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Hello, crazy shedu people! Please, bear with us while we update and transfer all the information.
During this period the links in two journals that make our group front page may become outdated.
If you stumble on non-working link or long-closed LOG, please, check the drop down menu. Chanses are the links there are the ones you are looking for.
If there is no needed link, check out this document - this will be our temporary library of all up to dates links. There you will also be able to find info on which features of the group is up and running now and which are not.
If you are unable to find the needed link there, please, consider sending a note to the group or write in the FAQ journal or hop onto our discord server - discord.gg/tXpFuJF.

Love felines? And how about giant ridable ones? Then join us and show the world just how much you love them. Get started with your shedu and step into a world full of exciting opportunities. Build a career for your cat in more than ten different disciplines so you're never short of choice. Breed your cats to strive to reach feline perfection or present something new and original by creating your own breed of shedus. With over 3 billion possible body builds and even more color combinations, it’s not hard to be original. So become a world-class sportsman and a prestigious breeder by day leaving the night open for the adrenaline-fueled world of shedu street racing. Yet even if this is not your thing how about you saddle up and go exploring the vast worlds in the shedu universe.


  • * Shedus are closed species. Meaning shedus are not free to create. It`s also not a MYO species. To get yourself a shedu you need either purchase an import or get one via breeding deal.

  • look it sydney by HeggeHogge


  • Lynx-like cats with lots of beautifully vivid colors and coat types.
    Best choice for halter events and cat fighting.

  • Skytoucher by Hlaorith
    Mighty lion-like sabertooth cats,
    good for any task, you`d give them.
    Initially, these cats were bred for military

  • Baneu Korung by Cougar28
    Tiger-like sabertooth cats, 
    sisters and brothers to komainu shedu cats.

  • Dd73oq9-70f35280-3ec6-4951-b7b1-b43ccb868edb by SheduMaster
  • Ferret-ponies of the shedu world. Small brothers of komainu and baketora cats. Swimmers, smarties and best friends for your kids


  • Shedu cats are big, gigantic ridable feline creatures, that were created by scientists in mids of 20th century.
    All began with establishing of classic shedu cats. They were the only ones back then and therefore were not recognised as "classic" or "thoroughbred".
    By now classic shedu cats are also known as thoroughbred shedu cats or Elsevier shedu cats.
    Each and every sub-species that comes after are related to classic shedus in one way or another. (Except djibbs )
  • Each and every existing shedu cat  is descendent of Spartak The great sire, the first shedu cat.
  • There are several pure sub-species and one closely related species, that are recognized:

  • Grey DotARABIAN SHEDUSAltair Asc 950 by Templado
  • Fastest and the most beautiful cats. Lean-built, they look like oriental domestic cats.

  • Grey DotBAYUN SHEDU CATPrehistoric beast by Jian89
    The living stuff of nightmares. 
    Huge massive beasts of bear-like appearance.

  • Grey DotDJIBB CATKorung by ge-oh
    Hyena-like creatures with unique coat
    colors, that are best for long distance runs, cattlework and endurance races


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MAY THE 4th BE WITH YOU [STAR WARS MONTHLY THEME] by SheduMasterMONTHLY THEME: Ocean (April 2021) by SheduMaster

Testing paws

A rather harsh wind was blowing through the streets of the outskirts of the city below. The sky was dark, filled with pockets of clouds, blocking off any trace of moonlight, if there was one that evening. The wind rushed up the leaves and sand from the ground, letting it roll through the stone streets. People had gone safely inside, hiding away from the sharp cold wind. It was only to the advantage or Marcus and his companion, who did a quick sweep of their area. These nights were perfect to patrol more in the open as there were no eyes that could spot them.  Read more


Mates by FlareAndIcicle


Blue by ReapersMenagerie



SC- PB- Apocoplyse + Champion by arrancar5489


Monthly prompts have same deadline and get changed each month. Prompts divided by categories.
Player category contains tasks and questions for you as a player, as a DA-member. It is a bit of OOC prompts. And those are the only ones that can be retro-active!
Character category on contrary contains tasks for any of your in-game characters. So these prompts you can do several times with different characters of yours.
Cattery category holds tasks for cat yards and catteries and often suggests colobarations or creation of art or stories, involving many characters.
Street racing category - contains in-game tasks and prompts, suitable only for those characters, who practice street racing.
Official circuit category - contains in-game tasks and prompts, suitable only for those characters, who take part in official competitions.
Profession category - contains in-game tasks for those characters that involved in other activity than street racing or official showmanship. For example for veterinarians, military and police members.
SP - Stat points, ToA - text or art (standard min word count - 1k words, if not stated otherwise), AO - Art only, TO - Text only,  AP - art points, FB - full body, BG - background, RA - retro-active task

To receive the reward, do not forget to submit your entry to corresponding LOG 


    • FLIGHT OF DRAGONS: [D: 02.07.2021]
      • Reward: + 5 AP [unbound]
        AO :  1 FB + Colour 
      • Depict one of your shedus as a dragon!

      SHEDUFICATION: [D: 02.06.2021]
      • Reward: + 5 AP [unbound]
        AO :  1 FB + Colour 
      • Shedufy... yourself! Depict yourself as a shedu. This prompt can be done only once!

      BIGGEST HOPES:  [D: 02.06.2021]
      • Reward: + 5 AP to the cat that is depicted/involved.
        ToA :  1000 words+ (Eng/Rus) or \ 1 FB + Colour 
      • Depict or write a little story about most promissing cub of your cattery at the moment. Important! Cat should be present as a cub, with yearling being the oldest acceptable age for this prompt


    • CHILDHOOD  [D: 02.07.2021]
    • Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved (if you draw your handler, AP will be unbound.
         FB illustration of the character's most important childhood moment or 1000 words story Eng/Rus
    • Tell us about/show us how your character's childhood. Was it a happy time for them or not so much? 

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY  [D: 02.06.2021]
    • Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved.
         FB image of the character celebrating their BD or 1000 words story Eng/Rus
    • Tell us about/show us how your character celebrates their birthday if they do? Maybe they are grumpy loners who despise this holiday? Tell us everything! 

    • LUCKY CHARMS & SUPERSTITIONS  [D: 02.06.2021]
    • Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved.
         FB image of the character and their lucky charms or 1000 words Eng/Rus
    • Tell us about/show us your chars lucky charms or their superstitions 


    • Reward: 1 GPC (breeders)
      AO/RA :  High resolution art (no less than 1000 px on lesser side)
    • Create your cattery map. It should be neat, clean, clear plan with each area/place marked on the map. In the deviation description tell us a bit about each building\area a bit.


        Reward: 5 AP
        AO : Create street racing tack and attire design for your street racing cat & rider. 


      • BAD NEWS   [D: 02.06.2021]
        Reward: 5 AP
        • 1000 words+ (Eng/Rus) or \ 1 FB + Colour 
        Not all days go as planned. One of your cats (or riders or both) got injured during training session (or show) or got suddenly unwell. Tell us of that unfortunate day.



Art credits for works, used in presentation journals and side bars of the group page:
Foxgrove-Stables , Cougar28 , Danesippi , HeggeHogge , Yumpy , Hlaorith , Caterang8 , Memuii , TheMeterMaid , ge-oh , Jian89 , Sintales , Horseste , badazal , Thaldryn , ScunnyElse , Ehetere , Sintales , Singarl , BloodyLys , abosz007 , shuma-the-cat , Storm-Coast , polardog , Red-Solace , Templado
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