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Tu as été sauvagement tag dans ce journal car tu es un ancien membre de Gashakey et/ou quelqu'un qui pourrait être intéressé par ce qui va suivre mais si tu n'aimes pas le role play et que tu déteste te sentir aimé et choyé au sain d'une petite communauté, te faire pleins d'amis et partagé ton art avec eux, ceci n'est pas pour toi! (tavu comme je vend déjà le truc?)

Alors voilà, nous avons essayé de remettre Gashakey à flots par le passé, sans succès mais je vous avoue que cela me manque énormément.
J'ai donc envoyé un message à plusieurs d'entre vous pour voir si vous aussi, vous étiez aussi motivé que moi et il semblerait que oui!
Plusieurs choses vous ont tout de même tracassés comme la peur que le groupe sombre également ou le fait que réutiliser une fois de plus Gashakey risquerait d'être trop confus...

Alors voilà ce que je vous propose:

  • Recréer un nouveau groupe, tous ensemble, en fusionnant toute nos idées pour qu'il soit le plus pertinent possible
  • Faire plusieurs clans avec à la tête un voir deux chefs qui seront responsable de mini events pour que jamais le groupe coule au cas ou une ou l'autre personne ne sache pas faire d'events pour X raisons.
  • Autoriser les autres clans à participer a ces events (comme des visites amicales... ou pas? :D
  • Autoriser des personnages à ne pas avoir de clan pour pouvoir vagabonder 
  • Autoriser la création d'un autre clan et la destruction du précédent en cas de conflit, alliance ect
  • Créer un système de récompense pour avancer dans le role play, exemple: un dessin, 1 point, avec ces points on peut "acheter" des récompenses comme des familiers, montures, pouvoirs, armes, ect.
En gros, créer quelque chose qui restera toujours en mouvement, sujet à des changements pour que on ne s'ennuie pas!

Donc voilà, si vous êtes intéressés, partagez vos idées avec nous en commentaire et je propose que ceux qui adhèrent à l'idée/ à une des idées y répondent pour que je puisse voir vers quel chemin on devrait se tourner pour faire un truc qui plait à tout le monde c:

N'hésitez pas à tag vos amis! 

:iconjlise::iconnebquerna::iconniutellat::iconlegend-dr::iconeevee33::iconlaureth-dk::iconsynthesium: :iconm4wie: :icongostpas: :icongo-shego: :iconbrouga835kagoja: :iconnovarock: :iconsawyer-nono: :iconpeachybu: :iconmarie-ortie: :icon62gathe: :iconzainketa: :icondumdog: :iconthildou-chan: :iconmemookami: :iconlyatalibannneko: :iconwichuf: :iconk0ii: :iconivoir3: :iconmiko-the-vynxen: :iconstevrare: :iconkeethy: :iconblackkitty05: :iconcelykhanyne: :iconnamchu: :iconanexsia: :iconheroyn: :iconpinkgermy: :iconpatoriku-sarutawarii: :iconlylou-garoute: :iconyuuzeart: :iconnoru-chan:
(offer to adopt, money only)
  1.  Masked bunny thing: 30 + (sold)
  2.  Sluggu : 30 - (bought it for 27$ so that's the AB)  (sold)
  3.  Pink donut:  30 +
  4.  Zanshi: 30 -  (sold)
  5.  Lioptera: 30 -
  6.  Drakhos: 30+
  7.  Dream catcher: 30+  (sold)
  8.  Okran 30+  (sold)
  9.  Piñata thing: 30+  (sold)
  10.  Fish thing: WELL?
  11.  Bunnygator thing: 30-  (sold)

    30+ = looking for 30$ and more offers
    30 - = Can let it go for less than 30$

    I'm also gonna clean my gallery for 2018 and store everything I find "bad" so be sure to save the files you want to keep c:
    It breaks my heart to sell some of them but my bill for my surgery and taxes unfortunately leaves me no choices.

... By other people, like art trade or commissionned art.
Do you find it normal to ask more for the time / money spent?

Or: you want to resell an doptable you bought 25$ (example) is it correct to resell it for more when it comes with additional art like  like art you did of it/ art trade or commissionned art?
What options would you be interested in? 

I was thinking of doing something like:

- Posting adoptables 1 day earlier
- Free sketches of your characters wen I do my warm up sketches
- Free adopt of the month only for my patreons (lotery)
-  ???
... Someone reported it because it was to obscene
Moroark by Shegoran


I was to tempted to draw a picture of Moro with a pnis.
And put it on facebook as profile picture.

Yup I did it.
He's on a tree and sings the super mario theme.
He's like "Nieeh, I'm fine, come back later, like when I'm hungry" 
He is a 5 years old hand raised bird.
He is on the top of a huuuuuge tree.
Silly bird.
The store "hook on you" on alliexpess steal art to make easy dirty money.
They stoled one of my design and now they are asking for proofs.


Wait, what? Do you even try to seems serious? XD

Dirty-art-thief by Shegoran

Whalepaper by Shegoran

(ps: I writed this journal just to warn you, I do not seek any advice to protect my drawings, I know that in the present state of things, it can happen. (I mean, I give them a full hd design, easy to copy/steal so... XD)

My internet box was destroyed because of a violent orange Friday BUT I still continued to draw, I would post everything in the next hours and would also announce the winners of both free adoptables :D

So keep an eye on my me! 

-Fancy tiger
-Galaxy bunnyXferret
-Lioptera batch of adoptables

FLATSALE prices: 22-45$

As some of you know, I have been suffering from atrocious pains once a month for a year now.
Since a year, I take various medications , I regularly go to the hospital to do tests, always more and more expensive invasive and traumatizing.
My doctor wanted to change my contraceptive pill ( I took the same since 10 years) and I have seen so many bad reviews that I got scared and decided not to take it....And also not to take any pills.

A lot of things happen in my body and in my mind right now because of this and when I draw, actually, this is what I draw naturally.
I tried to draw something in my "normal" (old?) style but... It was... Hard?
I don't know how to explain.

I do not know if it will stay like that for the moment I'll just draw what goes through my head, it is also why I wont take customs/commissions right now.

It's so strange how a simple contraception pill can change so much things...

My dog is like "I am a what?"
embedded_item1489352744038 by Shegoran
My partner came home with a baby belgian hare, this poor creature is so precious omg
He had the eyes glued together, hard poop locks on the paw and body, smelled awefully bad.
He wasnt moving a lot, he layed on poop, the previous owner never cleaned the cage :c
To move it, the previous owner took it by the ears like... What?
He is sooo kind and gentle, since I gave him a bath and hold it like 4h to comfort him, he always keep an eye on me and sleep next to me
zedfgthfrd I can't resist.
If you are curious, I posted some pictures on
I will draw a chibi for a 3 month premium membership c:
More shields? Are you kidding me?
I do not like the character design neihter, it's just... Weird.
What do you think about it?…
... And your family and friends are like "Aaah you can do it, bye."


Gonna draw to let all thi anger out.
I'll not post this shit on shegoran because I'm not sure that my watchers want to see blood/gore/violence art here.
So I made another account:
He died during surgery.

I just have no words...


My rabbit has has made a bad fall, he is currently in the clinic (he's going to sleep there), he has multiple fractures.
The vet gave me
three solutions:
- A big surgery with
metal plates ( aprox cost: 755$)
- Let him in a small box
so that he can not move but it will be painful because he is a giant rabbit and is heavy

Actually, I do not have the money but the others "solutions" are not event an option so he will
have surgery tomorrow morning.
Since I already paid 600$ two weeks ago for my dog's surgery,
they agree that I pay in a month.

So tommorow, I'll make a commission sheet with example of drawings for every budget.

My dog and my rabbit are best friends, they even have an instagram account, it's already so hard for me to
see them suffer at the same time,
I can not imagine them one without the other...

Here is the instagram account:…

1: open
2: open

Will be done today
16265610 454557528267059 7264793744097903503 N by Shegoran 16265793 454557578267054 1407942540029299027 N by Shegoran

Hello everybody, Lilou just came back from the vet, all went well
I am relieved, phew!
I will be able to draw without being bothered, I look forward to tomorrow to start =D
Edit: I went to the vet this morning, She will have surgery Tuesday.
This situation worries me a lot
The vet is pretty positive and optimistic, but I'm really afraid that something is going wrong, I would be destroyed ....
sdfghjgfd my beloved child :c


Here is some left overs adoptables for sale c:

15$ by Shegoran

20$ by Shegoran

Anubis inspired adoptable 50$ closed by Shegoran

took my 1 year old dog to the vet because when she walk, she makes a strange KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK sound.
She has got a serious problem with her knees and need surgery wich will cost
approximately 1065$
This is a very heavy procedure that will require four months of convalescence.
If I leave it like that, she will develop arthosis early and will not be able to walk quickly.
I'm so scared because I love this dog as my own child. She IS my child.

This is how the surgery will go:

x-ray of the knees to know which is in a most serious condition.
2) Surgery of the most damaged knee
3) 2 month of convalescence
4) Surgery of the other knee

So, right now
I have to raise half of the amount ASAP to start everything.

Her name is Lilou

12718020 223388844717263 8378754403846911656 N by Shegoran 13012638 230192664036881 5310153761689473263 N by Shegoran 13043415 230192667370214 5623227090876618008 N by Shegoran 13007253 219532805102867 5252450656173376008 N by Shegoran

I'm so mad, my rabbit broke my cintiq cable, I tried to call wacom to know where should I buy a new one but I can't event have them on the phone!
I called the belgian number and there just was a stupid robot woman saying "for french press 4" YES I M PRESSING 4 SEE OMG it don't work at all.
I'm so nervous because I can't even buy a cable from the us wacom store because I can't change the country and the EU online store... Just don't work at all?
I mean, we can even not find where to send an email or find a product AND the web site is in a french-german-english language??? I swear, some words are in french, some other are in english and the products are in german HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…
I want a Grem since a loooot of time now, so if you own one you want to trade and like my art, I'll offer:

- 1 tiny of the character of your choice
- 1 full body of the character of your choice
- 1 custom design or any of my unsold design

Thank you <3