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The Sheikah messenger appeared as if out of nowhere, jumping down from the towering Spirit Temple. Usually Link would stumble backward or move out of his way, but not this time. He had grown fond of this mysterious character and his teachings of the sacred songs. But what drew Link in the most was the strange yet intriguing looks of the man. His outfit was a blue unitard that perfectly defined the muscular body of its wearer. Aside from that, his chest, lower arms, thighs, fingertips, and head were bound in with bandages. He also wore a fringed vest on his chest which was embroidered with the emblem of the Sheikah tribe. The only skin that was shown fully was this man's right eye. This one detail was shown beautifully, the ruby red iris clashing together with his golden hair. Despite Link being swooned over by so many lovely women while on his journey during his adulthood, he knew that his dashing looks could not match the mystery behind this stranger's shining eyes.

"O brave hero, you've done well to pass through this nightmare desert. Behold upon yourself, a sacred song that will allow you to come back to this temple at any time you wish" said Sheik, pulling out his lyre. Link, at the same time, pulled out his instrument, the Ocarina of Time. It had been a "gift" from Princess Zelda, which had been used to open the Door of Time. Sheik began gently plucking and strumming the strings of his lyre, and then Link joined in of the Ocarina of Time to play the duet, which had the convenient name of "The Requiem of Spirit." Once the duet was completed, Sheik, without a word, took a few steps backward. Link knew what was coming next. He reached out to stop the Sheikah, but it was too late. He had already flung his method of escape, a deku nut, onto the ground, and was gone. The hero sighed, and walked on to the entrance of the temple. To his surprise, when he arrived there, something was shimmering in the desert's warm sunlight, something with a terribly familiar shape. Link quickly ran to this mysterious object to find that it was an item that he would never imagine to have been left. Sheik's lyre. For it to be left behind, and here of all places, something clearly must have gone wrong. Link picked up the lyre and examined it. No damage or anything was done to it, it looked just the same. Then he looked down at the spot it was laying in and found a ripped fragment of a piece of paper. He picked it up and flipped it over. There was a beautifully written Hylian message written on it. The lines were even- no mistakes. He began to read, hungry for knowledge of what this occurrence meant.

"You will no longer see me after our duet of the Requiem of Spirit today. Keep my voice with you. Discard my lyre and this note, great Hero of the Goddesses."

Link knew that this note could only be from Sheik. He looked at the lyre, and back at the note. He read the words back to himself, noticing a coded message the smart Sheikah had included within the lines. "No longer see… Requiem of Spirit… My voice…" That's when it hit him. He thought of the message that he had received when he obtained the Princesses' Ocarina of Time. He picked up the lyre and, as if he had been playing this lovely instrument his whole life, strummed out the Requiem of Spirit. He closed his eyes and waited for a vision of Sheik to strike him, but nothing had come.  Discouraged, he played the song again. He knew that there was something about this song and this lyre that would guide him along through his journey. After numerous attempts and failures of this method, Link did as the note had asked him, and he placed the items back down where he had found them. He moved forward and stood in the entranceway of the temple without a backward glance, knowing that it would cause him to delay his quest even longer with the puzzle of Sheik's message.

"Link!" a familiar voice called out to him. He quickly spun around to see who it was, since he knew it could never be Navi.
"We meet again, Hero of Time…" Sheik slowly began to say. Link walked toward him with the harp in hand.
"You left this. Why..? Why would you..?"
"I had to stall you." This answer left Link hopelessly confused. Yes, even the legendary hero can be confused by something as "simple" as this. He said nothing, leaving Sheik to continue.
"I can't leave you, not like this. I've watched you pass through your journey. You've gone such great distances. Through deep forests, blazing caverns, the deepest depths of Lake Hylia, and through our very own temple of the shadows. I always knew that you had what it took to make it this far, and to make it to Ganondorf and slay him once and for all, but I just can't shake the feeling that something may happen to you. And after watching you through all these acts of selfless kindness and danger, I-" Sheik was cut off immediately by the warm, yet rough touch of Link's lips being pressed up against his own. He was paralyzed by the perfect feeling of this gorgeous man kissing him. This feeling had only been in Sheik's fantasies, but not anymore. Link pulled back, opening his beautiful blue eyes. He brushed away the heavy bangs which covered Sheik's other eye and gazed into them. Sheik returned the gaze, hoping his eyes would distract Link from his blushing face. Without a single word, the two leaned into each other for another kiss. The kiss that connected the two of them. A connection that was never meant to be made. A connection that could seal a terrible fate for the both of them. But right now, that didn't matter. What mattered most was that the truth was out, and the darkness across Hyrule had been lifted for just a moment and allowed light to spread across the kingdom.
A short little fanfiction I wrote two days ago while I was in this crazy fangirly mood. Anyone who knows me knows that LinkXSheik is forever going to be my #1 OTP.
I got inspired with the setting when I was thinking that on my Ocarina of Time game, I haven't yet gone to the Spirit Temple, I'm still just outside of it. Then I thought of this Sheik and Link kissing scene, and I worked in between it. I personally feel like this was quite a boring little story because of the ridiculous filler. However, I've been told by many people that I'm a brilliant writer, so I'd love to hear some feedback!

Characters belong to Nintendo
Literature belongs to Me
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LT-INFLUX Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
That was BEAUTIFUL~!!!
JoshDraws Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, you frogot Link and Fi :3
JoshDraws Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is cool.... But in Ocarina of Time, they said Sheik was a dude I think... But this is cool bro!
Sheik4Link4Ever Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I do support the couple as a gay one, and I suppose that's why I like this couple much more than other popular ones like Zelda and Link, Malon and Link, and Midna and Link.
Also, thank you very much for your positive comments!
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