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The Koi of Koko-en Garden by SheilaSunshine The Koi of Koko-en Garden by SheilaSunshine
There's a lot I would do differently if I did this over again, but for a first full-blown environment painted completely in Photoshop, I'm pretty proud of it. The reference photo I took myself during a trip to Japan last year. The Koko-en Garden is next to Himeji Castle. Definitely worth visiting if you get the opportunity to go.

I painted this on one layer which was my first mistake. It made correcting mistakes difficult and definitely impeded my flow. My second was forgetting to zoom out more often. I definitely fell prey to working in a spot and trying to replicate the look from my reference image and not considering that maybe it didn't have to be as detailed so that my end piece would have a better hierarchy of information.

Used standard brushes and adjusted the flow, opacity, etc. to make 'em do what I needed them to. Pretty sure this was a square shaped pastel brush.

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Submitted on
May 22, 2017
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