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Recently documented membrane winged gliding Jurassic Scansoriopterygid just going to prove nature will always throw you a curve ball just as you suspect you might be figuring out her ways. Dinosaurs seem to have experimented much more with flight than we initially suspected, and it seems it wasn't always directly involving their plumage at all, according to this pigeon-sized, dinosaurian flying squirrel. It even went so far as to sprout a whole new finger of cartilage to hold up its new wings - what dedication to the sport!

Really odd that this one actually existed, looks a lot like another Sheatherian griffon.
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AntFingersHobbyist General Artist
Mabye you should redesign the griffons?
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Sheather888Hobbyist Digital Artist
It isn't even a good ancestor.
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AntFingersHobbyist General Artist
Yeah it was a bit dumb wasn't it... But them being derived archosaurs and all It was fun at the time.
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dinu1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
That is an incredible animal, and an amazing drawing! :)
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Maybe it's time to change the griffons' ancestry...
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Sheather888Hobbyist Digital Artist
This thing really isn't terribly suitable, it lacks pronated wrists and the ornithopod forelimb musculature than allows griffons to be what they are.
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Ah, OK. Maybe it could evolve into a group of predators that mimic certain species of swiftlet to hide among them and surprise attack them.
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Gwiber49Hobbyist Filmographer
Nature is a drunk scientist.
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Amazing new specimen!  Congrats on this reconstruction!  And it quite fits in, I thought it was a Sheatherian critter on the thumbnail!
Lediblock2's avatar
I'm willing to bet money that he's going to put this thing's descendants in Sheatheria.
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Sheather888Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't plan to do so.
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TarturusHobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent portrayal of this fascinating discovery. :thumbsup:
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
Truly the greatest discovery this year! :D
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Nature is plagurizing you again.

your illustration is better than Mama Nature's.  (seriously)
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DwollStudent General Artist
Please someone, anyone, draw St. George fighting this little cutie. 
Rodlox's avatar
Stuart Little, maybe.
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Just loving this guy! First thought when I saw him was "Shetherian Birds" actually happened, and this time, they WERE leathery-winged theropods! (Not ornithischians.) :D

Also, just a little note. According to the paper, the extra "finger" isn't cartilage, it's actual bone. Seems to have some resemblance to the cartilaginous extensions of anomalure gliding membranes, however, so my guess is its an ossified equivalent of some kind.
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What a weird critter.
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ArchipithecusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I still can't believe this is real. I love it!
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ZoPteryxHobbyist General Artist
Wow you work fast!  I really like this reconstruction, very peaceful and less demonic looking than some others.  I also like the addition of the little curly tail plumes. :)
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It looks amazing.
Once agian reality beats fiction ;)
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
this guy is going to make the internet explode over the next few days! :D
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