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Hail Glimmer

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(Or Cutie Marxism.  Whichever floats your boat.)


I'm PRETTY SURE that the whole "Everypony should be equal" thing is a direct reference to communism.  AND WHO IS THE ONE WHO CREATED COMMUNISM?!!
...Karl Marx, actually.

So I drew her as Hitler.  Hitler and her merry band of equal midgets.

The "Welcome to Hell" edition:…

Edit: I've actually been informed that actual Communism is actually not a whole lot like what was depicted in the show. While Glimmer wants everyone to be the same as everyone and have no one be better at anything than anyone else, Communism is all about economic status; there's no rich, poor, or middle class. Everyone has equal social standing, but they all can be their own individual person with their own abilities and talents.
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Yeah, writhe in smiling agony!
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The Red Army Is Best Army
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Well, I believe that when Marx thought about Communism, he's thinking of something like John Lennon's Imagine, rather than Hitler...
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Now that you've quickly explained what communism REALLY is, in a short way, and not in like 5 paragraphs, Communism doesn't sound that bad. No rich, poor, or middle class, everyone being equal in economical standings? It's like ridding the world of some form of discrimination. Don't got de monay? Who gives a shit! I think it doesnt sound bad, if you ask me. You hear me, Soldier?! IS NOT DAT BAD!

Soldier: Dammit! 
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Oh great, first communism and now she's a Nazi...
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I don't get why people think she's all these things. Why does she do this? It's simple- If you're as young as she was when she lost Sunburst, that memory, and WHY you think it happened, stick with you. Even if it's completely irrational, you've known it for so long that you are ACTUALLY CONVINCED that is the reason that happened.
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She love him people are jerks to her
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Not sure if communist or fascist?
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Just imagine how the actual communist analogues in Equestria would had reacted when news of what Starlight Glimmer had been doing was made public.

"We the Communitist* movements of Equestria - whether they be Bannerists**, Collectivists, Harmonists*** and other variants - are united and unanimous in our rejection of Starlight Glimmer's interpretation of Equality. While Starlight's 'Equalist' views on Friendship and Harmony appears to be rational and appealing, its methods involves the suppression of individual talent, mindless obedience and unquestioning conformity, all so to remove conflict, that is antithetic to all ponies by bringing them down to the lowest common denominator, removing them ability to feel joy and ability, serving as nothing more than a device of oppression no different from autocratic regimes that we oppose, with the exception of the Equestrian Diarchy. It is a twisted ideal formulated by a mad-mare with an obsession for control over others and envy of individual thoughts and talents that surpass her own. 

We emphasize that while we also believe in equality, we don't seek for ponies to be equal in terms of talents and thought; we seek for ponies to be equal in terms of OPPORTUNITY, so that all ponies are capable of exercising their talents and achieve their dreams at their fullest potential. This could only be achieved by bringing about social equality for all ponies, which requires changing the current unfair socioeconomic order, where wealth and means of production is concentrated by a wealthy elite while the vast majority of the population is exploited, to ensure common ownership of all means of production and resources, followed by the establishment of a true communitist society that would see the abolition of all currency, social classes and even the state itself..."

--- Joint Declaration by the various Communitist movements following revelations of Starlight Glimmer's twisted Equalist experiment by the Royal Equestrian government. The fear of backlash by a fearful and not properly informed Equestrian public was enough to bring the normally divided and squabbling political movement into forming a united statement to clarify their objection to Starlight Glimmer's ideals of equality while clarifying the details and merits of their ideologies' own interpretations of equality.

* Equestrian version of Communism - With emphasis on Community. Hence Communitism. 
** Adherents of Karl Marx analogue Red Banner's ideas in its purest form, i.e. Marxists.
*** Analogue of one of the milder Communist interpretations. Make which you will.
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This song would suit this:…

What if someone changed the lyrics (English translation) to be like this:

I love (whatever the name of the village is)
The sun rises over (whatever the name of the village is)
Leader Starlight Glimmer,
Leading all of us forward.
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It's true: Communism has a lot of important aspects that aren't really addressed here. Making everyone equal in ability or status isn't the point. And stripping people of their talents doesn't really address any of the class struggles that Communism was thought to solve.
Enforced equality taken to an extreme that punishes the successful is a leftist phenomenon, however, and can be certainly compared to several Marxist ideas.
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I'm thinking that she actually working with someone stronger.
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Hail equal
Hail glimmer
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Hail equal
Hail glimmer
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yes! ALL HAIL STARLIGHT GLIMMER (which means she's hitler)
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Dang it she's Stalin I mean
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Hitler is facsim, but sure whatever. Dictators.
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