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This looks like something outta don’t hug me I’m scared
PakWanpanman's avatar
Nigga ya all just got toasted
PMaddie's avatar
i feel bad for the butter Sad dummy Pray 
MonkeySharkPro's avatar
mrhistorybuff's avatar
Poor butter it's to funny sorry buddy
toriegarcia89's avatar
This is beyond adorable. poor butter.
The-TraveIing-Itch's avatar
What the hell? ... I'm so glad I found you.
Sheharzad-Arshad's avatar
Thank you for the watch  :)
The-TraveIing-Itch's avatar
longlovevegeta's avatar
I remember finding this on the internet a while back xD So funny to just discover the artist who did it!
GummyBear30's avatar
"Best thing I've ever seen."
SporeDiatrymisss's avatar
They're looking like they have a good time.
A very, VERY good time.
Wayy too good for me to feel comfortable. e__e
CrazyHermine's avatar
Burn baby burn SkyDoesMinecaft: Holy Molay! Best day of my life!
                                                                                           Trololol Too late Sky da butta iz mine! : Bread Bread  
Sasha Blouse (Bread Eater) [V2] Potato girl: *eats the bread* LOL I DON'T EVEN NEED BUTTER 4 MY BREAD.
                             Shasia potato girl saved my life, i shud totaly whath Atack on Titan :SkyDoesMinecraft  Burn baby burn
kopela1's avatar
i shall never look at bread the same way
CloverWing's avatar
HOLY CRAP lol!!! nice
Thedominosmen's avatar
farahin001's avatar
NO!!! My Butter! Poor butter.Sad dummy 
Is a EVIL BREED!!!EVIL Laughter!
Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah!  
This both terrifies and intrigues me.
Monochrome-Telegram's avatar
Lol XD I burst out laughing when I saw this. Great job! :D
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