Waist Up!
$20 waist up drawings, UP TO THE 25th! All the money will be sent to a friend who is in need of paying his rent. I was hoping to give him $200 dollars out of pocket, but I feel better if I can give back to everyone around me, with the production of ART!
Get your character drawn, waist up for a super low price of $20!
Any type of character!

Please do not get offended if I deny your commission though, some things I’m still not comfortable with, and I will explain to you why I am not!

Please send me a message here or to my email :

They come fully lined, and colored, like so.
You will get a SAI.file and a PNG. file.
Hope to hear from everyone soon!

I do owe some people commissions at the moment, but fear not, they will get finished, but at the moment, my friend comes first!
Please help!

Donate if you can (even a penny will help!)
my paypal :

All the love! - 


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