadowRaven1's avatar
Well I love what you ended up doing :D.

And absolutely! :heart: Thank you for featuring him!