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My Bio
goal: bring the sheikah to reality

food: taco bell

wears: a dog collar because i'm a cat

hair: looks better wet, when it drys it slightly curls

hates: sumer because poison ivy and heat, being alone every night, change,

loves: winter, snow, cats, kittens, softness, certain people who probably
hate me by now, my second sheikah emblem(its my main emblem), pretty things witch there are a lot of on this site, dreams, certain machines

Favourite Movies
bagi the moonster of mighty nature, ff7 advent childeren
Favourite TV Shows
durarara, sword art online,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
(its not about the bands its about the songs)
Favourite Books
Conal vs Akil,
Favourite Games
halo, kingdom hearts, zelda/ minecraft
Other Interests
cats, light=darkness,
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i dreamed a kingdom hearts dream i a location not in kingdom hearts unlike any place ive ever been (i might have been riku based on recent conversations that happened before this was dreamed) aqua jumped in a river from a bridge i think she was feeling depressed or something but the river had partially become the dark water ansem seeker of darkness had tossed her into in kh3 , namine and i dive into save her (i think namine saved aqua and save namine) we dived deep into the darkness as she started to  become dark aqua again, i believe she became normal again once we reached her, the water was normal water again once we surface and namine w
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Before the dream I woke to see my cat wide eyes and adorable then I fell back asleep I dreamed that I was driving home in my mom's car but I couldn't remember the morning, next day in dream same thing happens except this time apparently I was live streaming it but I never got around to watching back the footage, Next day in dream I'm walking with friends and a girl who I like alot (she's not really into me anymore don't worry I'm fine) we stop at a place sit for a second we get up I hugged her and I wait for her to say goodbye to someone so I wait by a railing and then we leave, I wake up sometime later locked in a tower I found a few crys
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In the dream it was like a hole day i woke up as the start of dream had breakfast at a home I once lived and breakfast conversation also seems i was going to school in the dream but all I recall about it is big empty square  like a big super deep pool ridiculously deep and water bottles I think there was a game being played with full water bottles either way I was drinking them and tossing the empty bottles down the pit. And a other student got annoyed with about it. So I went down the pit's ladder and got my empty bottles ... I think this was gym class.... The sad parts of this dream involve a girl I want to be with who seems to no longer wa
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Thank you very much for the favorite, i'll be uploading on a daily basis, have a wonderful day :)

meow nature is pretty and i r lazy

oh hey thanks for the watch

Thanks for the fave!