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Raito - deathNOTE_paperDOLL

Yes, it's Babified Raito~! I think his head is too big for his body ^^ lol but he does have a BIG brain. Harhar >D

Tool: Photoshop and Wacom Tablet.
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aww so cute!! *grabs him and hugs him*
xXSaruNinjaXx's avatar
0.0 Awww~!!!!! Omg I love this...:+fav: So unbelievably cute!! :heart:
kynathestrange's avatar
EEEK SO ADORABLE~! :heart::love:
RavensQuill's avatar
:cuddle: awww so snugglishious
MsDinosuar's avatar
it's to cute to comprehend >w<
DarkVilley's avatar
Holy mother of god. O.o
asrneo's avatar
so cutee!! i love his little apple bag, and how his little hands are positioned:) aww:D you should do a baby shinagami..or have you already *didn't look through entire gallery yet* anyway, lovely work :)
HYDEness23's avatar
kawaii! >_< Raito looks so fragile... :heart:
kika1983's avatar
you're very good at deformation:) once again cool chibi form and shading:) keep it up! fav!
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OMG cuteness~!

tenko72's avatar
I love the shading on this. You're great at drawing children.
SheCow's avatar
XD Thanks! I love chubby cute babies ... wanna squeeze them....
tenko72's avatar
Your welcome! Kya, me too!
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Flamboyant-fathom's avatar
I think my heart just skipped a beat X3
hokuto's avatar
Baby!Kira is scaryyyyyyy. D: But - but oh so irresistably CUTE...
mroca1214's avatar
I think he just has a big ego... -_-
( I just watched episode 25 so I am pretty pissed at him)
Nanneh's avatar
ah so adorable~~

I'm just imaging him walking and falling over, because of the weight of his head-- i mean brain LOL
hotarujaejae's avatar
omg so kewwwt!!!!
i feel like pinching him.
Nathalie35's avatar
*falls over stunned from all the adorable cuteness*
clayscence's avatar
haha i love it! the face is so cute!!! amazing coloring
chibistef's avatar
aaaw he is soo cute *huggs him all over* good job again =D
Azuya's avatar
AWW he's all small and chubby~! :heart::heart: baby raito~ :XD: it's so cute!
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