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Nakada specie reference sheet (open specie) by Shegoran Nakada specie reference sheet (open specie) by Shegoran
Edit: 14-10-17 

Nakadas can now have one pair of eyes only


I wanted to refresh a little bit the old reference:
I have not replaced the old publication to keep track of my work and see if I get better :)

AND YES this is the new Rorive, I'm still working on his reference sheet but you already have a preview :P

More informations.
Gender: Hermaphrodite. (male and female at the same time)
Longevity: 80 years on average.
Predators: Big sharks, killer whales Macagheddon
Reproduction: Oviparous, a Nakada couple usually stay together during all their life. They lay generally tow eggs each year. The eggs are limp and translucent, as the frogs ones; the babies born black with gills.
Habitat: Calm waterholes.
They live on a planet which is located in the Cassiopeia.
La Cassiopee by Shegoran
Height: 2 meters on average.
Personality: Quiet, peaceful, placid, serene.
Lifestyle: They live in clans of about thirty individuals led by a spiritual leader, the shaman.

To avoid:
The Naka don't have furr or feathers.
They can't have wings.
They have vivid colors, certainly, but please don't abuse, get inspired by animals like snakes, fishes, frogs or nudibranchs.
They're wild animals, so don't give them human's jewelry. (except if, in your Nakada's story, there were any interaction with humanoids creatures who live on GO)

Sooo you want a Nakada?

The Nakadas are a species that I really enjoy. I don't allow everybody to make one. Attention, the fact that you're especially good or not wont affect my judgement.
I would like that a Nakada's owner take care of him, draw him and ask others to draw him (commission, art trade, etc...). I would like that you say me why you want one and what you plan to do with him.
Once you have the authorization to make one, you can make any subclass of the Nakadas.
If you didnt read this, you won't have any chance to get one because you do not know the species:B

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you have questions!
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January 7, 2013
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