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WIP Head #3 - Drilling

July 1, 2012. Head #3 WIP. I have decided to make the head into changeable face plate instead of traditional head cap. It is more difficult but if I succeed, it'll be easy for the doll to change faces.

In the photo, I am drilling along the seam lines to cut the head open so I can hallow out the inside of the head and then I will align the 2 parts together. This is the most difficult and time consuming of the doll making process.

The drill I used in the image also snapped in half since it couldn't take the pressure. I had to move up a size to finish the job.

Hopefully, I will get this finished and cast into resin. :)
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That is a genius way of doing it! I mutilated the head I sculpted trying to cut it with a craft knife.
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Drills are very good for contouring the marked lines. :)
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Hi I'm cures, what is this made of? also how do you mold the inside of a head and how do you hollow it out (you personally) I have a BJD and I made a soled reproduction of it in clay so I could so some major mods to it but I'm not sure how to re-mold it to make the master mold and every thing after that and i'm trying to get suggestions from people who's work I admire.

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Hi Lure,
There's many different ways to sculpt a BJD. I am still learning myself since I am teaching myself through trial and error. I am using Paper clay since it dries fast and paper light weight. I don't need to bake it like some other clays and that safes time. It's also easy to carve with sharp carving tools. There's many tutorials online that you can find using key words like "Sculpting BJD". Now a days internet is a awesome reference place. I'll link some sites that I did a quick search using the key words that might help.

I hope that will help a little. Good luck~!
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Ooooh this is very cool :D
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You amaze me, Ming! The changeable face-plate makes me think of the posable figures they make for stop-motion animation movies. (They have a different face for every change of expression. Coraline used two halves, too. A top face for eyes, and a bottom face for mouths.)
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This looks really good. You are a great sculptor! I also love faceplate systems, and they are a lot of fun to use and have. : ) Keep up the great work~
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That's a really cool idea. I don't think I've heard of anybody else doing that. I hope you succeed, being able to change their expressions at will would be a really cool feature to introduce to BJDs. :)
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