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Human And Goat

By sheandog
(Yeah I don't have a good title for this)

Yeah, I'm pretty late to the party with the whole Undertale thing, but I only played it earlier this year, so cut me some slack.
And yeah, I did find it to be as fantastic as everyone says it is.  And I've.. pretty much become obsessed with the game ever since I played it.
I'm mostly obsessed with the game's music, just because it's so damn good (seriously I've played the entire ost on loop several times in a row and haven't gotten sick of a single song yet, it's that great)

So, naturally, with a new obsession of mine comes art. I drew a bunch of sketches (which you can find here by the way: which I never really felt compelled to color, tbh.
However this was one drawing I wanted to actually give the effort into.  Course, I initially sketched it several months ago around the same time as I drew those other sketches, but I did end up going back and finishing eventually. And I'm glad I did. I think it turned out great.  Not, like, the best thing I've ever made, but pretty good nonetheless.

I will most likely draw more Undertale stuff in the future, especially if you guys like this one and wouldn't mind seeing more.
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Thank god, I'm not alone! Welcome to... The Obsession.
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it looks adorable, nice work >w<