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My rose by shealpha1 My rose :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 0 Dia de la muerte painting by shealpha1 Dia de la muerte painting :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 0 Firebird by shealpha1 Firebird :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 2 Mjolnir by shealpha1 Mjolnir :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 0 0
Mi Carino
My love for you is endless,
many know this.
yet most will try to end it,
I will keep it.
there will be so much temptations,
but when together they seem to disappear.
if I can find the right words
to describe my feelings for you,
this will be to long.
Its been two years, my love
and my feelings for you just kept growing.
i love you, Carino and i always will.
:iconshealpha1:shealpha1 0 2
cute emo drawing by shealpha1 cute emo drawing :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 7 Kira Kyuuketsuki by shealpha1 Kira Kyuuketsuki :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 7 Img 20130513 115001 by shealpha1 Img 20130513 115001 :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 1 12
Fighting The Monster
At nights is the times i dont know
And everything goes down south
Nights is the times when our relationship dont grow
And everything is spilled through the mouth
I try my best to prevent it
I try my best to stop
But its like you like it
When i cant reach the top
This monster seems to hard
To hard to defeat
But i will keep my gaurd
And keep getting on my feet
It seems impossible right now
But i know we'll figuer it out
It seems like its raining endless bows
But you cant give up and doubt
I cant do this on my own
I need your support
With the feelings we've shown
Will make the monster contort.
:iconshealpha1:shealpha1 0 0
I Loved You by shealpha1
Mature content
I Loved You :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 2 48
Mature content
I Loved You :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 0 2
Normal Cereal by shealpha1 Normal Cereal :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 2 5
Show Me
Are you happy?
You got what you wanted
But for once
Look at your son
And tell me is he happy?
For once
Stop being selfish
And wake up
Is he really happy?
For once
Think on what
HE wants
Not what YOU want
Go on
And once you've prooved it
Ill leave
And let him be happy.
:iconshealpha1:shealpha1 2 16
Two Lost Souls
I lived in the darkness for so long.
Screaming, pleading for help.
But every time I would think
Someone is there to save me.
It will only be the darkness
Pulling tricks.
Tricks that will lure me deeper
          And deeper
I would get more lost.
And more confused.
But for some strange reason
I felt like I had to keep looking.
Like I wasn't alone.
That there is someone there with me.
At first I thought it was the darkness again
Pulling another trick.
But I kept looking.
Searching for this poor soul
That was lured here too.
It took a long while.
But I finally found him.
And as to my surprise.
He was looking for me too.
He also suffered.
He was also a victim.
I've seen his battle wounds.
And he saw mine.
As we walked together.
We told each other stories.
Stories of our battles.
And as we walked.
We became closer.
And we fell in love.
We protect each other.
We're not out yet.
But it feels brighter.
Just being together.
:iconshealpha1:shealpha1 3 15
Scribbles by shealpha1 Scribbles :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 3 5
Mature content
The Code :iconshealpha1:shealpha1 0 0


PC Fur Immer by Nachvoir PC Fur Immer :iconnachvoir:Nachvoir 38 16 Kittens by VampireRain17 Kittens :iconvampirerain17:VampireRain17 8 12
     Once, there was a young boy walking down an eerily empty street to go home. This street was never empty, and he was scared. He kept going, hoping to see signs of life soon. After a while, he saw someone up ahead of him, whom he didn't recognize. He ran towards them and as he did, the man turned around to face him.
     "We've been waiting for you, Michail." The man's hands were stained with blood and he was unnaturally pale. The boy tried to scream, but nothing came out. After a long moment, he began screaming at the top of his lungs. The man did not seem to notice.
     Michail looked around frantically, searching for someone, anyone else, to help him from this man who knew his name. The man grew impatient. "Michail, please. We've been waiting for you." He screamed back, "Who has been waiting for me!? Who ARE YOU?" But all he would say was that same sentence. "We have been waiting for you." The man stepped
:iconvampirerain17:VampireRain17 5 16
Bat by SteveWolfArt Bat :iconstevewolfart:SteveWolfArt 2 3 Sarah Labelle by aniven Sarah Labelle :iconaniven:aniven 2 1,886 Plant by Nuxteria Plant :iconnuxteria:Nuxteria 2 0 Feather painting 3 by Reza-malinova Feather painting 3 :iconreza-malinova:Reza-malinova 49 1
Mature content
Want not, Waist Not :iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 1 0
My Knowing Love
Stretch your spine tight as a string,
Keep your head held high,
Fold your hands and curl your nails,
Paint them a smile as they walk by,
Close your eyes and count to ten,
Should the fire within you stir,
Speak only when you're spoken to,
But only listen as you confer,
Be merry, laugh, dance and sing!
But should you need to frown,
Remember sadness is a fatal illness,
Do not call for help if you drown,
I will only nod my head to you,
I will only give you the weather,
I will only smile when you tell me things,
Keeping conversation light as a feather,
Stringing up love like fragile lights,
See how I care for you so?
But only look, no dear- Don't touch!
This is not how my love truly grows,
Pay no mind to any screams you hear,
Do not worry over the whines or sobs,
It's nothing, darling- Just the wind on the trees!
Fret not as my heart aches and throbs,
Catch not how I grind my teeth,
Or how my pale hands tremble and shake,
My spine is still straight, my smile smooth,
See how I never make a m
:iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 2 5
I Grow Tired
"I could never see you doing that!"
"You may think you're capable of that, but you would never really do it"
"That's cute, but you'd never do that"
"You're not capable of that."
You don't think I'm capable of handling certain things,
But I handle you just fine,
I handle the way you wall me up into convenient little boxes,
All the while pleading for me not to judge you,
Not to assume I know anything about you,
When you assume I am not capable of the weights I already hold,
Am I not capable?
Am I not able?
I handle you just fine,
I am a king with a conjured maze,
Custom-tailored to your expectations,
And I grow tired of them,
I have played nice,
I have played by your rules,
How are mine hard to swallow,
When yours require such monitoring of myself?
I gave you what you wanted,
I will give you what you need,
But I grow tired of your expectations,
And you have no idea what I am capable of.
:iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 2 3
Wash Your Face, Darling
In fourth grade, I charted the horoscopes of every one of my classmates using a tattered old book my mom let me bring to school,
In middle school, when I asked the teacher "May I please go to the bathroom?" It was only to check the stalls on every floor, making sure I didn't just hear the sobs echoing through the air vents in my head,
Often times, I'd have to poke my head in to tell the teacher I'd be escorting a red-nosed, puddle-eyed kid to the nurse or counselor I caught on my way back,
With a nod of their head they would tell me "You'll catch up",
I figured they were talking about school assignments,
They weren't.
In high school, in between exams and merging lunches, and sometimes after a bathroom break, I'd see them again,
The teary-eyed, the broken-hearted, the stressed-out exam-taker, the expectant mother suffering from panic attacks, the child without their parents in a dark, scary, grown-up world that the brick walls couldn't hide us from,
Cowering in corners, hiding behind br
:iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 1 2
Past Life Street
Past Life Street
When I walk down this lane
You tell me to straighten my back
My fingers clench over the hilt of a weapon
I no longer have the strength to carry
My mind is already running down to the edge of the street
But my heart cannot keep up with these pounds of flesh I bear
When I walk down this lane
You tell me to quiet my breath
But it no longer comes easy
Every shadow could hold a substance
That if thrown my way I could avoid
Every whisper could be an ally
Telling me to get the hell out of dodge
When I walk down this lane
You tell me I don't have to stay here long
But here I am in the company of a family portrait
A still shot silhouette on a brick wall
Of men that found their way back to me
Holding pieces of me like a quiver of arrows
Ready to aim at the heavens and punch a hole in the sky
Should I lose my way
When I walk down this lane
You remind me I am not alone
That my nature comes from a time
Where worry was birthed a four-letter word
Where danger has taken a familiar gri
:iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 2 2
Take my hand, lead me away by SteveWolfArt
Mature content
Take my hand, lead me away :iconstevewolfart:SteveWolfArt 5 6
And so, the Lion fell in love with the Lamb: color by SteveWolfArt And so, the Lion fell in love with the Lamb: color :iconstevewolfart:SteveWolfArt 5 2
Mature content
Nightly Ritual :iconmasterpieceimaginary:MasterpieceImaginary 1 0
[Open] Western Spotted Skunk by NotLucy [Open] Western Spotted Skunk :iconnotlucy:NotLucy 52 21



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