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Pinkie Pie Pen Sketch

By sheandog
Did another sketch.  This time, it's Pinkie Pie.
I think this both turned out better and worse than the last one.  Sketching it took a lot less time than the Rarity one, but I messed up the shading a bit around the bottom of the face.  I tried adding extra shading to try and cover it up.
Pen shading's hard. ;~;

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Great work on this!
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I love it when people draw masterpieces and call them sketches.
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Yeah, those people are awesome. :3
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That is some gorgeous shading there, pal!
But what I think I love most about this is your style! Hard, bold outlines, and some uniform cross hatching.
Well blend of features! You'd seem to make a great inker xD
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Heh.  Thanks. I really appreciate the nice feedback. :3
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Anytime, buddy (:
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Wow, looks really good! 
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Looks super nice, dude! :D
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this is really good!
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Very well done! ;P
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Beautiful, I would love to see more pinkie from ya.
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Another great job man. looks amazing!
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Wow! Amazing work, mate! I wish I was able to draw something like this. Keep up the good work /)
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