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.:: Jinse Bishou ::.
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Published: March 11, 2012
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Pfffffff this is old :V And I only post it now? Man, do I suck? xD

Anyway, this is Jinse Bishou. An Egyptian vulture. Who was introduced here first ----->


Name: Jinse Bishou
Nicknames: EGG (|D)
Age: Honestly, I don't know :V
Birthdate: June 7
Abilities: Silent Speed (sneaking and such)
Family: Jinse Hundan (Father)
Personality: An open guy, usually positive. Can be submitive to a certain falcon :V
Bio: Bishou's family line had been nothing but assasinators. Each head of the family would kill a specific peafowl (mainly Resama's family) and claim their crown jewel as a trophy on the family scarf (which is what he wears). After killing his wife, Hundan began to train and torture Bishou to strengthen him to become an ultimate assassin. Bishou was destined to kill the prince in line , Resama. One day as Resama was walking through the city, Bishou challenged Resama to a fight. Day after day, Resama would come back to challenge Bishou and make himself stronger and stronger. One night after he came back to the palace, Resama told Siksaka, his teacher, about the Egyptian Vulture. Siksaka forbade Resama to go out to that part of the city. He told the story about the family line who had been killing each head peafowl of India and that Bishou's father had killed Resama's father, Dhani. this made Resama angry. When Bishou snuck in the palace to find out what happened to Resama, Resama began to attack Bishou, leaving minor injuries on him. Bishou fled the palace.
as years went by, Bishou had ran away to China, where he trained in a famous kung fu school, owned by Master Jiao (=SinisterEternity's OC). There, he also met a young falcon named Lizhao (=SinisterEternity's OC), whom he fell in love with (YES HE'S GAY. DEAL WITH IT.) Bishou currently lives with Lizhao in a peaceful life away from his dreaded father, who is currently looking for him to continue his destiny.


Jinse Bishou, Jinse Hudan, resama, Siksaka, and art (c) =HatPanda
Lizhao and Master Jiao (c) =SinisterEternity
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I'd put his story like that, his father killed his mother by order by a great villain of my story, because this way he could create his son to be a killing machine, but Bishou saw it and, don't wanting to be a assassin, runned away. He wandered until he reached China, were he was found by someone how took care of him and put him on a kung fu school.

What do you think?
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Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
Well, another thing was his father killed his mother for a reason. She left him because he was too violent and etc. and thus she went to live with another man.
And he ran away from India because of Resama (my Indian peacock) heard what Bishou's family line did to his family and wanted him dead.
And he also wanted to attend Jiao's fighting school.
The one who was taking care of him on,y supported the idea.
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So, can I do it if I receive permission?
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Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
If you don't follow the story he has already, no you can't use him.
And if you don't follow Lizhao's and Bingwen's story.
PlatineDragon's avatar
The story I plan to put to them is hingly similar, just changing a few things to fit my story. I just plan to make a little changes on why his mother, was killed, but keeping that she had intents to leave Lizhao's father, and the one how found him and took care of him, yeah, along with the place he was created. But I plan to leave his personality and other things the same, along with his romance with Bishou. And I plan to put that the scarf was the last present his mother gave to him before she died.

Come on, give it a chance.
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Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
Sorry, but I just don't want people to think that that is his true story and etc.
Then they're gonna wanna read his bio and see his picture and they're all gonna wonder which story is true.
So, again, if you can't follow Bishou's true story, I'm gonna have to say no, you can't use him.
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Oh. I understand. Thank for your time.
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Hi there, look, I'll wriote a story of KFP in the future, and I want to use your charecter, along with Lizhao in a fanfiction. I'll cahnge sligthly theirs stories, but I'll keep them as lovers. I'd like you two to give a few hints of how tyo use them on the story, you know, how to interpret them.
Shear-Rohark's avatar
Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
If you're gonna change their backstories, I'm not really sure if I'll let you use Bishou. :/
And well, did you get permission to use Lizhao from =SinisterEternity?
PlatineDragon's avatar
I asked and am currently waiting for her answer, and if you like I'll try to keep their stories as close as normal as possible.

I'll make like Binshou had his mother killed and he runned away. After this he wandered around for a few time after being found by someone, them he ws taken to this city and entered this kung fu school, were he came to meet Lizhao and they fall in love. I'll explain more when the time comes.
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Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
Well, when she says it's alright, I'll think about it more.

And well, in his backstory, his mother was killed by his father and was raised to be a fighting machine, but didn't really want to go that path.
Everything is in his bio of how he came to China.
And when he got there, a peahen named Chan-Juan found and took care of him. ( [link] )
Then he attended a Kung Fu school and that's how he met Lizhao.
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Fine, hope to her of you two soon. (chinese bow)
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GAY BIRD! Gah thats freaking AWESOME!! :iconinloveplz:
His design is AMAZING!!! I love the mask he wears!!
My friend he looks incredible!!
Shear-Rohark's avatar
Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
lol that's not a mask xD
That's his face lol xD
Thanks anyway Star~ :heart:
StellasStar's avatar
Is it painted on?? Or was he born that way??
Shear-Rohark's avatar
Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
That's natural for an egyptian vulture Star xD;
StellasStar's avatar
Oh hey I never knew that! :D Not my fault really since I never looked up those birds. :XD:
Now I know! What a beautiful design!
You had him wonderful!
Shear-Rohark's avatar
Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
ohlol sorry xD;
thank you anyway! xDDD :hug:
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You have no idea how much I flipped out when I saw his face. XD I love Egyptian vultures. <3 Gorgeous animals.
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Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
Yus they are <3
Thank youuuuuu
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GrimmSkitzHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome OC IS awesome. :la: FFFFFF- YAY, FINALLY. A YAOI PAIR. VB <3333333333 ME GUSTA. TuT
Shear-Rohark's avatar
Shear-RoharkStudent Filmographer
PFFFFF :iconohuplz: xDDDDD
Thank you Ophieeeeeeee :heart:
Yus, a yaoi pairing. LOLWHUT? xDDDDDD <3
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