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Sleeping under the eye tree

This is one of my illustration page for the Jabberwocky story that I am working on for the Children's Book class...

He is resting and dreaming.....

Tools: Copic Markers and Acrylic Paint
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the tree isnt going to hurt him is it?

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Mystic and cute at the same time, loves it:heart: ^^
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Awesome pic! I really like the way you colored the trees. :D
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I love this whole story that you're doing Ming; you are so talented!

The color is particularly striking in this: I love how soft and warm it is. It gives the picture a nice dream-like quality; somehow, I don't feel afraid of the tree, even if it does look pretty out there. :XD:
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...and being raped by the haunted tree...LOLZ!!!!

Ahhhh~!!!! the completed image looks really adorable ;;_____;;b!!! go go Ming! I'll be looking for another coming pages...wahahahaha XDDD :heart:
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I always figured a TumTum would be some kind of weird fruit.
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This is awesome! Creative!!
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Hey nice tree, i'm looking around to artist with a gift for drawing up trees. Hey check out my book The Little, Big Tree [link]
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Oh wow, that's amazing ^^ Love the colours, but I doubt I'd be able to sleep with it watching me. x3
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o.o What a rather frightening tree... The colors are perfectly amazing, though, I adore them! :heart:
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Amazing!! Love the color! I'm scared of that tree... :fear:
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That eye tree is delightfully creepy.
sugarfairy7's avatar
I love the little boy. He's definitely adorable. ^_^
I don't know how I feel about a tree that had eyes like that, it would probably scare me at first but if it's nice I'll grow to like it.
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The eye tree would scare me and I wouldn't be able to sleep XD But I really like the theme and Bg very great!
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omg that is amazing, the details and the idea and the astyle! awesome hun
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