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Some practice from my livestream c:

Ref's were found on google....

But I couldn't tell you the links even if I wanted to.. sorry....

the eyes and lips were not drawn from a ref.

and do i need to put a mature filter for the filler boobs...?


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Dang Sheepy, you've really really grown. The leftmost eye and rightmost nose are TO DIE FOR. 
I miss your livestreams uwu; Even if you do get nervous sometimes.
Happy arting sweet pea!
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; 0 ; thank you so much.
I've missed talking to you.
I'm not as bad when it comes to my livestreams anymore ; v ; !
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Why don't you draw more realism like this??? It's so beautiful~ ;v;
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Not sure. I get really frustrated and tense up...
a lot of people went to the livestream last night when i was doing these and i got all nervous and cried in the corner.
I had more then this while livestreaming but erased it in an embarrassed rage. 
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kahfn w lwn 
well don't ls them if you get mad/anxious ;o; or just draw them more in private and do what i do, just finish something and immediately upload it before i have time to regret it lmao ;v;

But seriously though, they're really amazing, and I really love the sketchy style~