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New semester, new work, busy busy.

I'm working on an illustration assignment and took some photos for reference and really fell in love with the one I submitted as "You and Me". The light was just right and I warmed it up a bit, but that was it.

I'm working on some outside of class projects too: a drawing for some work friends of their comic book/adventure character Doc Clock, I'm getting my little garlic guy (who I've decided to name Bebo) printed as a sticker.. and some other little projects.

So I hope things are going well for you, too!
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New Wilmington Artists Association!!

Come check us out!
I've officially recorded the answering machine tapes.

7 minutes. 19 messages. :D
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Rain rain rain.


Plus side: Had time to upload Art in the Garden photos!

Please check out Home -- Your In the Threads.
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I won second place in Art in the Garden (an outdoor art event)!!

I'll upload pictures soon!
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It was supposed to rain today. And it didn't.

A woman bought me my coffee just because.

I did an exceptionally good job in figure drawing.

And the undergrad art show is coming up...

So life seemed a little magical today.

It was beautiful out. It felt like spring. The sun was warm, the wind was cool. The trees are shaking the cold off, their bright and buttery little buds just poking through, as if to see if the world is ready yet. "Are you ready for spring?" So much to do, so much excitement. Today was too perfect to hold on to though, I suppose. It's already over.
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