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Backstory: My co-worker said that she reads Interstellar C.A.T. Crew comic only for the romance.
Me: What romance?
Every pairing that I've created in my head. Duhhh
Me: It's not possible for every pairing ever to exist. Otherwise Council Cat Pupu would be with Fireball.
I BEG TO DIFFER. You wanna play this game? Because we could play this game. I could make a story for them right now.

The C.A.T. crew storms the council headquarters or whatever.. ready to make Lilac the new empress. Shadow, in an epic battle against Claw, lost his life. Frantic as the C.A.T.s were closing in on them, Scorpio and Pupu ran for safety. Fireball confronts them and tells them that it's all over and to surrender. Scorpio refuses, and they begin to do battle. Fireball is being badly beaten, and eventually, his nearly lifeless body is tossed over to Pupu by Scorpio. He tells him to finish the job. Pupu steps over the body, saying "Let's not waste time and just get out of here instead." But as he attempts to walk by Scorpio, he grabs Pupu and tells him to get back over there and do as he's told. Pupu refuses, which makes Scorpio even more upset. He tells him that he's good for nothing and that he's always been weak. He told him to know his place and that he's merely a puppet, an empty shell of a soldier whose only role in life is to obey the commands of others. He pushes him back over to Fireball and once more tells him to kill him. Annoyed, Pupu walks over to Fireball who is struggling to push himself up. Pupu takes out his weapon and aims it at Fireball. They share an intense moment. Finally, Pupu turns around and shoots Scorpio instead. The barrel still smoking, Pupu glares, saying "I am nobody's puppet." The bullet hits Scorpio's shoulder, unfortunately, and now he is furious. He calls him an insolent fool and a battle between the two of them begins.

Scorpio, for the most part, is winning, and Fireball jumps in as best he could to help Pupu on the offense. On his knees, Pupu struggles to find the strength to continue fighting. Scorpio grabs his face, gripping it tightly while Pupu writhes in pain. "I told you," Scorpio growls, "you will always be weak. No one will ever remember you... you don't even remember your own self." Watching this, and knowing that Pupu had momentarily spared his life, Fireball cries out to Pupu. "Don't listen to him! It doesn’t matter who you once were! We all have the power to change! Your independence is yours! FREEDOM IS YOURS!!!” These words suddenly cause a beam of light to glow around Pupu’s body. Scorpio glares, “W-what is this?!” Pupu’s pupils, once tiny and sinister looking, suddenly dilate and he’s filled with a renewed sense of strength. Swiftly releasing himself from Scorpio’s grasp, he looks down at his hands, feeling like brand new blood is rushing through him. All this time, when he thought he had been woken from his sleeper-cell state… he was only released from one layer of it. Now, the code words having been uttered by Fireball, he suddenly realizes that he is free from all restrictions and is back to using his original strength which had actually been suppressed all these years. In hardly any time at all, he manages to defeat Scorpio… but still spares him. Scorpio scoffs, “I knew it… you’ll always be weak.” To which Pupu replies, “Not weak… only free to make my own choices.” The rest of the gang shows up and they immediately arrest Scorpio, and tell him that he’ll be tried by the highest extent of the law for all the atrocities he committed against the royal family and all of Catilia.

The gang then surrounds Pupu, ready to charge him with the same, but Fireball suddenly jumps in to stop them. He explains that Pupu was merely being controlled and had no idea what he had been doing all these years. The crew arrests him anyway, saying that he will stand trial and that this recent discovery will be considered by the jury. Before being taken away, Pupu turns to Fireball and thanks him, saying that he would have never been able to free himself without his help. Then, unexpectedly, he kisses Fireball. Stunned, everyone stares in absolute silence as Pupu smiles gingerly and says, “It feels good to remember who you really are!"

The End.
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Sevian Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Oh no, what have you unleashed?
DTJB Featured By Owner May 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Pupu's pupils"  That's tough to say out loud.
Firescribe Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Laughed too much. So much drama haha
finex666 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
EchoDragon76 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'm at lost for words.
TToxicKitteNN Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oMl this is amazing aHa
RoboGirl579 Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
This is so CUTE! Another crack ship to add to the armada.
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