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Ender's Game PvP
(Item loss and XP loss will be turned off during PvP gameplay)

Player limit:
Minimum 1vs1
Maximum 6vs6

Every Saturday at 18:00 (UTC-05:00)

How to play:
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You have 5 minutes to reach the gate at the bottom (red room) 300 blocks below the start gate. Both sides take turns to be offence and defence. As the offence you make use of your feather falling boots (provided) and try to reach the bottom but watch out because the defence will be trying their best to stop you. Both sides make use of only the provided equipment. If you die, then keep trying until 5 minutes are up. This is why we have beds at the offence and defence start gates. So you keep spawning back at your start gate every time you die. Once 5 minutes are up, you switch places. The team to have the most people reach the exit gate is the winner. In the event that both teams passed through the gate, the team to reach the gate fastest within 5 minutes is the winner.

-PvP will be temporarily turned on during the match.
-Item loss after death will be turned off so you don't lose the pvp gear through out the length of the match.
-XP loss after death will be turned off so it doesn't effect anyone's PvE gameplay later.
-You set your spawn to a bed in your gate at the start of each round. As offence you set spawn to a bed in the offence room and as defence you change it to a bed in the defence room.

-As offence you may only use the armor and weapons provided.
-As defence you may only use the armor and weapons provided.
-Once you switch sides you must switch your items. Leave the items in the numbered boxes that you got them from.
-The provided PvP items are not allowed to be taken back to your PvE area.

If you would like to join the realm, kindly read the rules below:

Minecraft realmSheharzad's Realm:
I've started a new realm: Survival mode (Difficulty: Normal)
This is our spawn point. Spawn coordinates: xyz = 247 66 258 in case you get lost

1. Keep your language clean because there are some very young players on the realm.
2. Don't break or add to other people's homes without their permission. Everybody wants their home to be their own work of art.
3. Don't take things from other people's chests without permission.
4. Be helpful to new players. 
If you agree to my rules, tell me your display name and I will send you an invite :)
Rude behavior will not be tolerated. I'm all about sharing resources. If you need something and I have it, I will gladly share it with you.
Update 1:
We now have a facebook group where we can post screenshots of our work in progress and finished projects.
Update 2:
Teamspeak is up and running. If you w

FurriesInBlenders Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, dude! That looks awesome! I love Ender's Game, it's one of my favorite books.
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February 11, 2016


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