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Tieria Erde - doll face-up

Commission work. Doll face-up.
This is :iconmissamerikka:'s doll. He is made to be Tieria Erde from Gundam 00.

Doll: Luts, Shine.
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GAHH <3 love this. I love this so much IT HURTS ME hahah!
Im actually just getting into ABJDs. Would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Not really sure WHAT or WHERE to order from. I really want to recreate a doll that is similar to Tieria, Lockon (Gundam 00) or Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton (Gundam Wing).
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Hi SpaceDementia49,
BJD is a fun hobby and also a pricy hobby too. D: I've been trying really hard not to buy more dolls and haven't for 2 years so it is good. lol But I still have my own family of BJDs. I am also trying to learn and make my own too.

Well, any way enough with me talking and hope I can help you a little bit. Like all hobbies it's best to do some background research before buying since it is not cheap and with internet these days we are able to search a lot of info on ABJD. :D I'm sure you have already looks up some information on them. I'll just show you some links that I would look at when I want to buy dolls and it's only few since there's so many new ones popping up.

Here's Volks, a Japanese Super Dollfie company and they are the one that started this ABJD madness.

Other companies that follows are Korean.

The doll in the photo is from a Korean web dealer call LUTs, [link]
And the here's the same doll I painted to be Tieria, [link]

Hears Dream of Dolls,
I got my first dolls from them.

Here's Blue Fairy, they are super cute dolls, I love them.

Here's Doll In Mind, [link]

Here's Crobi doll, They are very pretty as well and wonderful make up if you order dolls from them make sure you order with make ups too since they do wonderful make up jobs. One thing that I don't like about them is over sea shipping fees just make sure to order a lot of things/ big things so you'll get your moneys worth of shipping fees.

These are only few I mentioned and there's forums out there that might help you with more questions. I usually use this forum to take commissions and other BJD stuff. You can check it out. [link]
Good luck in finding your perfect BJD. I hope these links might guide you. Make sure the size of the doll is right for you since they come in Yo SD size, MSD sized, SD sized and taller. some times we want 2 character to match up their height so you would want 2 dolls to be the same. :D
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I gave him a haircut >v<
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I wanna see :DD
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Oh my God! He's awesome beautiful
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Such a beautiful face-up 8>
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Tieria! :love: He's gorgeous - you did an excellent job, and I think he suits the character very well~
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Wow, beautiful job!
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Very lovely. I really like his eyebrows! They look fantastic.
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