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Hello there, 

I wish you a very happy new year, I hope 2016 is going to be great for you! :D

All in all, 2015 was not very pleasant for me to be honest. I like to find the positivity in every situation, and of course I made some great memories, but last year started out quite horribly and all through the year there were too many bad things happening in my personal life and too many that just didn't go the way I hoped and planned.
So, I was happy to let 2015 go, and am really excited about the fresh start of this new year :D
The beginning has been far better than last year, I'm feeling great, and full of plans and newly found energy and determination.

I wish you all the same: enjoy 2016, and may you achieve everything you aim for! :star:
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Hello everyone,

I hope you're all so full of energy and joy as I am these days : D Spring is the best!
On the other hand, work still takes up much more of my time and efforts than I'd like to, and leaves much less to spend on art. Instead of 'big' pictures, I've been doing quick sketches just to keep my hands busy (still not busy enough, unfortunately, but I'm trying!)

I don't feel like uploading all those to dA, but I've made a tumblr sketchblog to showcase. Find me there if you care:

Also, if you have an artblog on tumblr and follow me, I'll probably follow back.

That's all - have a nice weekend!
It's a super late reaction from me, but woooooow,
I've gotten a DD (like three weeks ago) !! :iconflowerdanceplz: !!

Manager by Sheeyo

Thank you so much, TSB-Studios for suggesting it, jempavia for featuring it, and also thanks to all the lovely people who have commented or faved my work, or added me to their watchlist :D
I appreciate the attention and the nice words!

Here's a cute crab in return Aww aint it cute <3
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I've just moved about 75% of my gallery to Scraps.
I feel great attachment to my old pieces and have no intention of deleting them, but I also kind of don't want people to associate my art with my old drawings anymore. At first, I created a separate 'old art' folder within my gallery and removed the oldies only from the featured folder. But I noticed they still pop up on the right when someone looks at a picture of mine, and that's exactly what I wanted to stop. So sorry old art, out of the main gallery you go <3 

Art-wise, I've been extremely motivated and focused since I've been back from my year in Japan.
Art is in my core, it is the thing I feel the most 'me' while doing and the one thing I would never ever want to give up. But since I haven't received any special training whatsoever for it, until not so long ago I'd been thinking that I need another profession (which would be translating & interpreting) and keep art as a hobby.
Recently though, thanks to pre-job searching efforts, I had to realize that it's not going to work that way. To put it shortly, I simply wouldn't have as much time and energy to put into art as I'd need to. My panic-induced realization was that I either compose art into my career in some way, or I would become unable to keep up with it. I think the second option would kill me, so what's left is:
* to work as much and as hard on my art as possible in the five months I have until graduation, and
* to find out what kind of jobs to aim for that would require me to use my skills, so I could keep on drawing and evolving not outside my job, but as part of it.

Big dreams! Please root for me! (^^)
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I'm back in Japan! :boogie:
Received a scholarship, so I'm going to spend the next year here in Osaka.
Can't wait to draw again, but since I arrived ten days ago or so, things have been really busy (and it's not going to change much). Plus I couldn't bring any of my art supplies with me...I still need to find out where to buy such stuff, and then patiently wait till the end of October when I get my scholarship money. In the meantime, I'm living on 1$ instant food and mineral water (^^)b
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So far this year, I've been able to complete at least one piece every month! Woohoo! Okay, only one piece for most months, but still, it's been going a bit better than the previous years :D

That aside, I see this journal feature thing going around again, and I thought it might be fun:

Be one of the first 9 people commenting on this journal entry, and I will put your avatar and three deviations that I will personally select from your gallery in this "Share the Art" feature.

IMPORTANT: If you do comment, you're expected to do the same in your own journal; putting me on the first place, completing the list with 9 other people to make a sum of 10 people.

The idea behind this is NOT to get a free feature, but to help spread art and artists around for everyone. So why not check out the artists on other peoples' list?

1) konfusion-with-a-k

Suspended in Dusk by konfusion-with-a-k   Alternative Adjective Pageant - Round 1 by konfusion-with-a-k   For those who have heart. by konfusion-with-a-k

2) Cyrgaan
Check out his gallery for some wonderfully expressive artwork!

Carpet of Dreams - part by Cyrgaan   Scream from the East by Cyrgaan   Little Red and the Wolf by Cyrgaan

3) ?
4) ?
5) ?
6) ?
7) ?
8) ?
9) ?
10) ?
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I've decided to start summer with a little 'event': I'm giving away two prints (size A4) of this pic of mine.
Check out my facebook page for details on how to get one! :)
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I got featured in an artbook! :D

'The New Collectors Book' presents established and emerging artists from around the world. It has been published and handed out to galleries in New York.
Feels like I'm moving forward, even if in small steps~ :star:
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I most probably won't be able to upload (or maybe even produce) any new pieces for a while
I can't say 'sadly' though, because the reason is, I'm - omg! - leaving for Japan for six weeks!  

Life update: not only did I manage to survive this past cruel semester, I've even graduated university! (Oriental Languages and Cultures, BA.)

Also, CONGRATULATIONS! to my dear classmates
:iconszonja-kun: & :iconfyrathilwen: & :iconluleiya: ( << who, by the way, was sweet enough to mention me in her journal as well )

Great job, girls (^^)b <3

* * *

check me out on facebook /
  • Listening to: Miyavi: Coin Lockers Baby I've been pretty much dead concerning art. This past semester was killer. But I can finally see the end of it :D
Hopefully I can get back to drawing for real in a week's time.
In the meantime, here's some self-advertisement:

I've rebuilt my homepage, check it out if you like:

Also, I've set up a facebook page for my art, I'd be glad if you followed me there:

That's it for now, but I'll finally be back with art soon!
Hope you all get to enjoy some nice spring weather :la:
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It's been decided, I'm gonna take part in a Christmas art market in my city! I've got a table for December 23rd :excited:

I'm so excited, this will be my first time as a seller at such an event.
Now all that's left for me is to survive the next three awful weeks of school left until then :boogie:

I hope you're all doing well and enjoy the winter weather as much as I do!

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I might never become a popular artist. My style is not one that's instantly recognizable, and I still don't feel like forcing myself to develop one.
That's somehing I've been brooding over for quite some time, but only now have I realized that it's okay like this.
I've just visited the site of an artist I've admired for long years, and looking through her gallery, it struck me: I still find her drawings amazing, but at the same time, they bore me...always similar poses, similar faces, similar feeling. I'm not saying it's bad, but I can't work like that, I like too many things to settle with just one style, technique or theme. I can't seem to forcibly become easier to categorize. But oh well, I'm now happy like this, and I guess I should just see this as a way of endless possibilities : D
And anyway, I want to get better and exploit all my opportunities for myself, for it causes me incredible pleasure. It's like the fuel of my life.
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  • Drinking: apple juice eventually I did develop a liking for manga and anime - blame my majoring in Japanese! :D
I even tried my hand at the style (not much success there though, most of those drawings turned out creepy xD) and have been doing fanart for a while. I did't want to mix those with my usual work, but couldn't help myself wanting to show off, so I opened a second account. Please check it out if you're interested :)

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I've just noticed that I missed my 5th dA birthday! : D

I actually didn't intend to write a word about this topic, but reading a bitter conversation on a deviation page about meaninglessly rude comments made me realize that I've never had to face something like that on devArt. Every now and then I got critics I felt harsh at the time (though on the other hand, I'm pretty much oversensitive), but nothing intentionally hurtful or offensive, ever.
The feedback I've received is almost 100% pure encouragement.

To everyone who has commented, faved my work or added me to their watchlist:
Thank you for your support!
As much as commonplace this sounds, it really means a lot to me : ) :heart:
'Daniel, I have a plan! There's this big concert at the end of the term and Joanna's in it. And I thought if I was in the band and played absolutely superbly, there's a chance that she might actually fall in love with me. What do you think?'
'I think its brilliant, I think it's stellar! Apart from the one obvious tiny little baby little hiccup.'
'I don't play any musical instrument?'
'Yes, sir.'
'A tiny, insignificant detail.'

AMBITION :heart:
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My little bro is on devArt!


Go and give him some attention, he makes pretty nice graphics! :w00t:
Guess what happened this morning at around 5.20? I've turned twenty!
I thought it would be scary (aging has always freaked me out like hell), but now it doesn't feel that horrible at all ;D

I feel like writing more, so prepare yourself for some intense ranting. But if you happen to start reading it, please keep on reading to the end so you get the whole thing I'd like to say.
(I'm about to type a journal entry longer than five rows O_o omg, everyone, run for your dear lives!)

I've always known  - I didn't even need to put it into words - that drawing is one of the most important things in my life, but nowadays I feel it stronger than ever. Without creating, I'm close to being non-existent. I'm not used to sharing my opinion and thoughts with others (it's not intentional, it's just coded in me. It's a shame. I'm working on the change though.) Thus, I might sometimes seem a person lacking a brain, or morals, or friendliness or whatever. That's not the case, but I'm completely unable to properly express my thoughts and to handle people the way I'd like to. But in exchange for that, I've got a constant motivation to create art. And I never lie through my pictures, my 'art' is the only thing from me that you can look at and know that what it tells is true.
Long years ago, I've started to think I have to accept my fate as a 'mute' and discard a happy person I could've and should've become. You see, it's not natural for me to want things that are good to brain works the opposite way, actually. It's an unfortunate mental heritage d:
But some months ago (or it could be year or even doesn't matter) I started to realize how wrong my thinking had been. How could I ever want to become the greatest idiot in the world, being willing to ruin my own life, giving up on finding happiness, and comforting myself with the thought that 'it's interesting - so from a certain point of view, it's good!'
I started to change, to forcefully change myself. It's not easy and it sometimes feels strange (I've already said this, my brain is abnormal, there's not much to do about it). But it's so worth the efforts!, even if I'm striving for something that's natural to most people - wanting to be happy and working for it.
There's another thing to this. A while ago I got to know a wonderful person by accident. She turned my world upside down, I was crazy about her for weeks, even though we haven't talked much yet. But I'm extremely glad that such a person exists and crossed my way. I can't tell what I find so special about her, it's just that she's herself...can't find the words for this, really. But she made me realize once again how important it is to not give up on myself. We're even a little alike, or I better say she's like the person I'm supposed to be, except that she's living that personality while I can't express it at all. I'm lame, yeah (:
Anyway, she gave me the final, life-saving kick in the ass. I'll always be thankful to her for this, but I don't think she'll know about how much she helped me. Cause I haven't told her, and it's not like I'll ever have the courage to. Or will I ?...
Anyhow, it's time to change, go me!

Now, enough said.
Thanks for reading through to the end ; )
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...I'm in a 'want to hug the whole world' kind of mood, so um...
I wish you all Happy Holidays! :D

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I'd love to become a real painter and a professional translator. By this, I don't mean I want to translate for a living - that seems inevitable now anyway - I mean I want to be really great.  
And I know I could do it if I weren't so damn lazy.
I need to change! Argh.
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