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    Love felines? And how about giant ridable ones? Then join us and show the world just how much you love them. Get started with your very own Shedu Cat and step into a world full of exciting opportunities. Build a career for your cat in more than ten different disciplines, leaving you never short of choices. Breed your cats to strive to reach feline perfection or present something new and original by creating your own breed of SheduWith over 3 billion possible physical trait combinations and even more color combs, it’s not hard to be original. So become a world-class sportsman and a prestigious breeder by day leaving the night open for the adrenaline-fueled world of Shedu Street RacingYet even if competition is not your thing you can saddle up and Explore the vast world of the Shedu Universe.

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* Shedus are closed species. Meaning Shedus are not free to create. It`s also not a MYO species.
To get yourself a Shedu you need either purchase an import or get one via breeding deal.



  • Make me a superstar by Templado
  •    Shedu cats are big, gigantic ridable feline creatures, that were created by scientists in the mid 20th century.
       All began with establishing of classic Shedu cats. They were the only ones back then and therefore were not recognized as "classic" or "thoroughbred".
       By now classic Shedu cats are also known as thoroughbred Shedu cats or Elsevier Shedu cats.
       Each and every sub-species that comes after are related to classic Shedus in one way or another. ( Except Djibbs )
       Each and every existing Shedu cat is descendent of Spartak The great sire, the first Shedu cat.


Cheetah-like slim, lean-built cats, 
perfect for racing.
That was not a good idea! by Templado


Lynx-like cats with lots of beautifully vivid colors and coat types.
Best choice for halter events and cat fighting.
Horizon of troubles by Templado


Mighty lion-like sabertooth cats, good for any task, you`d give them.
Initially, these cats were bred for military services.
K-mas korung series: Steel perfection by Templado


Tiger-like sabertooth cats,
sisters and brothers to Komainu Shedu cats.
Baneu Korung by Cougar28


Ferret-ponies of the Shedu world. Small brothers of Komainu and Baketora cats.
Swimmers, smarties and best friends for your kids

Dd73oq9-70f35280-3ec6-4951-b7b1-b43ccb868edb by SheduMaster
There are several pure sub-species and one closely related species, that are recognized ;


Fastest and the most beautiful cats. Lean-built, they look like oriental domestic cats.
High and fast we go by Templado


The living stuff of nightmares.
Huge massive beasts of bear-like appearance.
[SV] auburn skies by hairama


Hyena-like creatures with unique coat colors, that are best for long distance runs, cattle-work and endurance races.
Run, djibbie-djibb, run by Templado



Sat Feb 27, 2016, 12:11 PM



Monthly Theme July: Vacation Mode by SheduCatsDailyMonthly Theme June: Ocean of Flowers by SheduCatsDaily

Casey Cattery - In and Out of the Business

Captain Grey Hawk stared out over the megalithic towers of Coruscant. The city-planet’s urban sprawl stretched in all directions, vanishing with the horizon. Here at the edge of one of the lesser (and less well-policed) spaceports you could see for klicks on a clear night like tonight. The landing zones were one of the few areas open enough to enjoy the view from the ground.


Mr. Lucky - Joselynn Flower - SND by DaxDaxWolfy


Willowbear Estate Dressage Clinic by MagosOpossum
My rules by Jian89[SV] Captain Among Stars by hairama



Pet Peeves / collab by MagosOpossum


Monthly prompts have same deadline and get changed each month. Prompts divided by categories.
Player category contains tasks and questions for you as a player, as a DA-member. It is a bit of OOC prompts. And those are the only ones that can be retro-active!
Character category on contrary contains tasks for any of your in-game characters. So these prompts you can do several times with different characters of yours.
Cattery category holds tasks for cat yards and catteries and often suggests colobarations or creation of art or stories, involving many characters.
Street racing category - contains in-game tasks and prompts, suitable only for those characters, who practice street racing.
Official circuit category - contains in-game tasks and prompts, suitable only for those characters, who take part in official competitions.
Profession category - contains in-game tasks for those characters that involved in other activity than street racing or official showmanship. For example for veterinarians, military and police members.
SP - Stat points, ToA - text or art (standard min word count - 1k words, if not stated otherwise), AO - Art only, TO - Text only,  AP - art points, FB - full body, BG - background, RA - retro-active task

To receive the reward, do not forget to submit your entry to corresponding LOG 


    SHEDU LITTLE BIRDS [D: 01.08.2022]

          Reward: + 5 AP [bound]     

    AO : 1 FB + Colour

    Turn your shedus into tiny little birds, songbirds, little parakeets etc. You of course can and should keep shedu colours on them or re-imagine the patterns as you see fitting. ; )

    MEME REDRAW [D: 01.08.2022]

          Reward: + 5 AP [bound]     

    AO : 1 FB + Colour

    Redraw your favorite meme with your shedus.


    • MY BEST FRIEND  [D: 01.08.2022]

          Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved (if you draw your handler, AP will be unbound.

          ToA :  FB illustration  or 1000 words story Eng/Rus

      Not everyone is blessed enough to have the best friend in their lives. Does your character have one? Tell us about the most important friendship/bond that your character has. 

      LOVE INTEREST  [D: 02.08.2022]

          Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved (if you draw your handler, AP will be unbound.

          ToA :  FB illustration  or 1000 words story Eng/Rus

      Who is the crush of your character? Do they have one? Or maybe they are a happy couple already? 



    DAILY ROUTINE  [D: 01.08.2022]


    +3 AP to all cats involved

    One Gold SPC [standard] (per entry, not per cat)

        ToA :  High resolution art (no less than 1000 px on lesser side) or lit piece (rus/Eng) of 1200 words +

    Show us a glimpse of busy daily life in your cattery. It can be anything from grooming, taking care of cats, training sessions etc. 

    IMPORTANT! Entry should feature  at least 3 teams (cat + rider) or 6 characters (handlers) in the picture/art. THE AP LIMIT OF 5 ACTIVE CATS IS LIFTED FOR THIS PROMPT!



    Tell us (or show us) your cattery team. Who are the riders and managers?  And of course the owner. Don’t worry, we do not expect you to list all of your staff ; )  [D: 01.08.2022]

    Reward: 35 000 RDs per described/depicted person* 

    AO/RA :  Cattery staff presentation, including character references: High resolution art (no less than 1000 px on lesser side) + filled out character registration template form. Another option would be creating a reference with excessive info, including biography etc ( 1000 words minimum)

    * This bonus can stack up to 10 times. But you are free to include more personnel if you want to, but you will not get extra rewards for that. Please, list the amount of people you’ve presented in your comment (so we could give you proper reward easier)


      • RIVALRY  [D: 01.08.2022]

            Reward: + 5 AP to the cats/characters involved (if you draw your handler, AP will be unbound.

            ToA :  FB illustration  or 1000 words story Eng/Rus

        If you hit the street racing tracks frequently it is just a matter of time before you will stumble upon a racer or a full gang of those who will take racing against you very personally. Tell us about or show us how your rivalry started. (* you can enter player vs player street racing duel for that)



      VACCINATION DAY [D:01.08.2022]
      • Reward: 5 AP

        ToA: 1000 words+ (Eng/Rus) or \ 1 FB + Colour

        Thats this time of the year again. Is your cat ok with the idea of being poked with the needle? Tell/Show us how your shedu and their handler deals with vet visits.


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There are stray shedus, and you can treat your shedu as a wild animal if you want to. However, the game is focused on domesticated shedus =)
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