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Sparky the SkyWing by Sheba987 Sparky the SkyWing :iconsheba987:Sheba987 5 0 Sparks by Sheba987 Sparks :iconsheba987:Sheba987 1 0 KodyBoy555 Request by Sheba987 KodyBoy555 Request :iconsheba987:Sheba987 2 4 Orange dragon by Sheba987 Orange dragon :iconsheba987:Sheba987 29 20 Junias-coloured by Sheba987 Junias-coloured :iconsheba987:Sheba987 1 4 Junias by Sheba987 Junias :iconsheba987:Sheba987 0 0 Blue dragon by Sheba987 Blue dragon :iconsheba987:Sheba987 27 29
Rise of the Phoenix 1:2
They had set off almost immediately, there was a delay of about five minutes where Difon had to run back and fetch his hammer. Moving out straight after waking didn't appear to do much for improving his memory, especially when Arumba did the waking. They were a lot closer now, the network of caves has twisted and turned as they had ventured further in. Now it was wide and there were few caverns, everyone knew that they were approaching the dragons den. What worried them most was that there was still no sign of Shar.
    "Do you sense anything?" Kirana whispered to Idjia, she was the only one game enough to speak now. Idjia shook her head in response; there hadn't been anything last time she tried. Kirana shrugged and went to move away as Idjia held up one hand, telling her to wait. There might not have been anything last time she had tried but there could be something now. Idjia closed her eyes, making her magic spread out, making it try to find other magical things
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Rise of the phoenix 1:1
Chapter 1: The shadow of the cave.
The young sorceress ran light footed on the loose rocks that lay on the ground. Her thick light brown hair, along with her brown pants, top and vest, helped her to blend in with the dark scene around her. One of the sleeves on her top was cut longer than the other, to hide the mark that was there. Her pouch of herbs and flowers had hardly anything in it, so there was less of a chance that it would get caught. She knelt down on the rocks her emerald green eyes picking out a piece of a black cloak. It was smooth and soft so she instantly knew who it belonged to. Idjia slid the item into one of the crude pockets on her vest. Silently she stood and ran back to the others, who were having a lovely time quivering with fear behind a large boulder near the left side of the cave. Although near was a bit lenient, it was about sixty meters away and hidden by several other rocks. As she got closer she detected the spell she had cast to keep the others safe.
She b
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Serafina by Sheba987 Serafina :iconsheba987:Sheba987 2 1
Magic the gathering FF
Halls of hardened stone rose high over Alica's head. Chosen amongst the best that the blue mages had to offer, Jace himself had asked her to meet him at the grand hall. To be there at five to be precise.  Even though the blue mage was fine with the time she had to be there, it was the reason why that she didn't approve of.
Jace, her mentor, her teacher, the planeswalker of their city, wanted her to meet other planeswalkers.
She knew that she was skilled enough and did not need any extra abilities that the other planeswalkers had that they could offer. All she really needed was her own, she was at par, if not exceeding her previous instructors. She felt a slight fuming sensation and she took a deep breath, trying to keep her temper under control. Replacing the slight frown on her face with the customary lack of emotion that the blue mages tend to have, she reached up to the handle of the grand hall.
    "Alica. Were you not meant to wait?" A male voice said
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Cave by Sheba987 Cave :iconsheba987:Sheba987 1 1 Random human much? by Sheba987 Random human much? :iconsheba987:Sheba987 0 0 Dragon's treasure by Sheba987 Dragon's treasure :iconsheba987:Sheba987 2 1
Sorry about leaving this account, but things had gotten rather hectic during last year. It was my first year of uni, and the workload was a bit crazy D:

However, I'm back to this account ^^ and there is no way I'm gonna leave this account again-I missed you guys ;-;

Ill upload the few pieces I did during last year, but they are only line-arts, no colour. 


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