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Yay... happy! Finally I completed this XDDDD it took me awhile.... I don't know why but it seems like I work better after 12am.....when people are suppose to sleep... sigh for 2 days I always work till 6-7 in the morning.... and now it's 6am...

Well this is a commission work for :iconyorei::heart:
It is her original character Solas:heart:

I hope you'll like it ^^
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Gorgeous!! (: I adore his expression <3
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I just love his expression!
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Wow...he looks a lot like Dekuto o: <3

Very awesome <333
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Xie xie. ^^ Thanks. I don't really read Chinese. Sorry. Thank you for the comment.
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That looks amazing; the pose and the colors with that expression. And those are the best times of the day to work; peaceful and dark. Especially if you've woken up eary in the morning and are in a half-sleep state at that hour. :D
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wow this looks amazing, did you use paints for this? Or digital art?

Anyway... amazing job!!~
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woww, i love the combination of the colours 8D
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Gorgeous and so is he!
I loooove it! ;O It is so cool looking
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RAWRRRRR!!!!!!!......I'm eating your skills
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Ooof, he is so delicious. =d I love it. The slight iridescence of the colors is awesome! :heart:
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he looks like one baaaaaaad muthafu--watch yo' mouth!
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haha i think there are a lot of people that are better at drawing after strange i would probably fall asleep on my computer if i do that....XD.. This is a beautiful pic !!!
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Thank You XD
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Wow , :D
I love it :)
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OMG I LOVE IT! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you so so much! ;-; I'm in love with it! XDD Thank you for working so hard! Sorry that my commish kept you up all night!
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haha I'm very happy that you like it ^^
It's my own fault // I work better when it's late... well I enjoy working on your commission:heart:
It was fun and improving my coloring work. so it's a win win ^D^'
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It looks awesome! I'm amazed at how fast you work, and with such skill. :nod: Burning the midnight oil must definitely work well for you. :D
SheCow's avatar
haha... I guess... but being a night owl... kinda suck too haha. TTATT'' I don't want to be a zombie. *sigh*
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:giggle: ahh it's fun! I always get more done at night myself, just makes me feel like a slug during the day though.
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haha... yeah... always like that XDDDD

and sun's rising... *sigh bed time... ;3;

Well... I had started on your second commission ^^
need to finish sketching out the outfit design... I'll note you tomorrow... um... today... whenever I get up from my zombie sleep and work on it ... haha...
Good Night/ Morning...
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