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Macross Frontier - commission

Yay another commission complete!!
3 more to go ^^

This is for :icons-girl::heart:

This is two of my favorite character Alto and Sheryl from One of my favorite series, Macross Frontier... and just finish watching it... XD HAPPY ENDING:heart:

Thank You :icons-girl:
I hope you'll like this ^^
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DocRedfield's avatar
Cool rendition... love the colors!
Denierim's avatar
That's an energetic picture! :D
I'm still to see the series (I haven't actually heard about it before no :giggle: ) but I hope to get to it soon enough. Love the picture. :)
RavensEyeArt's avatar
That is awesome :D
depressingstories's avatar
The way you colored and shaded makes it seem very life-like!
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
very hyperbolic. i love it!
Fairytwister's avatar
yay :D I'm glad you're done and I'm glad so many people like it too!
SheCow's avatar
XD me too:heart:
I am very happy that you commission me to do them~:heart:
hokuto's avatar
Awwwwww, they look beautiful! :heart: Fantastic rich colors.
sunshine-faire's avatar
Ahhh! You finished it fantastically. I love this ^^
clayscence's avatar
amazing coloring and movement!!
SweetYuya's avatar
GORGEOUS! :D Alto looks so sexy, and Sheryl looks so happy and carefree. :) A beautiful picture indeed. :nod:
Sobachan's avatar
wai~~ Very beautiful done~~ I thought it was a very arupt and typical ending TwT It was really exciting at first though~~ Your Sheryl looks so beautiful~
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