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AOTD: Semi aquatic raptor by Shegoran AOTD: Semi aquatic raptor by Shegoran
... Wich can also... Fly? :D

Offer to adopt! money or point only please c:
Since I like this design, I won't accept anything under 25$
If I don't get any higher offer, I'll keep it for myself c:
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sweetspea Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
Oh I have to have this little guy!  I just recently found your work and I have to say you are an absolutely fantastic designer.  I recently got a tablet myself and its really taught me to appreciate wonderful artists like you that take years out of their lives to learn to draw in such a specific way.  Your style is easily recognizable and always a pleasure to see, I'm going to be stalking this now for any and all future adoptables!

Anyway, enough gushing, I'm so sorry!  Would you take 30$ for him?  And I'd love to know anything else about the little guy!  I'd be honored to have him be a companion of another design of mine, who's a species collector.  If there's any restrictions, information, anything at all I'd love to have it so I can do the design some justice whenever I draw/interact with it in the future!
Shegoran Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
First of all, thank you for your precious kind words, I appreciate it very much :D

I imagined him as a predator hunting fish, half in the water, like a spinosaurus, but you don't have any restriction on it c:

I also accepted your offer! My paypal is thank you much for your support :D
sweetspea Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2017
And sent, thank you so much!  If there's any problems or Paypal is being weird (it always is!) just let me know and I'll get right on it <3 
vizzlee Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017
aww his patterns look like an emperor pengie
Effloret Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your art is just amazing and i love all these concepts
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July 14, 2017
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