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Published: January 26, 2008
And you know it's true.

It always bugs me when people have such a severe distaste for crack (canon, fanon or fiction) or just people who like laughing.

For me, it's Zutara. I love it and yet I know most of the ship is ridiculous and moreso the shippers. After all, Avatar is a TV show. In the end, if Katara ends up with Aang, I'll be a little upset but it's not like I'll go riot the streets. If you know my gallery, I put up a lot of pro-Zutara and "anti"-Kataang... Most of it, especially the bashing, is in good humor. (Hahaha, I just realized that for being much more against Maiko [I'm less abrasive about Kataang] I never much bash it...)

Another good example is Kingdom Hearts or Harry Potter. You can hardly look at the popular section without seeing SOMETHING being made fun of.

Anyway, I dedicate this to *rufftoon and *Booter-Freak for knowing exactly what this means.

Free to use ON THIS SITE.

+Fav and don't comment and all those Srsfans will attack you while you lie in bet at night.
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Fave #5,000.
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JK-Kino|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am so using this 
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I enjoy watching shipping wars while munching on popcorn in my fandoms
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Twinkie-Buns|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love doing that!

There are shipping wars ALL the time in my Fandom (mostly because my Fandom is basically an Anime with lots of Dudes so they make everyone gay)
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Tortive|Hobbyist General Artist
I should do that one day, but I haven't seen a shipping war in my fandom.
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AllofEverything|Hobbyist General Artist
Ah man, do I agree with this. That's one thing I like about the Kingdom Hearts fandom: They're willing to make fun of how ridiculous the entire concept is, and how the fandom acts, and nobody gets butthurt at the end of the day. Same goes for the TMNT fandom. I wish I saw more of it in the Undertale fandom...
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WENDIGO-666|Hobbyist Digital Artist
i found this stamp stupid not because i think is true , just because no one haves the position to indicate who is really a fan or not.
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Wish-I-Was-Finnish|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm safe now, the srsfans won't get me :)
I try my best to live by this rule. You gotta laugh at your fandom sometimes. No one likes a killjoy.
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I laugh at most fandoms, because they're ridiculous or just plain funny. However, some are just atrocious and won't ever get a laugh out of me. Looking at you Undertale, FNAF and MLP fandoms.
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enebii|Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Homestuck fandom is the reason I am not afraid to die.
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tultsi93|Hobbyist Artist
True. Every fandom contains Mary Sues, and I love Mary Sue parodies! They're so hilarious! XD
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Epismatic|Hobbyist General Artist
I love fandoms! But I can acknowledge the ridiculous aspects of pretty much any fandom I'm in. In my opinion, laughing at your own fandom can be a lot of fun, since you're among friends there. :)
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FireBelliedOpossum|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, I'm in the FNAF fandom and I get quite a bit of laughter from some of the cringe this fandom has brought on

Nice stamp, I may use it later :heart:
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PuddleBubbles|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Using, Thanks
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AlexandertheMagician|Student Filmographer
I'm not a slave to Canon! DX
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Well... anyone can be a fan of anything, really. :XD: I do happen to laugh at a lot of things... even when I like certain characters (Prince Hans) that most people don't like. I laugh when people are mean towards him in drawings and I'm mean towards him sometimes in the ways I depict him, but when people are on full mode hatred and really just going out of their way to hate something I like... that's where I really have to draw the line. It has become a personal attack on me when that happens. 

I see so many "I hate Hans, blahblahblah, etc" comments on Hans drawings instead of seeing constructive criticism/positive input that should be there. I know this is the internet, but this is also a place where people should know better. People spend so much time on a drawing and then a child (that should not be online in the first place) leaves a comment about hating the character instead of looking at their artwork? Extremely rude and disrespectful. Hans is not the worst Disney villain out there. There have been many like him and worse (especially in non-Disney), so no one has room to complain. I don't hate Elsa (at all), but artwork like this always cheers me up:…
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DarthBloodOrange|Hobbyist General Artist
I used to never laugh at my favorite fandoms. Then one day I stared for some reason hahaha.
I love laughing and having fun with the fandoms I follow :D (Big Grin) .
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silverbullet72|Hobbyist General Artist
So defenitely true!
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Ronerk's avatar
Steven Universe's fandom in a nutshell.
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MarielKeybash96's avatar
I don't laugh i backlash at fandoms.
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I NEVER laugh at my fandoms so I'm hardly a fan, but it is cool with me. :)
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insanewolfhybrid|Hobbyist General Artist
Well i laugh at my fandoms the entire time!
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Sleepstar|Hobbyist Writer
I love reading humour fanfiction in my favourite fandoms. Though it is now deleted, the fanfiction "Random Layton Story" was quite hilarious, and pokes light-hearted fun at my favourite characters, and parodied fandom's Portrayal of the character Clive Dove, who at the time the fanfiction was written, was extremely popular with the fandom, due in part of his backstory. I have also poked fun at my fandoms.
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Snowlynx46|Student General Artist
So true. I feel like some people like fan-art and shippings more than the original movie/books/series
Thank you for letting me use this! 
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