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April 28, 2007
The color combination of the black and white with the red in Ace Of Spades by ~shebid proves to be very effective. A beautiful vexel piece !
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Ace Of Spades

Hehh.. I like it :O
It's not the greatest..oh btw, my dad put time limits on for me -__-; Only 2 hrs a day, excluding weekends.. so yeah, less manda..
Anyways, enjoy..

Photo from [link] I asked her for permission!
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agro2's avatar
This is so amazing!
ZeOzwolf's avatar
very nice :D, you think you could do another like that, like the style the pose and stuff? or a guy version or somthin? :P
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MentallyNinja's avatar
ps or illustrator?:) such good work..
can I have a tip for the cells the overlapping cells I still dont know how to do that:d
shebid's avatar
PS. The layers are all on different opacities, thus creating the look of overlapping.
indybunny's avatar
love it, so awesome
shebid's avatar

My gf is just like the girl you've drow! Nice! Love the pic!

See ya!
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me like you.
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we likes eachother. How wonderful. XD
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Ace of spaces... :D maybe you will like this [link] :)
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Holy shit, that's pretty badass!
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Excellent piece!! I'm quite impressed. :)
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You are very welcome!!
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