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Character Creation Guide Pt 1



This guide is an original copyrighted work. Do not reproduce or redistribute this guide. Do not alter this guide. Do not create works derived from this guide.

Hope you find this helpful! Oh, and my apologies for the ginormous size and fugly quality ^^'. I did it up in openoffice, the converted it to a pdf, then to a png from the pdf. Yikes!

Oh, and also- I'm sure there are plenty of fangirls and fanboys out there who will disagree with my classification of their favorite character. Of course, no character is ever 100% consistent, and opinions will vary, so please don't flame me ranting about how House is dominant-realistic not dominant-hedonistic, etc.

Sheeply's Guide to Character Creation
Part 1: Personality
Part 2: Appearance
Part 3: Background

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This thing realy helps ;P Thank you! :hug:
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