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Game of Thrones s.1 Last Supper

I have this unhealthy obsession of Game of Thrones..
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me too! Nice to see im not alone :)) My faves are Tyrion and Sansa

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Don't worry, you are not alone. There are many of us.
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love how tyrion is in the middle of it
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I like the drawing style *3* Nice Work!
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Thank you for placing Tyrion in the center... he is my favorite character of Game of Thrones.
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One of only two men in all of Westeros whom I'd even consider marrying (the other being Sandor Clegane).
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Somehow the frame looks so familiar for me. Something like in.... Helliger Artbook?
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hi Papang. yes you were right. i was highly inspired with the amazing art in Helliger artbook, so i adapted some elements and combine them with the character drawing. I should have admit it from the beginning. I apologize for my dishonesty. Makasih ya.
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why isnt everyone dead lol
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Hahahaha ! Priceless !
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This looks great!
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Looking real hard, and I don't see Rickon Stark. What if he's the one that takes the iron throne? lol
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I love the expression between Ghost and Rhaegal
aahhhh sheilaa you're the best! gw suka bgt game of thrones. n gambar elo ini keren bangeettt! gila makin canggih aja kartun2 lo
eh btw ini gw iwan paul. skalian ijin make gambarnya yah, i'll recite ur name with it. gila gak nyangka lg brosing gambar2 GoT, malah nemu hasil karya elo =p
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This is perfect for season 1! Everyone bickering about Tyrion except Dany.
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AHHHH this is awesome!!!!! great idea and really well executed
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Jamie has one hand too many
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Just in case this person didn't ask permission, I'd like to tell you s/he has this piece uploaded in his dA: [link]
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hey thx for the info. yea he didn't ask my permission. i better tell him then.
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I feel like there should be atleast five people sitting in Judas' seat
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haha too many judas eh?
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