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Ch. 2 Black Ice
Princess Gwyneira raced with her favorite horse, Sive to and around the paddock until she could run no more, or until a thrall came to retrieve her back to her father. King Jarrel was a strong and benevolent leader. His reign was firm and powerful but he ruled also with wisdom and fairness. Many of the men and women of the age were hungry for war and adventure, but Jarrel and his small kingdom only wanted peace. It was the princess' favorite place in the worlds.
Gwyneira chased after the burly brown mare, kicking mud and dirt in the humid spring air. Her six-year-old legs were already strong and fast but no matter how hard she beat the dirt; the child could never stay neck and neck with her steed. Each day, she would race with the horse until someone had called for her. Today, she was determined to keep up with Sive. With a great breath of air, the princess galloped beside the mare until she was within distance of grabbing onto her mane, and hop on. Gwyneira huffed with excitement. She
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Ch. 1 As Pure as Snow
The labor took place during a tremendous storm. All seemed well for the queen and her child. All through the night the snow storm raged and the queen's labored gasps and screams could be heard throughout the castle. The king and his advisers waited patiently, though tensely for the arrival of the new prince or princess. It wasn't until dawn that the storm broke into a light flurry of snow fall and the cries of life were carried down the freezing corridors. King Jarrel burst into the queen's chambers and there she lay, propped up by a number of soft feather pillows covered in sweat, blood, and tears.
A smile graced her lips when the midwife placed a white bundle into her arms and gestured the king over. In the arms of the queen, a tiny baby girl lay squirming and cooing. Her skin was as white as the snow, her hair was black as the night sky, and a pair of perfect blood red lips opened and closed around a little white fist. The princess glowed in her blanket.
“She is a gift from th
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Snow White Prologue
In the far kingdoms of Norway the queen of Rogaland, sat at her window constantly spinning. She had grown accustom to spinning thread on her own, and now seven months pregnant it was the only pass time she could do by herself in the cold winter. It had only just begun to snow again when she looked out at the world. The land was covered in snow as far as the eye could see. Hills and valleys of the purest white to the east, and to the west was a blanket of snow and ice covering the coast.
Rogaland was known for its coast and islands. It was more rain storms then snow, even in winter, and in the summer, it was considered the most beautiful scenery in the north, besides the Aurora Borealis. Still, Queen Brigit smiled at the falling snow. Winter made the people of the north strong and wise, and they thrived in it. It would snow from Haustmánuður (mid October) to Góa (late March). Now, it was mid-winter, and so her child would be born just before the spring. The queen sighed w
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The Princess, the Witch, and the Ravens
In the darkness of night, as a furious storm raged on, a family was forever separated from their beloved mother and wife. Queen Elfrida died in the cold of autumn. However, before she fell to the hands of death she called her husband and her four children, and her most trusted maidservant.
The king and his children all sat at the left of the queen's bed while her servant stood, dabbing her forehead with a cool rag, to the right of her.
“Promise me,” she whispered in a croaking voice. “Promise me, my dear husband, that if and when you find another woman to be queen by your side, she will be kind to our dear children as well as the people of this kingdom.”
The king held her hand in his so tightly as if that alone would keep her from leaving him. “I promise.”
Queen Elfrida let out a strangled cough before gesturing her children closer to her. All four of them huddled as close as they could to their mother. To each one she gave a loving gaze wheezing as
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Mature content
Of Cloaks and Wolves :iconshebyperez1995:shebyperez1995 1 5
A Meeting In the Streets
Lindsey was not an easily distracted person. Even as a child she was always focused in school and at home. The few times her mind would wonder to something else it would not be for long and she would quickly resume her focus. Today, however, rather than focusing on getting to her class and preparing for assignments, Lindsey Luna Politis was fixated the sound of a reed pipe. The song was so sad as it flowed through the air, like leaves in autumn.
She stood on the sidewalk, hoping to listen a little longer. The traffic light turned green so people could walk across the street. Some bumped into Lindsey giving her cold glares and telling her to move it. She looked at her watch. She still had ten minutes until class started. Not wanting to trouble anymore citizens with her loitering and suddenly desperate to discover to discover the source of the music, she stepped away from the crosswalk and followed the melody.
She expected to see speakers for some tourist attraction. What she saw was a l
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Lyra Bay Ch. 1 The Strange Letter
After Lyra's birthday, nothing had been the same. She tore into every book about King Arthur and Merlin, knights, and magic, prophesy dreams, and symbolism. All through this, Lyra had waited patiently. She did not know what for, but her instincts told her that something was about to happen.
Living with Andreas as a father, meant she had to keep on her toes. The man was a sneaky sort who liked to get into trouble. Often, he would sneak her along with him into new buildings, conventions, and one time a Jazz concert.* The man was full of surprises while also being predictable, once Lyra recognized the patterns that made up her father. Some of them she liked, some of them she didn't. It was when he had done something unexpected that she began to tense up. She had learned to wait for things even when she was not expecting them. Her mother had called it instinct or intuition. Her father later explained about fight or flight, when one chooses to stay and fight whatever it was that may be tryi
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During the late Showa Era (1926-89) there was a merchant and his wife and son. They were a hard working family. The wife and son, who's name was Daisuke, worked outside in their own personal garden and fill baskets with their best fruit, vegetables, and herbes for the merchant to sell at the market. During the winter, when much of their garden was barren, father and son would go into the wood not far behind their little house and collect firewood to sell and roots and nuts to eat.
The winter had come early one year, when Daiske was five, and the family prepared for the work the snow would bring. In late January, while Daiske and his father were gathering fallen branches he stubles across a clearing where a patch of strawberry bushes were. In parts of Japan it is not uncommon for strawberries to grow throughout the year, even in winter, so Daiske decided to see if any were growing ripe enough to eat and called his father. When he saw the strawberries hanging by the stems he marveled at
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Mature content
The Red Shoes :iconshebyperez1995:shebyperez1995 0 0
Water Princess Prologue
In the beginning after Light and Darkness formed a truce of peace and love, the other elements were still very young. The oldest, being Fire was a child of light, the youngest was a child of Darkness, called Earth. The two middle elements were children of neither Light or Darkness. For Air could not be seen but felt and heard and blew hot and cold; and Water could be seen and felt and only reflected light as it did not bear any of it's own.
Soon, the four elements helped to make the planets and stars. As we know today, when our planet earth was made, water covered everything until land erupted from its depths. Time passed and each element created many of their own children. Fire burned and manifested salamanders, genies, firebirds, demons, and the phoenix. Air breathed life into sylphs, angels, and the four winds. Earth shaped the goblins, gargoyles, giants, dwarves, and elves. Water birthed the hippocamps, sea serpent, sirens, kappa, and merpeople. Every one of the elements had birthe
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Lyra Bay Prologue
Lyra Bel Bay was your average eight-year-old girl. She went to an average school, lived in an average house with an average family, and did average things. Though there were times where she would sit under a tree or at her desk at school, or just lay in her bed or on the coach, and think about another world. A world where she was something other than average, something great. Sometimes she was a princess who ruled her kingdom with fairness and everybody was happy or she was on some adventure doing all sorts of interesting things, like fighting rogues, saving a dragon from being slain by an overly proud knight, or just getting away from her boring little house.
This, of course, often got her into trouble when she wasn't paying attention when she should have been listening to the adults talk or studying her boring math books. Her mother would scold her and watch her as she did her homework, and studied, and read the silly children's books the school gave her. Lyra wasn't overly fond of r
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HP Fanfiction: What might have been...
"Just go in already!"
Harry Potter paced to and fro outside of Sna-Professor Snape's office. He still could hardly believe that it had been the potions master that had tried to save him, not kill him, during his first quidditch match. That all this time, he had been wrong. It wasn't Snape after the stone, but Quirrel, who had Voldemort growing out of the back of his head. Harry feared he would have nightmares all summer of that showdown. He shook his head fiercely.
"Stop it already! You are being bloody ridiculous! Just go in there and say thank you! It's not that hard!"
But it was. Just being near the man gave Harry a sense of foreboding. It didn't help that he had treated Harry as something he wanted to squash under his boot only to scrape it off later. Ever since the first potions class, Snape had been nothing but nasty to him. Of course he also treated the other Griffondors pretty much the same, but a sort of malice had been saved especially for Harry, and yet he had saved his life
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The Youngest Brother
Once Upon a time, there was a boy who was the youngest of six. All of his brothers had pale skin and auburn hair, just like him. Each of them were renowned for their skill. The eldest, was a beast tamer, the second eldest was a master tradesman, the third was an adviser to the noble society, the fourth and fifth eldest were jesters, much adored by everyone.
The youngest boy, Rudy, felt that he would never amount to much as his brothers. His parents always praised them, especially the three eldest. As he grew Rudy became more jealous of his famous brothers and their skills and more sad knowing whatever he accomplished would not be as great.
As he was coming of age, Rudy decided he would go out into the world and learn and discover his true calling.
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I Will Remember You
I will remember you.
I will remember your depth and your heart,
though covered in ice and thorns, never shall it break apart.
With your blank stare we see things before us that bring us joy, fear, love, and hate,
even if nothing is really there.
Your hands, though cold like snow, emit more warmth and protection than many know.
I will remember your warmth and the sight you have given,
to show the way through the world, on to Heaven.
Your eyes both bright and pale, give life, hope, and meaning, without fail.
Prophet of truth and ender of lies, watch us through life and mourn he who dies
You whose eyes shine and whose body gleams.
You who will live on after we are blown to smithereens.
You are our hope and dreams, though we invade your world by any means.
Through great lengths do we wish to dominate you, and your lover,
whom I fear may yet bid us adieu.
You whose beauty knows no end,
Who have been parent, teacher, friend;
and yet, we betrayed you, with our malice and greed,
so terrible we
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King Arthur's Rest
Deep beneath the waters breath
a sword so great and holy doth sleep
and holding its handle a mighty king,
just and true rests with it.
Hear the people scream,
Oh despair, oh regret,
long lost was Albion's dream.
The banner is down
the crown is a sham
since the Red Dragon has flown
In Avalon's hold the sword,
Caliburn shines gold and silver
awaits to aid its lord.
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Young Harry with the Dursleys
Since the death of Lily and James Potter on the Halloween night of 1981, and Harry, only a fifteen month old baby boy was left on the doorstep on number four Privet Drive, everything changed. The Dursley's had taken in the boy who lived with great reluctance and even more discomfort. Vernon had considered placing the boy in an orphanage but Petunia had insisted that they follow Albus Dumbledore's letter and keep him. Vernon simply grunted in response before heading off to work, muttering about how he was 'not going to put up with that lot more than he had to.' Petunia was left standing in the hallway holding the crying infant, still in shock that her only sister was dead.
When she had first picked up the bundled baby, he had been crying after being woken up by her shriek of surprise. Instinct and the need to keep the neighbors from noticing, urged her to quickly pick up the boy and bounce and shush him as she made her way back into the house. Harry, having never met his aunt before and
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Peace Offering by LOTOLLE Peace Offering :iconlotolle:LOTOLLE 432 58 All Hail the Consort by Nanihoo All Hail the Consort :iconnanihoo:Nanihoo 823 69 The Ceremony by ObsidianSerpent The Ceremony :iconobsidianserpent:ObsidianSerpent 147 35 Moonlight Elven Gown by Firefly-Path Moonlight Elven Gown :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 12,008 408 Elven Battledress by Anylon Elven Battledress :iconanylon:Anylon 105 5
How Can You See Something Beautiful? - Song Lyrics
All I notice are the imperfections
All I see are the mistakes
All I know is that there are broken pieces
That are unseemly in this frame
And so when I look, all I ever find are flaws
That don't measure up to all the rest
And how it hurts me when I recall
That what was once worth more is now worth less
These contradictions
These shortcomings
I'm so hypocritical to my ideals
I say what's right, but inside my life
I act as though those words aren't real
Sometimes within me burns a flame
To strive to try to do what I know is right
But I fail at it, again and again
To be the person who I try
Oh, how can you see something beautiful?...
When I just see what I always fail to be?
Oh, how can you see something marvelous?...
When the person who you're looking at.. is me?
Why do you put your trust in me
When you know it's a trust I'll break?
Why do you even put up with these
Wretched things I do and say?
You say there's good, but I just see bad
You say we could...
But I don't see how we caaaaaa-aa
:iconshimmeringdewdrops:ShimmeringDewdrops 5 8
The Battle Roar of Sekhmet
Egypt, 1350 BC
I entered the sanctuary area at the back of our hut with a bowl of gazelle meat. Beside me, my little niece Nebet hugged her miniature drum as if it were a doll. The likenesses of our forefathers and mothers watched our passage with painted eyes, their altars adorned with weapons and the gold flies their valor had earned them in life. But it was the gilded likeness of Sekhmet, she of the lion mask and blood-dyed gown, who awaited our arrival against the wall. Despite the dimming of the sunlight through our hut’s narrow windows, Sekhmet’s amber eyes blazed with the same fire that had emboldened generations of our ancestors.
Many times I had knelt before her as I did now, lighting the meat I laid at her feet. The scent of its burning recalled battle after battle of blazing tents and enemies being speared, shot, or cleaved into pieces. The warmth channeled the sun’s blazing heat, which glossed my dar
:icontyrannoninja:TyrannoNinja 13 8
How to draw Warrior Cats pt 1 by heylorlass How to draw Warrior Cats pt 1 :iconheylorlass:heylorlass 2,487 328 Art vs reality: Dragon above the trees by AlviaAlcedo Art vs reality: Dragon above the trees :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,397 42 Victuuri 3 Nuts for Katsudon AU by yu-oka Victuuri 3 Nuts for Katsudon AU :iconyu-oka:yu-oka 106 9 Tarot Unicornis XIII - Death by The13thBlackCat Tarot Unicornis XIII - Death :iconthe13thblackcat:The13thBlackCat 75 31 Labios Rotos by conejogalactiko Labios Rotos :iconconejogalactiko:conejogalactiko 114 34 EROS by EryenArt EROS :iconeryenart:EryenArt 379 15
The Origins of Sun Wukong's Golden Fillet
Last updated: 12-23-17
The golden fillet (金箍圈, jingu quan) is one of the Monkey King’s most recognizable iconographic elements appearing in visual media based on the great Chinese classic Journey to the West (1592). It is generally portrayed as a ringlet of gold with blunt ends that meet in the middle of the forehead and curl upwards like scowling eyebrows (type one) (fig. 1). A different version is a single band adorned with an upturned crescent shape in the center (type two) (fig. 2). Another still is a simple band devoid of decoration (type three) (fig. 3). Sun first earns the headband as punishment for killing six thieves shortly after being released from his five hundred-year-long imprisonment. The circlet is a heaven-sent magic treasure designed to reign in the immortal’s unruly,
:iconghostexorcist:Ghostexorcist 5 10
Welcome to The Madness by Daniimon Welcome to The Madness :icondaniimon:Daniimon 372 24
Wished Away chapter one
Wish Away
Chapter One
    The apartment complex was a quiet bustle of activity. A few lights had been turned on and out of the three floors there was noticeable movement in only two windows. A police car was parked on the curb, engine running, doors ajar. On the stoop one officer stood guarding the entrance; another had entered earlier with at least two other people. The neighborhood its self was quiet and dark, most occupants completely unaware of the situation inside the apartment.
    From the roof top of a nearby complex two figures stood and watched. In daylight they would have been glaringly out of place in their garments: one wore a blue cape that haphazardly draped his shoulders and trailed the ground; the other a frock coat with an elaborate gold fleur de lis pattern. In the dark of the night they were unnoticed. They both stared down at the scene. The one in the cape repeatedly switched his weight from foot to foot, one moment leaning forward in concentrat
:iconagnesthecook:AgnesTheCook 1 1



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Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Konichwa! My name is Shelby. I joined Deviant Art to connect with friends and fellow artists and post/receive comments on my own work. Most of it is short stories and poetry but I am hoping to improve my drawing skills.


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