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Death Note - FanArt

It's Death Note Character Raito and L but I tried to draw them in Chibi size ... but as you can see that they looks more like kids... XDDD
I hope this will sale ....

Tool of Use:
-Micron Pen
-Copic Markers
-White Ink
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© 2006 - 2021 SheCow
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toprabbittop's avatar
like your dawings
tangololita's avatar
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww cute :)
TyceEverclark's avatar
aww! L is sooooo adorable!!!! :meow:
DanyBear's avatar
boltlover12's avatar
Noooo!! Raito don't eat the death note!!
Kupomaro's avatar
It's soo cute with the litle light that eat the death note.
Anim3Maniac's avatar
Kawaii!!!! *Glomps both of the chibis*
LinkWorshiper's avatar
OMG AWWWW! They're like widdle baybehs :heart:
lawliet-luver's avatar
L's so cute, but, his eye's are blue not brown (he's not japanese, which would explane his none jap name....)
lona-green-butterfly's avatar
oh my how cute, i agree they look more like kids, but thats still nice. I especially love how the red apples and the strawberries interact. but there s something wrong: raito would never look that friendly/cute call it whatever, holding the death note o_O it makes him look scary =:= so I'm imagining he s holding a dunno diary or something ^^' and not the dn
MaliciousButterfly's avatar
L looks sooo kyuuute!
Great Job!
ShinyObject01's avatar
Noooo, Raito! Don't eat the Death Note!

That is too cute! :giggle: I want both of them!
Eledora's avatar
Wow, never imagined that someone can be that cute with that notebook! :aww: I like the apples around there too.
LadyLeing's avatar
Oh God, this is the most adorable thing ever!!
I love how you took such a simple and rather classic idea and made it your own!! And, God, I love the colours!!! *__*
0zorakid's avatar
Akebashi-chan's avatar
Aww! :aww: They're so cute!
nikeh's avatar
OMG so cuuuute! <3
cookiemonsteromaii's avatar
ajskdfhamdkfaniusrfnwe. .zooo my gosh I love this. you're my new hero ^_^
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