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Respect - Chapter Three Chapter Three - Sympathy For the Ex-Warlord Perfuma was doing her best to follow Mermista’s plan. Her role was to drag... err, to take Entrapta away, so she wouldn’t hear the sounds of Hordak’s capture. And also, she should try to make the ‘Geek Princess’ realize the big mistake she was about to commit - again. After that, Perfuma would be free to return to Scorpia’s side, where she wanted to be right now! And everything would be allright. A nudge on her shoulder and Entrapta’s voice brought her back from her daydreaming. “Are you sure this is the right place to talk in private?” the scientist asked her. “What do you mean?” Perfuma asked back, grudgingly. “We are back to the ravine where we left our friends. Although I’m not seeing anyone.” Perfuma stopped dead on her tracks, so abruptly that Entrapta had to use her hair to support her body, so she wouldn’t trip and bump on the blonde. They glanced around. It was really the same place of their last battle against the Galactic Horde, and where they had left their friends having a well-deserved resting. And it was apparently desert now.Apparently, because at soon they heard Micah’s voice calling Glimmer. More voices called her, Adora, Bow and Swift Wind. Scorpia’s voice was especially distressed when she called Catra twice. The two women exchanged a look.Perfuma felt a chill run down her spine. Mermista had decided to go on with her plan because Sea Hawk hadn’t found the queen. The princesses had shrugged it off as his usual incompetence, but if Glimmer and the rest of the gang still hadn’t showed up, it was the signal that something really serious had happened. “We’ll have to save our talk for later,” she stated.“Why? We may talk right now!” Entrapta replied calmly.Perfum couldn’t believe what she had just heard.“How can you say that?! Can’t your hear King Micah calling for his daughter? Even you should have some sensitivity!” she lectured her purple-haired companion.“Of course I have!” Entrapta retorted as she glared back at Perfuma, much for the flower princess’ shock, since the scientist (almost) never seemed offended at insults and critics “That’s exactly why I want to finish this right now, so we may focuse into helping him! I’ve been trying to tell you all the way you dragged me that I already figured out what you want to say.” “You do?!” Perfuma gaped. Had Entrapta realized that Hordak would be eventually arrested if he remained there? Then, maybe she had pretended to be so interested in him as a distraction, so her friends would come and capture him easily... that was brilliant!“Of course!” Entrapta went on “It’s so simple! You’re welcome!”“For what?” Perfuma blinked in confusion, still clinging to the dellusion of a loyal, conspirating Entrapta... which Entrapta herself happily destroyed.“For having freed Scorpia and the rest of the world from the hive mind, of course! What else could be? No need, it was my pleasure!” the inventor patted Perfuma’s head with a hair tendril and turned on her heels.“No! That wasn’t what I meant!” Perfuma still tried to stop her, but Entrapta had already turned her hair into legs and was cantering towards the place where the voices came from – behind a big rock formation, specifically.The pacific princess of Plumeria let out an ‘aaaaaaaargh’ that would have put Mermista to shame. More and more she understood why her princess colleague was so cranky and negative! But she wouldn’t give up, oh no! With those thoughts, Perfuma stomped her way behind the cliff. The remaining members of the Alliance – Castaspella, Micah, Scorpia, Spinnerella and Netossa – were scattered nearby, looking through bushes and behind rocks as they called the names of the missing ones. Entrapta ran to join them, although she seemed more interested into pestering Spinnerella. In spite of her recent lecture, Perfuma just stayed put, feeling horribly guilty. Why did she always let herself be pushed around? She should have stood her ground against Mermista and insisted to not do anything until they talked to Glimmer! And that had to happen just when everyone was just recovering from having been separated from their loved ones...At that moment, Micah spotted her and came running, followed by his sister.“Where have you been? Any sign of Glimmer or the others?” he demanded.“No. We were looking for them, too. Sea Hawk told us he couldn’t find them anywhere, so Mermista organised a searching party, “ Perfuma lied, grateful for the experience in acting she had gained during the Peekablue mission “Frosta is with them.”“Scorpia told us that she was with you and Mermista. Still, I’m happy that at least the poor child is safe,” Castaspella sighed of relief.“But I heard there was a new clone walking around. With Entrapta “ Micah added, eyeing suspiciously at the scientist, whom was chattering with Spinnerella and Netossa “What happened to him?”“He was... just a new friend of her. Freshly-freed from the hive mind.“ Perfuma lied again (well, that wasn’t entirely a lie) “He left when I asked her to help search. How would a disarmed clone kidnap six of us by himself? Especially She-Ra?”As much as Perfuma despised Hordak, she’d never let anyone be wrongly accused.“Don’t forget Glimmer. She defeated Micah in a duel! Against black magic!” Castaspella added with pride. “Actually,” Entrapta said as she approached them, followed by Netossa and Spinnerella “ It was Glimmer whom made our friends disappear. To be more specifical, her teleporting powers.”“WHAT?!” the siblings chorused in shock. Flocks of birds took off from the trees, frightened by their outraged screams. Which, of course, brought back the attentions of Scorpia and Wrong Hordak, whom stopped their searchs to join them. Everybody was now gathered around Entrapta, as the two mages asked her questions that sounded like accusations. The inventor pulled her mask down and started fidgeting in order to keep calm; still, her shoulders began to tremble.Fortunately, Scorpia noticed her distress.“Back off, everyone! Can’t you see you’re making her nervous? C’mon, give her some space!”She held out a pincer between Entrapta and the crowd, insisting for them to step back. Reluctantly, the gang complied. Entrapta took a few calming breaths, just like she had seen Perfuma do once in a while, and pushed her mask up.“Whew! Thank you very much. As I was about to say, the liberation of all the energy stored in the Heart of Etheria must have overloaded the runes. It caused collateral effects on the powers of who hasn’t a rune, too. I noticed that Spinnerella was looking for our friends on the ground, instead of flying. It would be so easier to spot them from above!”“That's true. But, when I tried to fly, I was tossed into the air and fell on the top of a tree,” the wind princess explained, receiving Netossa’s conforting hand on her shoulder “That hadn’t happened to me since I was ten.”Castaspella and Micah exchanged worried looks.“That explains why our location spell didn’t work!” she realized.“But the lizard you accidentally gave wings was cute, “ Scorpia tried to comfort her.“I believe it’s temporary, “ Entrapta tried to reassure them “You’ll just have to power down. To... use less energy than you are used to. It’s a shame that I left my data pad in the tower when I was captured, because all my calcules...”“Wait,” Micah raised his hand politely “One thing at a time. You said that Glimmer was... responsible for the disappearances. Do you mean that she wanted to bring her friends here, but took everyone to a far away place, instead?”“Exactly!” Entrapta giggled, happy for someone understanding her so fast, but quickly became serious because she knew her joy would be misinterpreted “And this is bad, of course. Since Shadow Weaver convinced Adora to aborb the Heart of Etheria, I have calculated the possible consequences for the magic equilibrium of the planet. The good news is that I can track She-Ra and Glimmer if I’ll have my data pad back, by their magic signals...“You KNEW that would happen and didn’t told us? I could have warned Glimmer to not use the teleport!” Castaspella snarled as she pointed her an accusing finger.Entrapta just blinked in confusion.“But I tried to tell you. Twice. Don’t you remember? The two times you said ‘later, sweetie’, and walked away. So I waited, but you never came to talk to me. Then I tried to warn Bow and Adora, but they spoke only about the virus I was creating to destroy the hive mind.”Wrong Hordak stepped closer, frowning at the mage’s treatment to his mentor and best friend.“It is true, “ he confirmed “Brother Entrapta showed me all the graphics and calcules, but the rest of you brothers seemed too busy to listen. It wouldn’t be lethal, pothentially speaking, so he decided to wait until it happened, so all of you would be interested.”As he spoke, Micah gently lowered his sister’s arm. He met no resistance at all, because now Castaspella was as capable of reacting as a mannequin. She was pale as one, too. Perfuma, by her tun, took the advantage of the turmoil to check on something she had spotted behnd the rocks. Only Scorpia noticed, but she remained silent.The married princesses exhanged a guilty look.“So, there was really something worrying Entrapta, love,” Spinnerella reminded her wife quietly.“I know, I know. We should have asked if she needed someone to talk,” Netossa sighed, in a less discreet tone.“I agree,” Micah frowned at the couple, and then at his mortified sister “That would have spared us lots of trouble. Now, who’s going to retrieve Entrapta’s uh... what-what pad?”“I know what is the tower where Brother Entrapta was,” Wrong Hordak volunteered “It will be a honor to help the hero whom freed us from the hive mind.”“I’m going with you, little buddy! There must still be some of your brothers there. I don’t think they have realized that their master kicked the bucket,” Scorpia said, evolving Wrong’s shoulder with her arm.Entrapta giggled and stepped to join them, but Micah stopped her.“Better you stay here. Scorpia’s right. And we don’t to want our precious scientist to be kidnapped again,” he objected, in a friendly tone that didn’t confort Entrapta at all. She sighed and crossed her arms.“Uh, Micah, “ Mermista nudged the king “Can we, like, have a small talk?”Everyone whirled around, surprised with the young woman whom seemed to have appeared out of thin air. It was Perfuma’s cue to hold Entrapta’s arm again.“We still have to talk,” she whispered firmly “It won’t take more than a few minutes.”Entrapta shrugged resignedly. She had thought that, with Horde Prime’s death and the victory of the Alliance, she would be free. No more people pulling her or telling her where she should be! But it was getting worse!The women’s departure, however, didn’t go unnoticed by Netossa’s attentive eyes.“Where do you think you are going? Scorpia’ll be back soon,” she demanded.“Girl talk,” Perfuma explained with a forced smile “We won’t be long!”Netossa frowned suspiciousy. However, she had no time to object, because at that exact moment, Micah and Mermista started arguing. She turned around and didn’t notice when Emily sneaked out of a group of bunches to follow the retreating princesses. * * * While all that was happening... “Oooooooh! We are the Alliance, we are, we are! We just defeated the evil Hordak...” “FOR THE LAST TIME, SHUT UP!” Hordak and Frosta chorused.Sea Hawk opened his arms, hurt at their lack of artistic taste.“I need to do something to occupy myself, while we wait for Mermista! And you guys refused to play cards with me!” he complained.“She has just left! Man, and people say that I am a child! “ Frosta huffed as she took her hands off her ears “I can’t concentrate with your stupid shanty, and you keep dancing and standing on my firing line! I’ll end up freezing you again!”Jumping from the roots where she and Hordak had sit, she walked a few steps away from the two men to practice safely. Mermista was off to report Micah that his greatest enemy had been defeated and restrained. Hordak had his long legs folded and his feet close together on his root, so he wouldn’t step on the grass Frosta had just frozen. At that point, he started seriously to think that it wouldn’t be so bad if Micah decided to execute him.“What about some arm wrestling? “ Sea Hawk suggested to the ex-warlord “You are very strong... but you can’t beat me,” he winked teasingly.Hordak gave him a blank look.“It’s a stupid game,“ Frosta explained, frustrated because she kept freezing trees, stones and the floor, instead of producing small pieces of ice “You have to hold his hand and you two lean your elbows on a table. “she folded her arm and pretended to grab an invisible hand “And you have to make your opponent’s hand touch the wood. We don’t even have a table.”“Even if we had, I would decline. I don’t want to worsen my situation by ripping your arm off.” Hordak stated, dismissing Sea Hawk’s invitation.The young man’s eyes turned into big, black, liquid marbles. His mustache started to tremble.“Why don’t you climb up a tree and try to find any sign of Adora?” Hordak suggested, out of pure despair.Sea Hawk’s face immediatelly lightened up, full of admiration and contentment. The change was so instantaneous that Hordak couldn’t help but staring in awe. “Double Trouble would be jealous of the way that man can transform, just by changing his humor”, he thought.“Excelent idea! No matter what my Mermista says, you have a good head on your shoulders! No wonder you were the leader of such a powerful army.” Sea Hawk fussed, before raising his finger to the skies “ADVENTUREEEE!!!!”Humming happily, he started to climb the same tree whose roots Frosta and Hordak were sitting. Both sighed in relief... until leaves, dry sticks, nuts, all kind of dirt and even a small nest (empty, fortunately) started raining over their heads. Not to mention the soundrack, composed by Sea Hawk’s painful yelps, curses and complainings about the intolerance of birds and squirrels.They had to move to another tree – one with smaller roots, but much quieter. “I don’t need any help to watch you!” Frosta complained, removing her tiara to brush the leaves off her hair ” Why did Mermista leave him with us?”“Revenge, obviously,“ Hordak stated as he struggled to take the nest off his hair with his tied hands.The girl chuckled at the short and sweet answer. Absent-mindely, she moved her hand down, in a dismissing gesture. A small piece of ice, slightly bigger than an orange, materialized on the floor. Hordak, whom happened to be looking at that direction, gasped in shock, and she turned around. Her eyes lightened up with the small victory.“Yes! Just what I wanted!” she celebrated as she knelt to see it better “I wonder what I was doing wrong.”“You were pushing yourself too much, “ Hordak’s voice boomed at her back “Out of frustration. You created that small ice when you were amusing yourself. It’s obvious that your emotions are interfering.”She whirled on her heels.“I don’t need your instructions! Do you know how many years I took to control my powers?”“They can’t be many,” Hordak quipped, before looking away, slightly embarassed “Like Sea Hawk, I need a distraction while I am stuck here. Besides, it is in my interest to keep you from accidentally freezing me again. I don’t understand magic, but I read about its basic principles.”The small princess turned to picked up the ice ball with her handkerchief. Reaching him in a few steps, she held out her hand with the cold block.“Here. For the bruises.”she offered with a frown.Hordak stared at the ice as if he expected it to blow up on his face. Impatiently, she shoved it in his hands.“Just pick it up!” The clone hesitated, still suspicious of the gift. Then, he carefully wrapped it with the small piece of cloth and pressed it against his swollen cheek.“Is that helping?” she asked, after a few moments.“Yes. Your gift is... greatly appreciated.”Frosta chuckled at his excessive formality.“You’re welcome. But you could just have said ‘thank you’. Or ‘thank you very much’, if you are really, really grateful. All these years in Etheria and you never learned basic manners?”“I never had good relations with Etherian people. Before Entrapta, nobody would teach me anything for free.”“Uh-uh, “ half-listening to him, Frosta pointed at the floor. This time, she was able of drawing an icy line until the space between two trees. He was right : when she was enjoying her powers, they were easier to control. Tension and worry made her goof out. Anger, too, like the moment when she had frozen Hordak’s feet. The moment when Mermista whiped his face accidentaly came back to Frosta’s mind: she was mad as a cut snake, back then!If Frosta didn’t have a prisoner to watch, she would have ran to report her discovery to her friends. But, since she had to stay there... she could satisfy her curiosity. There were so many things she wanted to know, and now she could learn them from Hordak himself! Better yet, there weren’t any nosy grown-ups around to stop her. “You used to be very different. Why are your eyes still green if the hive mind is gone? Why did you bleach your hair? And why don’t you use that black thing on your eyes, anymore? These gray circles around your eyes make you look old.” she fired her first batch of questions like a machine gun. Hordak’s hand crushed the ball of ice. He jumped to his feet, tearing Sea Hawk’s headband as if it was made of paper, his green teeth snarling with fury.“Do you think I like to have this appearance?! These marks around my eyes are not of old age! Every clone has them, as another reminder of how beneath Horde Prime we are. For him, any display of personality was an insult, because no one would be allowed to ofuscate his ridiculous ‘light’! Therefore...” his gaze fell on his colourless, head to toe uniform. Suddenly, Hordak missed his blue tunics and his old metal boots, with such an intensity that was almost painful “... he took and destroyed everything that made me who I used to be.”Emotionally and physically drained, Hordak sat again on the root, noticing by passage that he had ripped his binds. Great. Now the brat would have an excuse to freeze him completely. Worst of all, Entrapta probably would be forced to see his frozen, unconscious form trapped into an ice block. He could almost see her impotent look as she had to hear her friends bragging how they had ‘saved’ her from him.He wouldn’t cry. Never again. Whatever happened, at least he wouldn’t give that pleasure to his captors. The warm touch of a tiny hand felt like a shock to his cold talons. He looked the other way, to see Frosta staring at him. There was no anger or fear in her eyes, just... compassion. A feeling that he used to consider a weakness, before Entrapta.“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it hurt so much,” she apologized in a humble, almost grown-up tone, as she sat besides him again “I just wanted to understand. I grew up hearing stories about you and the Horde. I saw what you did to the villagers, too. Everybody said you were monsters, except for Adora, but I never took her seriously. Then I met Scorpia. She changed the way I used to see the Horde. Even Catra I don’t hate anymore, “ Frosta digressed, not noticing that Hordak frowned when he heard the cat’s name “Did Horde Prime have her hair cut? Glimmer told me I should be patient to Catra because she saved her life, and Horde Prime punished her for that.”“Yes. Horde Prime had Catra properly prepared, so he would turn her into one of us. The haircut was... the less of her concerns.” Hordak explained tactfully.Flashbacks of the heinous ceremony ran into his mind, and he struggled against them by focusing his eyes on the ice that melted on the grass. However, his distressed face told Frosta the rest of the story.“She was tortured, “ she realized sadly “Now I see why Glimmer, Adora and Bow are so nice to her. Thanks for telling me. Nobody else wants to tell me these details, because they still see me as a kid.” Hordak looked up in shock. Except for Entrapta, nobody had ever thanked him for anything. Let alone for telling such... unpleasant things.“I...” he made an effort to remember the words she used to answer his awkward try to express gratitude “You are... welcome. The other princesses are really strange. They think you are old enough to risk your life in the battlefield, but not old enough to learn relevant information about your enemies?”“I am almost fifteen!” she protested in outrage.“In my Horde, cadets were not allowed to fight on the field until they were eighteen!” Hordak replied at the same tone “But they are prepared from early age to know what they are going to fight. You should ask your questions to Entrapta. She would never treat you like a fool.”“Ew, I’ll pass,” she made a face. Hordak raised an eyebrow, or rather, the spot where it was supposed to be. At first, Frosta seemed to care about Entrapta, since she had accused him of manipulating her for his purposes; however, she clearly hated the idea of talking to her, even if Entrapta had the answers for Frosta’s questions. He couldn’t understand those princesses... but he started to understand Entrapta’s reticent attitude whenever she spoke of her so-called ‘friends’.Frosta had a lot in her mind, too. The children-prepared-from-early-age stuff reminded the ice princess of her own upbringing. Now she also remembered to have heard Wrong Hordak making comments about his ‘brothers’. He said that clones were taught to ‘love Horde Prime, and blablabla’, still in their incubators. They only stepped out of them as adults. Neither him or Hordak had ever been children, Frosta realized. She may have had a hard beginning and she hated to be treated like a baby, but she had made loving friends whom played with her. Probably Hordak never had played in his life. “No wonder he is so grumpy, “ she thought, feeling sorry for the former greatest enemy of Etheria. And guilty. “Why did you destroy Salineas?” she burst out, at a sudden.Hordak startled at the sudden question. Damn it. He was starting to hope that nosy child stopped her interrogation and she came with the question he feared most.“The answer is very long and complex. I’m not saying that because you are a child. But King Micah, princess Mermista and the rest of your friends will want to know, too. It will be more convenient to explain to all of you,” he reasoned.Frosta stood in front of him, balling her hands into ice-covered fists.“Don’t give me that crap! I’m not asking you to tell me the story of your life! Just tell me: what has Mermista done to you?”Hordak glared at her. His mouth was tight shut.“You just said nobody should hide information from me! “ she insisted. Tears started forming in her eyes.Hordak still resisted, but... what good did that do?“She did nothing,“ he confessed, staring at the ground in defeat “I told myself that it was to impress Horde Prime. To show him my worth. But the truth is that I wanted to get revenge on you, princesses.”“For what?” Frosta raised her eyebrows in shock.“Because I thought that you had stolen the only thing I hold dear,” he muttered, closing his eyes partially covered by a fringe of messy, opaque hair.He said nothing else, but there was no need.“Entrapta,” she muttered. The sound of a fierce argument reached their ears. Hordak looked up, his ears moving at the sounds, but they were too far from the fight to understand. Still, Frosta was sure that one of the voices belonged to Perfuma. A higher, pitchy voice, overcame the flower princess’, making the clone and the girl freeze.“What is Perfuma doing?!” Frosta exclaimed “She’d supposed to take Entrapta away from h...”A high-pitched scream hurt their ears. “ENTRAPTA!” Hordak jumped to his feet.He barely took one step and Frosta was already in front of him. “You’re not going anywhere!” she held out her hands, threateningly.Hordak growled in frustration.“I knew it! You do not care about her!” he accused.“Of course I do! She is my...” “Friend?” Hordak scorned “You reacted with disgust when I suggested you to talk to her! Your friend Perfuma betrayed Entrapta’s trust, taking her away from me! And now she is torturing Entrapta, but you will not do anything because the revenge of your TRUE friend Mermista is more important! You princesses have a very twisted notion of what friendship is!”Frosta fought against her urge of bursting into tears. She opened her mouth to protest, to say that Perfuma never would torture anyone and that had to be a misunderstanding, but... The words ‘betrayed Entrapta’s trust’ ached like they had been branded in her mind. It was true, wasn’t it? “Allright, “ she gave in “But you’ll have to carry me.”“You will slow me down! “ he protested.“YOU are the one slowing us down! Just get on your knees, so I’ll climb on your back!”More screamings joined the voices. Among them, Mermista’s was recognizable now. Grudgingly, Hordak complied. Frosta jumped on his back to settle herself on his shoulders. Carefully, Hordak held her feet as he stood up; still, she had to grab on his hair to not fall. Yelping in pain, he made a move, but she stopped him.“Stay put. I’ll take care of this.”“How...” “Just shut up and let me concentrate,” she demanded as she stretched her arms, taking care to not touch him. A pillar of ice suddenly sprouted under their feet, then shrunk a few inches, almost making them fall. For once, Hordak was happy to be wearing his uniform, because it had non-slip soles. Frosta, by her turn, wished she had brought earmuffs, because it was difficult to focus with the voices screaming and argumenting. She tried to use them to her advantage, by thinking into her desire to help them.The ice undulated under Hordak’s feet, turning into a growing, moving icy sheet that carried them forward. “What... are you doing?” he stuttered as he tightened his grip on her ankles. Frosta, however, was too happy to complain.“BRACE YOURSELF!” she screamed as she drove the sheet toward the space between two trees. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Hordak screamed, closing his eyes.
Respect - Chapter 2Chap. 2 - Clone Flew Over Etheria's Nest “Hordak is among us? Why didn’t you say before?” Glimmer asked in an accusing tone. “He’s not going to hurt nobody anymore!” Adora appeased as she waved her hands in front of herself “I read his mind as I took Horde Prime’s soul from his body. The only reason why Hordak tried to conquer Etheria, all these years, was because he wanted to go home and make Horde Prime proud of him. But instead...”“Horde Prime had a fit because of Hordak’s display of free will, so he stole the old bat’s memories,” Catra finished coldly “Don’t look at me like this! Sparkles and I had a ringside sit.”“Yes,” Glimmer confirmed with a shaky voice “Horde Prime wanted to destroy Etheria because he was ashamed of Hordak’s initiative! We would have been blowed up to smithereens if Catra hadn’t told him about the Heart of Etheria.”“So Catra saved the day again!” Bow exclaimed as he tried to evolve the ex-villainess with his arm.Catra shook him off as she gave him a crossed look, but he just laughed.“Hey, you have to admit you saved us precious time,” Bow insisted, before switching to a serious mood “There’s something I can’t put my finger on. Hordak made all those things so he would make his god happy. That’s how clones see Horde Prime, as a god. Wrong Hordak told me once that clones are... they were indoctrinated even before they were born... err, before they stepped out of their incubators. If Hordak was able to break his conditioning and kill his god, he must have recovered his memory. But how?Adora smiled at him, a smile as bright and warm as the afternoon sun.“He still remembered Entrapta. Hordak killed Prime to save her. Also, I learned – I mean, Hordak and I learned, as I restored the rest of his memories– that he saved my life, a long time ago.” The only sounds heard after this were the birds chirping, and a few voices at distance.At least until Bow recovered from his stupor. “He saved your life? How?” the archer yelled as a fangirl, before he started making craziest guesses“Did he find you starving in a ruined hovel, after a plague decimated your people? Or did Shadow Weaver decided to punish your disobeyance with death, but Hordak showed up in the nick of time? Or... “ Bow’s eyes sparkled “... did he save you from being beaten to death by jealous cadets in the washroom? And your trauma wiped out your memories until She-Ra’s magic healed your mind?”The girls and animals stared at him.“You have been reading Scorpia’s lovey-dovey books, haven’t you?” Swift Wind guessed.“ ’The Heart That Wasn’t of Stone’ and ‘My Sweet Rebel Spy’, by Barbara Crabland!” Bow’s eyes became wider with excitement “ Scorpia promised me to lend me more when I’ll...” “Far be it from me to criticize your literary taste”, Glimmer interrupted with sarcasm “But we’ve got some errands to run. Again.” She sighed, before holding out both hands.Feeling guilty, Adora grabbed Glimmers’ left hand at the same time she held Catra’s. Bow held Glimmer’s right hand as he touched Swift Wind’s neck. The unicorn, by his turn, touched Melog with his wing.They disappeared in a purple flash. * * * A few moments before... She-Ra’s power had healed everyone from their injuries caused by the battle. All the clothing damage was fixed, too. Still, no magic coud dissipate the weariness and stress acquired on the last weeks, so all the members of the Rebellion agreed they should rest for a while in the clearance, before going back to their camp on Whispering Woods. Of course, there would be a party tonight to celebrate the victory. But now, the only thing everyone wanted was to relax among their friends.And spend some quality time with their respective loves. Spinnerella and Netossa, for nobody’s surprise, left to be alone somewhere. Micah was a little frustrated because Glimmer wasn’t around, but Castaspella talked him into taking a nap, argumenting that both father and daughter would have the rest of their lives to make it up for the lost years. Scorpia, Perfuma and Frosta found a very convenient trunk where they could sit together happily. Well, it would have been even better if the two women could be on their own, but it was okay. Until Mermista walked towards them, with a face that predicted storm.“Uh, Scorpia, “ she started awkwardly “Could you check on Castaspella and Micah? I heard her saying that he was, kinda, sick. The chip thing, you know. I thought you could make some of your special tea for him.”“He’s sick? But Adora healed everybody!” Scorpia looked up in shock.She stared at Mermista. In the sea princess’ eyes, there was a warning expression that Scorpia knew pretty well, one she had seen Catra doing a thousand of times. It said clearly “just do as I say and don’t ask me!”“Oohhhh. I see. You want to talk to Perfuma in private, right? Okay. Come on, Frosta. Let’s leave them alone.”“No, Frosta stays. Just try to entertain Casta and Micah, so they won’t come around to eavesdrop. Same for that clone... Wrongie or whatever.“Scorpia’s smile faded.“It had been so long I hadn’t been excluded that I almost forgot how it feels.“You hurt her! Scorpia’s very sensitive.” Frosta hissed, as soon as Scorpia was out of earshot.Mermista tossed a guilty glance at the retreating woman in red. “I didn’t want to do that, but she’s too envolved.”“You saw anyone from the Horde wandering around? The Etherian Horde, I mean?” Perfuma guessed.“I saw Hordak. No, we saw him! Entrapta was frollicking around with him on our faces. Haven’t you noticed them?”Perfuma and Frosta looked unimpressed.“Doh” the little princess sneered “Of course we did. It doesn’t mean that clone is Hordak. Entrapta must have adopted him, like she did to Wrong Hordak."“All the clones are identical,” Perfuma reasoned “And that one was laughing when they walked past us. Scorpia told us that Hordak never laughed. He just growled and yelled out orders.”“He was a cranky old man. Just like my tutors” Frosta concluded sourly.“That means nothing!” Mermista insisted “What disguise would be better than a poor, wandering clone? Now that Horde Prime is dead, he must be up to conquer Etheria again! That’s why he came after Entrapta. He must be planning to ensnare her in his web once again, so she’ll build more destructive machines for him!”The last phrase left many words unsaid in the air, and yet totally unnecessary. The other two princesses just looked at her, in sympathetic silence. Then Frosta stood up and offered to smack Hordak’s face, if it was really him... and Entrapta’s, too, if she betrayed them again.Perfuma, however, still hesitated.“I don’t know. Entrapta worked hard to earn our trust back. And she has really tried to be a good friend...on her own terms, but she’s trying. Why would she throw everything away?”Mermista bent over the flower princess as she pointed at her own eye.“Elementar, my dear Perfuma! For the same reason why many women throw everything away: for somebody’s love! I’ve seen that happen a lot in Mer Mysteries. Besides, the Geek Princess is the perfect target for conmen: she’s plain, eager to please and socially awkward. All that screams low self-esteem.” “She went to Princess Prom in those stained overalls. My guards almost made her use the service entrance.” Frosta disdained. “It’s not nice to ridicule other people!” Perfuma protested (as much as she agreed with them, deep down) “Maybe that is the true reason why Entrapta turned against us. She doesn’t have anyone to talk, save for Scorpia and Bow. Hordak must have said things she would like to hear, so he'd make her thinks she's special for him. Just like Catra used to do Scorpia. And now Entrapta must be thinking that she can change him with the power of her lo...”Mermista covered Perfuma’s mouth with her hand.“Aaargh, whatever! “she huffed “If you think you can put some sense on the Geek Princess, good. What I want to know is: are you in or out?”Although Perfuma was now friends with Catra, she couldn't help but feeling angry whenever she remembered the way the magicat had treated Scorpia. If she could, she’d never allow anybody else to go through that!“I’m in!” Perfuma stood up as she punched emphatically the palm of her hand “But shouldn’t we warn Glimmer, Adora and Bow, before?”“As if I knew where they are. “Mermista scoffed “I sent Sea Hawk after them, but they seem to have ran away to be alone, like Spinnerella and Netossa. Besides, he told me the Angry Cat now tags along with them all the time.”The other princesses protested this time. True, they hadn’t been happy (not at first) with the trio’s decision of not arresting Catra for her crimes, but they trusted them with their hearts. Glimmer said that Catra had sacrificed herself to save her life, and the magicat seemed to regret sincerely her past actions. By other turn, it was true that both ex-Horde soldiers were “too involved”. They could be talked into helping Hordak to escape from justice out of pity, fear, or because of some complex psychological issues. They were nothing like him – a heartless, unfeeling machine, created in the image and likeness of Horde Prime. * * * And, a few minutes before... “... Bow didn’t want to go through the asteroids field, but when I suggested it to Adora, she just said to him ‘do it’, and there we’re gone! BANG! CRASH! It was amaaazing! Darla almost couldn’t make it, the poor thing...” Entrapta chattered happily as she looked for a place where she and her companion could spend some moments alone.Hordak paid half of his attention to her. Past his euphoria of being reunited with Entrapta and being himself again, he quickly became conscious of the weird stares of the people around them. Every whistle and murmur made him lift his ears anxiously. Flashes of memories came back to him one after another, of bad decisions he had committed without a second thought, but that now were a good reason for concern. Not that he suddenly was ‘my God, what have I done’, but there would be consequences. The Etherian people certainly wouldn’t allow him to go unpunished... and, rationally thinking, he couldn’t blame them.Entrapta stopped so abruptly that he almost fell forward. Hordak blinked in confusion, finally noticing the landscape around them. They were standing on a clearance luxuriouly covered with grass and flowers, probably thanks to She-Ra’s magic. At the opposite side, there was a small forest. And in the middle of the place, a Horde robot (from the Etherian Horde) and a white horse rolled cheerfully on the grass. The robot was probably the one Entrapta once reprogrammed and called Emily, Hordak remembered now, but the horse... had wings! Big, colorful wings, that rang a deafening bell on the former warlord.“Get away from her!”Hordak turned at Entrapta, whom looked as worried as him. They both ‘hmm-hmmed’ and turned around to go away.Too late. Emily had already noticed them. She beeped aloud, drawing the horse’s attention.“Entrapta? Wrong Hordak?” he asked, before standing up and trotting towards them, with the robot on his hooves.“Hi, bird-ho...err, Swift Wind!” Entrapta greeted him with a grin that almost reached her ears. “At last you have decorated my name! But who is that guy? Now I see that he’s not Wrong Hordak. He looks a little... cranky. And uglier “ Swift Wind appraised, as he walked around the clone to exhamine him “Stuck-up, too.Hordak clenched his teeth and fists. “This horse is kidding me?”“No, no! This is another one,” Entrapta raised up on her hair to whisper on Swift Wind’s ear“He’s the real Hordak”Swift Wind pranced in shock. “Hordak? From the Fright Zone? How...?!”Entrapta quickly wrapped her hair around his snout to muffle him.“Shhhh. He’s on our side now, “ she said slowly “He saved my life by killing Horde Prime! Now he’s a hero, too!”Hordak stood him front of him, his shoulders high, despite his embarassment of being called a ‘hero’.“Yes, I am Hordak. But I am also the clone that allowed you both to run away. I don’t mean any harm. My intention is just to have a talk to Entrapta...” he trailed off, his faces getting red “ private. If possible.”Carefully, Entrapta released Swift Wind. The unicorn frowned at the couple as he danced on his hooves, torn between giving the alarm, leaving them alone or kicking the former villain.“Well, that explains why a clone let us go without threatening to burn us with Horde Prime’s light. Hmmm...” he stared in Hordak’s eyes as if he tried to read the clone’s thoughts “Allright. I owe you one. Two, since I should have had taken better care of her. Just stay put, you two, as I go to talk to Adora, okay?” Entrapta squealed in delight. “Okaaay! But don’t tell the rest of our friends, okay? I’m taking advantage that everybody seems to think that Hordak is a regular clone. At least I think that’s why nobody has come after us, yet.”Swift Wind still hesitated a bit, before relenting and flying away, much for the couple’s relief.“Why didn’t you tell him that Adora knows who I am?” Hordak asked.She laughed heartily.“It’ll be funnier when Adora’ll let him know! I’d love to see Bow and Glimmer’s faces! And Catra’s... she’s gonna freak out!”“Catra?!” Entrapta turned around to reprimand Emily for having snitched them. Hordak put a hand on her shoulder.“Your friends are allowing Catra to walk freely among them?!” he repeated.Entrapta stiffened. At first, he thought she would avoid the question, but she looked back at him, her face serious. “Yeah. I hadn’t told you that yet. Come on, you better sit.”They sat on the grass. For Lord Hordak from the Fright Zone and for Horde Prime’s submissive clone, that would have been unthinkable. For the actual Hordak... well, it was umcomfortable, but also strangely pleasant for doing something completely out of his lifelong standards. Entrapta gave him a summary of Adora’s decision to save Catra, her desperate run with Bow through the corridors of Velvet Grove, their accidental meeting with Wrong Hordak (“we didn’t have time to think of another name for him”) and She-Ra’s triumphant return. Hordak felt shivers as he learned about all the terrible things that could have happened to Entrapta, but he was also deeply touched by her unsucessful attempts to find him.About Catra... his feelings were confused. He still hated her, for all the suffering she had done to them, especially to Entrapta. If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t even have opened the portal, he knew that now. Still... she had paid a heavy price for her actions.Just like him.Was that the reason why Catra tried to cover him, when she learned that he remembered her name (That will be our little secret)? Had she looked terrified during the reconditioning ceremony because she feared for his life, and not only for herself? He’d probably never know.“Cast out the shadow... cast out the shadow...” the chorus chanted on his mind.Hordak felt his breath fastening. He tried to concentrate again on Entrapta’s narrative.“... she has changed a lot. She helped us to find out Horde Prime’s weakness and to go through his space blockade. Well, actually, Mellog did it, but it was Catra’s idea. And she apologized to me, after I freed her from the chip! People amost never do that.”“What do you mean, people never apologize to you? Not even those you call your friends?” Hordak thought, However, he feared that Entrapta would bottle everything up if he pressed her about the subject, so he preferred to keep focused on Catra. At least for now.“And has an apology fixed everything she has done to you?” he asked.“Of course not! I’ll never try to be friends with Catra again! It’s just that, since Adora and Bow gave me a second chance, I thought that I should give one to her, too. And also... “ she was about pulling her mask down, but gave up “when I saw how broken she was, after Adora saved from Horde Prime, I felt sorry for her. I thought that you were probably going through the same she did, or worse” her voice started breaking “And I had to leave you there.”She stared at the grass, waiting for the tear that tickled her cheek to fall between her feet. Instead, two blue, folded fingers tenderly brushed the tear away, taking care to not graze her tanned skin. Entrapta looked up surprised, just to see Hordak’s face close to hers. He smiled – a soft, tender smile, one that even Entrapta never thought that she would see in his face, as he showed her the pink crystal he had found on the pile of rubble weeks ago.“You haven’t failed. You brought me back” his voice was low and rough.She smiled and started to cross the small space between them.“Uh, Entrapta. Can I talk to you?” The two lovebirds jumped away from each other. Hordak slammed his head on Emily, whom happened to be standing behind him, and almost fell on his backside. Quickly, he tucked the cristal back in the inside of his belt, since that blasted excuse for an uniform had no pockets.Perfuma was standing a few meters away from them, clutching her hands against her chest. Her cheeks were as red as theirs. Entrapta and Hordak exchanged a frustrated look. Too bad he no longer could dismiss busybodies with a “Get.Out!”.“Uh... maybe later? I mean, muuuch later, let’s say, in... three hours, at least?” Entrapta bargained as she lifted three hair-fingers “Maybe... tomorrow?”Far from being softened by her begging, Perfuma marched towards the scientist, with determination – and annoyance – in her eyes. “Sorry, but no. I need to talk to you right now. In private,” she replied as she grabbed Entrapta’s arm and dragged the older woman away, before Hordak could react. She didn’t even glance at the clone.He bared his teeth, but Entrapta smiled reassuringly at him.“It’s okay! Looks like that Perfuma has something really, really urgent to tell me! I’ll be back as soon as she’ll let me go. Stay put!” she yelled as she waved with her hair.“Follow them, “ Hordak whispered to Emily.The robot turned her pink eye to him. He couldn’t tell if she hesitated because Entrapta had asked them to stay there, or because she wouldn’t receive orders from him. Finally, she lowered and raised her body with her four legs, which probably was her way of shrugging, and turned to follow the two women.Hordak didn’t like that. Not at all. Why did Entrapta allow people to drag her around like a bag of ration? Well, there was nothing he could do for her now... maybe he should talk to Adora, later. He rubbed the bump at the back of his head and looked around. What could he do to entertain himself in that primitive place as he awaited for Entrapta’s return?And why had the floor suddenly became so cold? He couldn’t feel his feet anymore! He didn’t want to disapoint Entrapta, but he had to leave, as soon as...He couldn’t move his legs.He looked down. No wonder he couldn’t move, for his feet were enclosed in a block of ice! However, Hordak didn’t have time to feel shocked or wonder how that happened, because laughters made him look up. A young woman wearing aqua tights, a red-haired, bearded man and a little girl wearing a furred coat (although it wasn’t cold) stepped out from a nearby bunch of trees and walked towards him. Hordak had a strong feeling that he had already met the two females, but the hatred in the woman’s eyes gave him new flashbacks.Men, women and children tossing at him stones and anything had they had at hand. People running after him with lances."Monster!" "Freak!" “Nice shot!” the man cheered up, but the girl looked worried.“I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to make him slip,” she complained.“So?” dismissed the young woman as she walked towards Hordak “What matters is that he can’t run away.”“I am not running...” Hordak started, when a strong punch tossed his head backwards.He fell on his backside, his feet freed from the frozen grass, but still encased by the ice.“Wow,” the woman rubbed her sore fist with satisfaction “That felt good! Not that tough without your cannon, uh?”Hordak rubbed his right face in silence. Carefully, he held his chin and moved it to right and left. At least it wasn’t broken, but he felt a few loosened teeth.“That was unnecessary. I don’t want to fight you,” he tried to explain.“No!” the little girl pointed an accusing finger at him “You just want to manipulate Entrapta again, so she’ll help you conquer Etheria once again! But we won’t let you do that!”Hordak’s eyes became round like coins. What kind of nonsense was that? He tried to stand up, but with his feet trapped together, it was difficult, and he fell again. His ears fell in humiliation. He had been an idiot telling Emily to watch Entrapta’s back. Probably that blonde woman just want to have an innocent talk to her. And he... now he was serving as a laughing stock to those people.However, the laughings he expected never came. The trio just stared at him. They looked disappointed, judging by Hordak’s tiny knowledge in Etherian’s expressions.“That sucks. I thought he was a lot tougher,” the little girl complained.“Did you expect that I would roar, or come crawling to claw you? “ Hordak scoffed “That would be stupid. I suppose you are Entrapta and Adora’s friends. They would be disappointed with me if I hurt you. So I prefer to wait until they will come back and clear this misunderstanding.”The trio stared at him in disbelief. Especially the young woman... or maybe he should say girl.“You made friends with Adora?!” her outraged tone sounded more like 'how dare you to talk about her?'.“No. I was saved by her. From Horde Prime. I am indebted to her because she removed every single vestige of his presence from my mind and body. She also restored my memories, which he had stolen.”“She healed, me, too”, Hordak added in thought, but he preferred not to mention that.The girls exchanged a confused look, but the man just scratched his beard.“Makes a lot of sense to me,” he said “Shadow Weaver, Scorpia, Wrong Hordak and even Catra have switched to our side. But I never expected that, from all the people, the leader from “our” Horde would join us! That’s what I call a victory!”He bent forward and held ou his hand at Hordak. The clone backed away, as he snarled and bared his pointed teeth. The child raised her fists; the woman tried to pull the man backwards, but he shrugged her off, gently.“Easy, mates! Especially you, errr... Hordak. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to help you to stand up.”He crouched and offered his right hand to Hordak, as if he was trying to calm an injured animal. Puzzled by the kindness and naivety of the stranger, Hordak stared at him in his eyes. The man’s expression was similar to Entrapta’s, when she was helping Hordak with his body issues.Maybe he was the one she called Bow. The one whom had been so nice to her.“I appreciate your concern, but I can stand up by myself... if you give me some space. I don’t want to hurt you, either.” Hordak said.Without expecting an answer, he buried his claws in the ice block. The man startled and stood up, as the woman pulled him backwards, her eyes equally huge with shock and fear. Hordak moaned, huffed, but, after a few moments he tore apart the block, sending splinters of ice away.“Wow!” the little girl marveled.Hordak hurriedly stood up, before any of them tried something new.“If I had remained like this for too long, I would have had to have my feet amputated, princess... Frosta, aren’t you?” he guessed.Yes... Now he remembered, vaguely, of having seen her fighting in the battlefield, during the last months before Horde Prime's arrival. Her face fell with guilt.“Sorry. I didn’t want to freeze you feet. I was just trying to make an ice path, so you would slip up.““Don’t apologize to him!” the woman protested.“Mermista, sweetheart, are you sure that guy is Hordak?” the bearded man asked “ He warned me to back off because he didn’t want me to get hurt by the ice splinters. I always thought that Hordak didn’t care about other’s welfare.”“I am Hordak “ the clone confirmed “And you are the one Entrapta calls Bow? She told me that you treated her better than anyone else in the Rebellion.”“No, but Bow is my best friend!” the man’s face lightened up with enthusiasm “If you heard of him, you must have heard of me, too! I am the one and only Sea Hawk, the greatest pirate of Etheria!” he proudly rested his hands on his hips before raising his forefinger to the skies, in a pose that Sea Hawk obviously considered impressive.“I never heard of you.” Hordak stated.Sea Hawk instantaneously deflated, making Frosta crack up at him. Mermista just rolled her eyes.“Aaaaaaaargh! Can’t you see what’s happening? Hordak is manipulating you, just like he does to Entrapta! He’s making you feel sympathy for him! “ “I am not doing such...” “SHUT UP!”Mermista moved her hand. The pieces of ice melted and reunited in a water potion big enough to form a water whip that swiped Hordak’s cheek, making him scream in pain. The icy swipe was a lot more painful than Mermista’s punch and almost made Hordak fall again. This time, however, he had his feet free, so he opened his legs and struggled to keep his balance.“What have you done? You didn’t have to hit him!” Frosta screamed, shocked at the red welt on Hordak's face (the non-punched side, fortunately).In Mermista’s defense, she was horrified, too.“I didn’t mean it! I just wanted to splash some water on his face to shut him up!”“The extra magic freed from the Heart of Etheria must be causing side effects on your powers” Sea Hawk suggested “Maybe that’s why I haven’t found Adora, Glimmer and Bow. Swift Wind is missing, too. Like my brilliant Mermista, he must have suspected that our white fellow was Hordak, so he went to warn them and Glimmer tried to teleport everyone back to the ravina were we left the rest of our friends.”Both the princesses and the clone stared at him in shock – for the horrifying situation that he suggested, of course, but also because none of them thought he was able to speak something so intelligent.“You mean... she must have teleported everyone for somewhere faraway from here?” Mermista asked.“They might be anywhere in Etheria, now!” Frosta panicked The Crimson Waste, Bright Moon... They might have teleported to a dangerous place! Like... the middle of the ocean...”Hordak was as scared as them. He hadn’t tried to fight because he was sure that Adora would eventually show up and explain his situation to those insane people.“You must look for Entrapta. She can find their magic signs on her notebook...” he started.“I SAID SHUT UP!!” Mermista turned angrily at him.Hordak raised an arm to protect his face. Much for his surprise, Frosta stood in front of him with her arms opened, as Sea Hawk grabbed the arm of the angry princess. Whom looked as shocked as Hordak.“What are you doing? I’m not going to hit him again!”“Darling, he had a good idea. Now that Bow is missing...” Sea Hawk tried to reasonate, but, in her distressed state, Mermista wouldn’t have none of it.“ that Bow, Glimmer and Adora are missing, I’m the one in charge. At least until we can have a proper talk to Micah and Castaspella. Wherever Glimmer took them, it must be in Etheria, so Micah and Casta must be able to find her with a location spell. Take off your bandana.”“My what?”“Your tape, rag, whatever! That black stuff on you head that must be the only thing preventing your unused brains from running away!”“Ah, my elegant headband.”Sea Hawk complied. Under Mermista’s orders, Hordak had to hold out his hands, so the pirate would tie his wrists with Sea Hawk's headband, as Frosta watched them. Any sudden movement and Hordak should be turned into a block of ice.With that done, Mermista stood in front of him, hands on her hips.“You said that Adora brought your memories back. So you must remember Salineas.”Hordak nodded.“You must also remember king Micah, “ she noticed that he was confused “Glimmer’s father. The husband of queen Angella, the woman your portal has sent to another dimension! Oh, now you got it, right? You sent Micah to Beast Island, but he has survived, against all odds. I made sure he wouldn’t know that you’re here, because he’d turn you into toast. Death is too good for scum like you. Until Glimmer and the rest of the gang show up... or until I’ll convince Micah to spare you, you’ll be under our custody. And I’m going to do whatever I can, so you’re never going to talk to Entrapta again.”Hordak’s face was expressionless. In that right moment, he was the stoic, almost robotic clone that Horde Prime tried to force him to be.Only his fallen ears gave his true feelings away.
He-Man 2002 Review,Earlier last year of 2020, I decided to get into the famous He-man/She-Ra franchise. So I decided to watch every show with them. I watched the original 80s He-man was alright. It has it's charms, some decently animated bits, and the greatest villain ever, Skeletor.,Seriously, even his laugh is glorious.,Then I watched the original She-Ra, and it was also alright. However, I will say I slightly prefer He-man, because the old She-Ra has a LOT of problems, but that's a talk for another day. So yeah, it had its charms, some decent episodes, and Skeletor showed up sometimes with more excellent moments.,Then I watched The New Adventures of He-man was garbage. I could only stand to watch about 10 episodes or so. The animation is crap, the voice acting was just okay, the story was bland, the characters were either annoying, bland, or both, and it was just overall bleh. So yeah, the franchise was rather hit or miss so far. In 2002, a reboot of He-man was made, the show used a lot of voice actors I was already familiar with, many of whom were in two shows I already talked about, Transformers Beast Wars and ReBoot. So let's not waste any more time and dig into He-man and The Masters of The Universe 2002.Well, I'll give the show this, the opening to the series certainly caught my attention (watch from about 0:35-4:50),So the council of Elders vanishes and tells Randor that someday a great hero will defeat the forces of evil. Cut to many years later where we see our main character, Prince Adam, voiced by Cam Clarke, who was the voice of Leonardo in the 1987 TMNT series. Adam is training with his friend, Teela, voiced by Lisa Ann Beley. Watching them are Mekaneck, voiced by Gabe Khouth, and Teela's adoptive father, Man at Arms, voiced by one of my favorite voice actors, Gary Chalk. You may remember him from Beast Wars and ReBoot...and he also had cameos in Watchmen and The Predator, but we won't hold that against him. Anyway, Adam and Teela train, and we find out it's apparently Adam's birthday, so the two show off, riding on hoverboards until Adam falls, cut he's caught by another character, Stratos, voiced by Scott McNeil, also from ReBoot and Beast Wars. I also feel like I need to bring something up with the voice for Stratos. Scott McNeil seems to be doing a voice similar to the voice he used for the Beast Wars character, Silverbolt...but he also adds in a Sean Connery impression, it is quite odd but still kinda amazing. Man at Arms starts to scold Adam for not taking his training more seriously, but Adam says it's fine because his father and the others "defenders" chased away the forces of evil years ago. Speaking of which...(watch from 7:04-10:25),So Keldor, voiced by Brain Dobson, is ready to take over Eternia with his force of...let's see: Evil-Lyn, voiced by Kathleen Barr, Beast Man, voiced by Scott McNeil, Whiplash, voiced by Gary Chalk, Trap Jaw, voiced by Paul Dobson, Tri-Klops, also voiced by Paul Dobson, Mer-man, also voiced by Scott McNeil, and Clawful, also voiced by Scott McNeil. So Keldor's whole invasion force consists of about...7 or 8 people. And it's where I need to bring something up, while I mentioned that Scott McNeil seemed to be doing his Silverbolt voice for Stratos but shook it up with the Sean Connery impression, that is sadly not the case with all his characters. The voice he does for Mer-man is very blatantly the exact same voice he did for Waspinator in Beast Wars, watch (for first clip, watch from 9:28-9:39, for secodn clip watch from 2:59-3:08).,,,So we cut Adam's birthday party at the royal palace where we meet other characters: Ram Man, voiced by Scott McNeil, Man-E-Faces, voiced by Paul Dobson, the castle jester Orko, voiced by Gabe Khouth, and Adam's parents King Randor, voiced by Michael Donovan, and Queen Marlena, voiced by Nicole Oliver. So Orko is playing instruments really badly and then he tries to do a magic trick which blows up in his face, get ready for that to be a running joke, that Orko sucks at doing magic. So anyway, how are Keldor and his self-proclaimed Evil Warriors (because when you're evil, why bother being subtle about it) doing (watch from 12:14-14:50)?,So we see some more of the party, and we see more about Man-E-Faces, he's an actor and he has three faces that we can switch around between, a normal face, a monster face, and a robot face. So Man at Arms suddenly gets a telepathic message from someone who asks him to take prince Adam to somewhere called Castle Greyskull. We cut back to the Evil Warriors where they are torturing a guy for information, apparently, not only did the Council of Elders disappear but apparently even the place they stayed, the Hall of Wisdom disappeared with them. So we then see Man at Arms taking Adam to Castle Greyskull, where we meet The Sorceress of Castle Greyskull, voiced by Nicole Oliver. So the Sorceress tells Adam some exposition about how after Randor defeated Keldor, The Sorceress created a mystic wall to separate the light half of the planet from the dark half. Well crap, Keldor didn't need that device, he just needed Ronald Reagan, " King Randor, tear down this Mystic Wall." So anyway, to defeat the forces of Evil, the Sorceress tells Adam that he must take a magic sword because a great warrior known as He-man. Adam thinks this is all crazy and leaves, but when he and Man at Arms return to the palace...they see it's been completely wrecked and that King Randor is missing. Turns out while they were gone, Keldor and his Evil Warriors attacked, Randor and the defenders going after them. Thus ends part one, part two begins with Man at Arms trying to tell Adam that he must accept being He-man given that Keldor and his forces are now on the loose, but Adam is still hesitant about it and insists that they can handle them. Adam and Man at Arms go to try and help the defenders. With Orko following them along with Adam's pet tiger, Cringer. In the 80s show, Cringer could speak...and he was by far the worst character in the entire show. He was one joke, that he's a tiger who's a literal scardy cat, and they ran that joke into the ground constantly. However, this series removed Cringer's ability to speak so the one joke about him isn't AS bad here since at least he's not refusing to shut up (watch from 2:57-6:00).,Okay, for those of you wondering why they portrayed Skeletor as a twist when the intro already showed him, there's an explanation for that. When the show first aired, the opening three-parter was shown as a TV movie, much like what the original She-Ra did with its five-part pilot. And like that, it was split into separate episodes for reruns. So the when it first aired, the reveal of Skeletor was intended to be a shocking reveal, and if you're wondering how acid/green goo/whatever to the face turns into a skeleton person, that will be explained later. So more fighting happens, with Teela fighting Whiplash...who has the Jurassic Park T-Rex roar, and get ready, this show LOVES using Jurassic Park sound effects. So yeah more fighting, a LOT of people spinning their weapons, and eventually Skeletor captures Randor, so Adam runs to Castle Greyskull to accept the sword and go save his dad (watch from 12:19-17:27).,So more fighting, the defenders try to get Randor back and fail, then He-man shows up, ending part two. Part three mostly consists of He-man fighting Skeletor while Man at Arms gets eaten by a giant fish and eventually escapes. He-man defeats Skeletor and saves King Randor, now calling the defenders the Masters of The Universe. And it's here where I need to bring something up, Orko is about to tell them that Adam is He-man, but Man at Arms tells him they need to keep that a secret...why? Why do they need to keep it a secret? Supposedly, it's because they need to protect Adam's loved ones, but...Skeletor is ALREADY after the people Adam cares about since he also wants revenge on Randor. Even if you want to argue that he should keep it a secret from his enemies...why keep it a secret from his loved ones? It's an annoying cliche and I hate that all but ONE He-man/She-Ra show kept this cliche going. So that was the opening three-parter and it does a decent job as a pilot, it sets up the villains, the heroes, and the overall world. The next few episodes are also nothing to write home about, there's an episode where Skeletor kidnaps Adam to try and lure in He-man (wow, one episode and they have already had an example of why the secret identity crap is stupid), and it is here where I need to bring something up. At the end of each episode of the 80s show, there would be a small PSA given by the characters, this was fairly normal for cartoons at the time. So I guess to be extra faithful to the original...this show keeps in the PSAs after each episode from here on out. I will never understand WHY they did this...but they did. Next is the episode, " Sky War" where Stratos' race of bird people are trying to make peace of a race of bee people called the Andreenids, however, the Andreenids produce a fabled element called Ambrosia, which is said to grant ultimate power, so Skeletor manipulates both sides and causes them to be on the brink of war with each other. Skeletor did this so he and his minions can eat the Ambrosia and get super strong, which they do. They fight He-man, He-man tricks Skeletor into admitting that he manipulated both sides, making them stop the fighting, and it turns out Ambrosia is like a drug when eaten by non-Andreenids, it makes you powerful for a little while, but then you start coming down. So the episode ends with peace between the two races and one of the Andreenids, Buzz-Off, joining the Masters. The next episode has Mer-Man using that Corodite Crystal mentioned in the first episode to try and increase his own power, but it makes the giant fish that ate Man at Arms back in the pilot grow bigger and stronger, they defeat the fish and He-man destroys the crystal. The next episode has Orko messing something up, because he sucks so much, he feels he should go ask The Sorceress to send him back to his home dimension. Meanwhile, Skeletor wants his minion to get something known as the Ram Stone, which is protected by a powerful wizard known as The Faceless One. Evil-Lyn, Trap Jaw, and Beast Man going to get it (watch from 9:35-11:50).,So during the Orko subplot that nobody cares about because nobody cares about Orko, we see some flashbacks with him, he apparently just...fell through a portal on Eternia, saved a young Prince Adam from some animals, and became a jester every since. Basically, he learns that he matters because he makes people laugh, back at the actual plot, Skeletor uses the Ram Stone to try to break into Greyskull, the Ram Stone itself apparently summoning a large magic ram construct that can knock stuff over. Orko gets the stone away from Skeletor, He-man fights Skeletor, Evil-Lyn takes the Ram Stone, and He-man beats Skeletor. In the end, we learn Evil-Lyn returned the Ram Stone to The Faceless One, who is apparently her father. Afterwards is an episode where Skeletor tries to drive the Masters apart, he does this by having Evil-Lyn disguise herself as a fish woman named Siren who hypnotizes Ram Man to steal stuff, needless to say, they snap Ram Man out of it and beat Skeletor. Next up is a really good episode, " The Ties that Bind." In this episode, Teela gets badly wounded in a battle with Skeletor and needs a blood transfusion, one thing I really like about this scene is that all the Masters offer to donate or take Teela wherever she needs to go. It really goes to show how much the other Masters respect Teela and Man at Arms. Man at Arms takes her to Castle Greyskull, and it heavily implies that she got blood from The Sorceress. When Teela wakes up, she finds herself able to read people's minds, Skeletor finds out about this and comes up with a plan, that plan being to have Evil-Lyn use her own mental powers to trick Teela into thinking Skeletor is planning an attack and lure her and the Masters into a trap. Meanwhile, Man at Arms goes to The Sorceress and tells her that she needs to help Teela with her new mental abilities. It's here where we find out that Teela's mother is The Sorceress, she refuses to reveal that to Teela because it's " not the right time," with Man at Arms rightfully calling that out. So Teela brings Mekaneck, Ram Man, and Man-E-Faces to where she heard Skeletor was planning an attack, and it's a trap. Skeletor using the trap as a diversion to take Castle Greyskull, so they beat him, Teela's mental abilities start to fade away, and the Sorceress keeps her identity a secret from her for now. After an episode where Orko accidentally takes dragon eggs that hatch and said dragons wreak havoc in the palace...because Orko sucks, we get the episode " Turnabout." This episode has Man at Arms building a special belt that weaken Skeletor every time he does something evil. It seems to work and it results in this great moment (watch from 12:00-13:25).,So Tri-Klops makes a device that is supposed to weaken He-man every time he does something good. He-man and Skeletor are able to escape their respective devices, and Skeletor gets revenge on his minions for intentionally annoying him. Next up is what I admit is a kinda weak episode, " Mekaneck's Lament." This episode has Mekaneck feeling bummed since while Ram Man has strength, Man-E-Faces as his many faces with different abilities, Stratos and Buzz-Off can fly, all he can do is stretch his mechanical neck and act as a lookout. My main problem here is how he words it, his lament isn't that he feels useless in helping Eternia compared to the other Masters, it's that he feels reconnaissance is boring. If it was that he feels useless compared to the others, I feel that could have given us some development with his character, not helped by the fact that he finds out Man At Arms has built a device for reconnaissance, which means he basically has no use anymore. So he's lamenting when he sees an old man, said old man talks to him and tells him he can grant him powers, but he needs to bring him an amulet, which Mekaneck agrees to...and because I guess the writers were afraid to have any kind of suspense, not only do they instantly reveal this old fart has sinister motives, but the very next scene reveals who he is (watch from 7:22-10:02).,So Mekaneck gets the amulet and surprise, the man who we were just told was Count Marzo was actually Count Marzo the whole time. He and his giant rat pets then attack the palace using some kind of gas, Mekaneck is able to beat him cause his neck can stretch out of reach of the gas, Marzo retreats and Mekaneck learns to appreciate his power. Next is a filler episode where Skeletor released a bunch of darkness producing animals called Shadow Beasts and has them attack the palace, we find out Ram Man is afraid of the dark, needless to say, he eventually gets over his fear, and Skeletor is defeated. Next episode, " Underworld" has King Randor deciding he should teach his son how to act like a prince, so he takes him with him to discuss peace between two conflicting races. Meanwhile, Skeletor is mad that all his attacks on Greyskull have failed, they've attacked from air, land, and sea, and all have failed. That's when Whiplash suggests they attack from underground, they can take an underground cavern system on Eternia and go right underneath Greyskull, which Skeletor likes. So Randor, Adam, and Man at Arms go to the underground caverns where like I said, there is a conflict between two a races, a race of bat people called Speleans, and a race of lizard people called the Caligars. Randor is apparently old friends with both the Spelean leader, Lord Dactys, and the Caligar leader, Ceratus, so he's trying to get the two to stop their conflict since Skeletor is the bigger threat. The three go to see the Caligars, who are revealed to be Whiplash's people, and when Adam sees one, he automatically assumes its Whiplash.,So Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Whiplash, and Beast Man go through the underground caves to get to Greyskull while Randor, Adam, and Man at Arms work on trying to resolve conflict, the two groups eventually running into each other. They fight, Skeletor ends up below Greyskull, but then He-man shows up, he beats them, and the villains are now surrounded by the Caligars, who are not fans of Whiplash. Next up is " The Mystery of Anwat Gar," The Sorceress warns Man at Arms and Adam about a vision she had about Skeletor getting the power of something called Anwat Gar taking over Eternia with it, so Adam and Man at Arms have to go there to prevent that from happening. Anwat Gar being an island where two artifacts called The Legacy Stones, we see the temples and such of the island are very Japanese Samurai themed. After dealing with several death traps, He-man and Man at Arms face the guardian of the Legacy Stones, Sy-Klone. After the two fight Sy-Klone, it turns out Skeletor took the stones (watch from 10:57-12:40).,Why does the legacy armor come with spring feet? Because toys. So He-man takes the other legacy stone and turns it into his own legacy armor spring feet form and goes after Skeletor while Man at Arms fights Beast Man. Man At Arms defeats Beast Man while He-man and Skeletor fight, soon realizing that the armor makes them both unstoppable, so He-man takes off his legacy armor. This causes Skeletor to start beating him down, but that was He-man plan, as Skeletor doing this beat down makes him more careless, so He-man takes off Skeletor's armor as well. Skeletor retreat and Sy-Klone wants the stones back, but He-man thinks they are too dangerous and destroys them, much to Sy-Klone's objection. The episode ends with Sy-Klone deciding to join the Masters. Next episode, " The Monster Within" opens a fight between the Masters and Evil Warriors, Man-E-Faces switches to his monster face, however, Beast Man's ability to control beasts seems to be working on Man-E's monster face, He-man able to snap him out of it and cause the Evil Warriors to retreat. Skeletor is not happy about their constant failures and thinks of a plan, hire bounty hunters to take down He-man, Whiplash says he knows two guys who can do the job (watch from 5:00-7:05).,The purple guy, Baddrah, is voiced by Mark Gibbon and the blue guy, Tuvar, is voiced by Brain Drummond, some of you may know that name, but those who haven't, he's the voice actor responsible with this meme.,So the other Evil Warriors are not happy at Whiplash since they think Tuvar and Baddrah will take their jobs, so they plan to let the two take down He-man, then deal with them and take all the credit. We cut back to the palace where Man-E-Face is clearly distraught about Beast Man being able to control his Monster Face, they then get word of a monster attacking and Man-E and He-man go investigate. This turns out to be a trap as Baddrah tricks Man-E into having to fight a swamp creature, we then see He-man encountering Tuvar who proceeds to beat him, however, Baddrah shows up and the two start fighting over who claims the bounty. Meanwhile, Man-E-Faces is able to defeat the swamp creature bu switching to his monster face, but he runs into the Evil Warriors and Beast Man takes control of him. Eventually, Tuvar and Baddrah's fighting allows He-man to escape and beat the two, but then the Evil Warriors show up with a hypnotized Man-E, but Man-E is able to snap out of it because...I don't know, and they beat the Evil Warriors. Skeletor is not happy with Tuvar and Baddrah's failure because of them not being able to work together, so he fuses the two together, making the two-headed character, Two-Bad. Next up is " Roboto's Gambit," which introduces the character of Roboto, a robot that Man at Arms built to play not chess with Man-E's robot face. We see Skeletor and Evil-Lyn looking at Tri-Klops' newest invention, a mutant skeleton warrior that pretty much works as a hydra, it's destroyed and two warriors take its place...but then the new ones start attacking each other and he shuts them off. Skeletor says the plan won't work by Tri-Klops is determined to prove him wrong. We then see Adam, Teela, and Sy-Klone patrolling when they see an army of those skeleton warriors marching towards the palace, with the other Masters out on a mission, Sy-Klone and later He-man work on holding them off while Teela attempts to fortify the defenses of the palace. Roboto wants to help but Teela refuses to let him, even after he upgrades himself into a larger upgraded body. He-man and Sy-Klone have a hard time holding back the warriors as they get closer and closer to the palace, Tri-Klops deciding to take the palace for himself instead of Skeletor. Roboto comes in, showing his new body has a crap ton of weapons and he helps Sy-Klone and He-man fight, he even finds out they need to destroy Tri-Klops' controller to defeat the warriors, they do so, though Roboto gets heavily damaged, don't worry though, Man at Arms is able to fix him up cause you know...robot. Next episode, " Trust" opens with Tri-Klops breaking Mer-man out of the Eternian prison, this makes the Masters think they need stronger material for their cells, so they decide to investigate a rare material known as Eternium, which is said to be indestructible. While the Masters send Stratos, Skeletor also hears of this and sends Trap Jaw to the ice mountains. The two get there, fight, and then end up in a chasm, the fall breaking one of Stratos' wings and one of Trap Jaw's legs. The two try to make it through the chasms by working together, Trap Jaw betrays Stratos, He-man shows up now in an ice armor variant to sell more toys, fights Skeletor and the other Evil Warriors who also arrive. Stratos ends up being taken by a native race of these wolf-like creatures who are suspicious of him, thinking he might be after their Eternium. Trap jaw shows up, trying to trick the natives, but they put both of them through a test of their trustworthiness, which Trap Jaw of course fails. The Evil Warriors are stopped, the natives decide to help the Masters after seeing they're good and they give them Eternium. Next up is " Orko's Garden," basically, Orko has nothing to do so Man at Arms puts him in charge of the palace garden...and because it's Orko, he messes it up royally. Ram Man suggests Orko find someone named Moss Man, Orko goes out into the forest and finds this weird plant guy who claims to be totally Moss Man and tells Orko to plant some seeds, he does so...and then vines kidnap everyone except Orko and surprise, the guy who said he was Moss Man wasn't actually Moss Man, but instead, the character Evil-Seed, voiced by Don Brown. Orko starts looking for everyone and we meet the real Moss Man, voiced by John Payne (watch from 8:50-9:50).,So Evil-Seed wants to destroy all non-plant life, but Moss Man comes in, the two fight, Orko is an idiot and blabs that Castle Greyskull, making Evil-Seed do towards it, but he's stopped by He-man and Moss Man. The next episode, " Buzz-Off's Pride" features Buzz-Off (joined by Orko) going to a town called Viridas, which thanks to a special crystal, grows giant and plentiful produce and that several villages rely on for food. There's just a problem, a giant seems to be blocking everybody from crossing the bridge to the place (watch from 2:20-5:25).,Given the episode title is " Buzz-Off's Pride," he of course doesn't want the other Masters finding out he got punched out by some giant. He then cut to later where the giants attack the town, ramming down the front gate. The Masters get word and head out, they fight the giants, but because Buzz-Off is too focused on settling his score with the blue giant, said giants are able to steal the magic crystal. Buzz-Off admits his wrongs and goes to get the crystal back, the giants plan on using the crystal to pretty much hold people for ransom, since a lot of villages rely on food from there, and the crystal is what grows the food there. But Buzz-Off is able to get the crystal back and help the town. Next is up is actually a rather interesting episode, " Snake Pit," it starts off with an odd lizard entering the Eternian prison, it steals the keys off a guard and crawls to a cell containing this green reptile man, the lizard opens the cell and the reptile man escapes. Man at Arms finds out about this and reveals that the escaped prisoner is named Kobra Khan, voiced by Scott McNeil. Also, this weird little furry dude mocks Man at Arms that he'll never catch Khan. Kobra Khan goes to Snake Mountain, where he is captured by the Evil Warriors, Khan claims to want to join Skeletor, but unfortunately, much like the Count Marzo episode, the show really seems to be afraid of suspense, as the very next scene, Man at Arms explains this stuff. Many years ago, a race known as the Snake Men nearly took over Eternia, lead by a being named King Hiss, the council of elders was able to seal King Hiss and the Snake men away into a limbo dimension called The Void with the help of a warrior named Zodak, voiced by Christopher Judge. They suspect Kobra Khan is going to Snake Mountain to free King Hiss, they go find Zodak and tell him this, and he just leaves to deal with it (watch from 9:37-11:25).,So Kobra Khan keeps going deeper down Snake Mountain, even opening a tomb of some kind, he also passes by an odd Spider creature that the camera keeps mostly hidden...hmm. So Khan then enters a snake themed room and opens a portal to the void (watch from 13:22-15:10).,Meet General Rattlor, voiced by Richard Newman. So Adam turns into He-man and helps the others fight off the Snake Men...until he's blasted into the void by Skeletor, don't worry, it doesn't last long and he escapes, closing the void, Kobra Khan and Rattlor escaping. After a filler episode where we meet Man at Arms' old mentor, we get " The Sweet Smell Of Victory." The episode begins by seeing that little fury dude from the Eternian prison, Odiphus, voiced by Brain Drummond. We see him breaking into an old and abandoned lab, now you may be wondering how he got out of prison...I am also wondering that. So Odiphus breaks into the old lab to loot the place for anything to sell until the Evil Warriors come in looking for something. The Masters then show up and fight them, including a scene where Roboto straight up moonwalks before forming all his weapons and shooting the place up. That action causes the building the collapse and the Evil Warriors to grab what they were looking for. Odiphus follows the evil warriors back to Snake Mountain and wants to join. We cut back to Man at Arms who sees Roboto lamenting that it was his fault the Evil Warriors got away, though Man at Arms tells him that he shouldn't be all caught up with failures like that and try to learn from his mistakes. We cut back to Snake Mountain where it turns out that Skeletor had his Evil Warriors stole what they stole from the lab to help Tri-Klops build a remove Beast Man's bad smell. Something all the other Evil Warriors agree with doing when Beast Man objects that he doesn't smell (watch from 7:25-9:20).,Odd how Skeletor can smell Odiphus despite his lack of a nose. So Odiphus sulks now that well, his life is ruined forever by his stench and he got rejected from the one chance he got to be something. But his stench ends up causing a herd of giant, cow-like animals to stampede, the Masters have to stop the stampede, Roboto thinks this is Beast Man's work, but of course, he's wrong. They eventually stop the animals and wonder what did this, as these animals don't spook easily, but they are very sensitive to smell. We cut back to Skeletor who notices Odiphus' stink powers and thinks they might be useful, so he lets Odiphus join the Evil Warriors and has his stink covered the city and royal Palace so Skeletor's forces can just walk in, basically, they fail, Roboto learns his lesson, and Odiphus becomes the character Stinkor. Next episode " Separation," has Tuvar and Baddrah really hating having to be one person, that's when Stinkor tells them about an old man who can sell them spells and potions that might be able to separate them. We then see Adam and Teela beat Man at Arms and Queen Marlena at a game, this causes Sy-Klone to start lamenting. Roboto asks what's wrong and Sy-Klone talks about how he's from a race of ancient warriors and seeing Teela with her father and Adam with his mother started making him think, Roboto says there is a high chance there are decedents of said ancient warriors and he decides to help Sy-Klone possibly find them. We cut to Tuvar and Baddrah as they go to that old man Stinkor talked about, asking for a spell of separation. He finds a spell of separation and says it requires three artifacts, but when he reads further into it, he denies selling it to them. They just knock him out, causing part of the stone tablet the spell is on to break off, they take it and head out. When the two collect one of them, The Sorceress calls forth Adam (and he turns into He-man to go for some reason) and she explains the situation, so what's the deal with these artifacts (watch from 6:16-8:05)?,Hordak is the main villain of She-Ra, I'll talk about him both later and during my next review, but for now, he's just some guy who decided to turn half of the world dark instead of turning the whole thing dark. So when we cut back to Roboto and Sy-Klone, they arrive at Sy-Klone's old home...which is in ruins, Sy-Klone really is the last of his people. By the end, Roboto tells him that he already has a family with the other Masters. So He-man tries to stop Tuvar and Baddrah, but they evade him and collect the other two pieces, they start the spell, but then it starts splinting the planet in half, the two run off as He-man stops it just in time. Now we get to the season one finale, " Council of Evil" parts 1 and 2. So the finale starts with all of the Evil Warriors arriving at a canyon since Skeletor told them he discovered some ancient power, but then the Masters and He-man show up and proceed to beat and capture all of them. Back at Snake Mountain, we see Skeletor and Panthor, Skeletor's pet. You'll notice that I have neglected to mention Panthor this entire review, that's because he does nothing but be Skeletor's pet. So the Masters are celebrating that they've captured all of Skeletor's minions, King Randor puts the high alert they have all been on at rest and tells all the soldiers and Masters that they've earned a leave. So Ram Man and Man-E go fishing, Buzz-Off goes to buy something for his queen, Sy-Klone and Roboto play a game of not chess, Stratos and Orko go to Stratos' home city, and finally, King Randor and Queen Marlena decide to take a vacation. We then see Skeletor seeing them all leave and commands figures in shadow. We cut to the palace where Man at Arms, Sy-Klone, Roboto, and Mekaneck split up to investigate several disturbances, Mekaneck ends up being attacked by Count Marzo, we then see Buzz-Off, who gets attacked by the three giants from " Buzz-Off's Pride," Stratos gets caught in a giant web, yeah, that spider creature I mentioned earlier? That was an actual character, named Webstor, voiced by Brian Dobson. We then see Man-E and Ram Man fishing before they're grabbed by giant vines that pull them under the water. Now we cut to Man at Arms arriving before he gets into a fight with Skeletor (watch from 13:58-17:42).,So we cut back to the palace where Adam and Teela loose contact with Man at Arms, and Adam goes off, turning into He-man. We then cut back to Snake Mountain where we find out Skeletor has formed what he calls his " council of evil" which consists of Webstor, the giants, Evil-Seed, and Count Marzo. One of the giants questions what he is gonna do when He-man shows up to rescue the Masters, with Skeletor saying he's counting on it, ending part 1. Part 2 has He-man arriving only to be ambushed by Evil-Seed and Count Marzo, Evil-seed making vines tie He-man and Battle Cat (the form Cringer turns into) to the ground, and Marzo turning the vines to stone. We cut to Snake Mountain where Man at Arms and the other Masters are imprisoned, Man at Arms tries to use Roboto to send a message to Teela, and he does, but Skeletor cuts it short. We then cut back to Skeletor where Count Marzo walks in, it turns out Skeletor sent Marzo to get the Ram Stone from The Faceless One, and he defeated The Faceless One and got it. We cut back to the Evil Warriors in prison where Beast Man is trying to call out to any animals to get them out of there. We then cut back to He-man who turns himself back into Adam to escape the restraints, as well as turning Battle Cat back into Cringer, also Orko shows up. However, before Adam can turn into He-man, Teela shows up and drags him to Snake Mountain to try and rescue the Master, gee it's almost like this situation could have been solved if he didn't carry the stupid secret identity crap, gotta love that artificial tension. In fact, it seems Adam is sick of that too as he's about to tell Teela he's He-man, when Webstor attacks them, dropping Adam off a cliff. Anyway, how are the Evil Warriors doing (watch from 15:44-17:17)?,So but back to Adam where Cringer wakes him up and the Sorceress says he needs to get to Castle Greyskull. We find out why Skeletor got the Ram Stone, he combines its power with the power of Marzo's Amulet and launches a blast powerful enough to severely weaken The Sorceress, Zodak shows up to help her, but it's still in great danger. Adam goes to Greyskull and try and stand defense against Skeletor and his Council of Evil, Adam gets hope when seeing Masters of the Universe vehicles coming...only to see they are being piloted by The Evil Warriors, ending part 2 and season one.Season 2 begins with " The Last Stand," Adam tries to fight off Skeletor and his forces, and he gets blasted aside luckily, we cut to the Masters who find a way to escape. Cut back to Adam, Orko shows up and gives Adam his sword, allowing him to turn into He-man. He-man then single-handedly fights all of Skeletor's forces, and I will's really cool seeing it. However, eventually, Skeletor, Marzo, and Evil-Lyn start blasting him with magic all at once, it seems all hope is lost, until a blast knocks back the three (watch from 13:19-15:50).,So Randor and Man at Arms start blaming themselves for what happened, but Marlena tells them to cut the crap and just move on. We then Kobra Khan meet with Evil-Lyn, Evil-Lyn tries to back out on the deal they made, but then Khan tells her about how Skeletor organized her capture. The episode ends with Randor deciding to form his own council. After a filler episode about Skeletor trying to attack the palace with giant serpent creatures, we get " Out of The Past." Skeletor decides to take over villages one by one with special goo warriors. However, the actually interesting plot is, we get some backstory for The Sorceress, when she was young and stuff she ran off and came across a village, said village let her stay there until it was attacked by some evil guy. She used her magic to ward them off until she finds an injured soldier with amnesia. She spends months caring for him and the two eventually fell in love, he eventually left to keep doing his duties and she left to continue her duty to protect Greyskull, that nameless soldier being Teela's father, we'll get back to this later. Oh yeah, and the heroes stop Skeletor and his goo warriors. Now is the beginning of the main story arc of season two...and where I feel the season goes downhill, I'll explain as I go along. It begins with the two-parter " Rise of the Snake Men," it begins with a flashback dream Zodak is having about when his brother was eaten by King Hiss, whose upper torso can turn into a gaggle of five snakes. By the way, they keep King Hiss' face in shadows, as if the reveal is gonna be dramatic...and then they almost immediately show what he looks like in his gaggle of snakes form. Zodak wakes up before he gets a vision of the Snake Men taking over Eternia, he warns the Sorceress about this, who warns Man At Arms, who warns Adam. Adam turns into He-man, but this time he gets a new armored look to sell toys, I mean.....sell toys. So we cut to Evil-Lyn, Kobra Khan, and Rattlor who are going to where Zodak is to get his staff, as the staff is the key to re-opening the void. The three fight Zodak and are able to defeat him and take his staff. Meanwhile, The Masters and He-man go to Snake Mountain to try to warn Skeletor about The Snake Men and get into a fight with his warriors. While this is all happening, Rattlor and Khan open the void, freeing the other Snake Men, including a big purple snake man named Tung Lashor, voiced by Micheal Donovan, a Stretch Armstrong Snake Man named Sssqueeze, voiced by Brain Dobson, and a more humanoid looking Snake Man named Snake Face, voiced by Paul Dobson. So the fight between the Masters and Evil Warriors keep going until the Masters finally retreat (watch from 18:34-21:50).,Well...that's certainly a way to introduce a new antagonist. Also, I do kinda smile whenever Skeletor and King Hiss talk to each other here since they're voiced by the same guy, I keep imagining Brain Dobson just talking to himself in the recording booth. So Part 2 begins and I need to mention something weird. In both part one and " Snake Pit," there was a filter on Rattlor's voice, but from this point on, the filter is no longer there. I'm not sure why they did it but okay. So He-man has an argument with Zodak that goes nowhere, we cut back to Snake Mountain where we find out Kobra Khan is just a decedent of the Snake Men, unlike the others there. King Hiss is about to eat Evil-Lyn, but Evil-Lyn says she can take him to Castle Greyskull, where the ultimate power lies. The Snake go to Castle Greyskull and fight off the Masters while King Hiss and Evil-Lyn break through the barrier guarding Castle Greyskull, with Rattlor and Snake Face shoving Evil-Lyn out of the way and joining Hiss. The Masters are able to beat the other Snake Men and then He-man goes into the castle. Meanwhile, King Hiss has a fight with the Sorceress and he wins, Zodak then fighting him. Meanwhile He-man fights Rattlor and Snake Face, Snake Face tries to use his stone stare on He-man, but He-man makes him see his own reflection, which turns Snake Face to stone. So He-man beats and captures Rattlor while Zodak fights King Hiss, defeating him, Zodak then tosses King Hiss off a cliff and apparently for Snake Men, if your king is tossed down a cliff, you all gotta join him (watch from 20:24-21:21).,So He-man works on healing the Sorceress since she got infected by King Hiss' venom and the episode ends with the Masters wondering if that's the last they've seen of The Snake Men. Oh I wish, but I'll get to that soon. " Rise of the Snake Men" is a good episode, it does a good job at establishing a new threat and at first, the Snake Men are quite effective villains....again, at first. It's with the next episode, " The Price of Deceit" where my main problem with the season starts to pop up, the episode starts with showing that Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor are still around and are clearly looking for something, we then cut to the same ruins we saw in " Lessons Learned" where Evil-Lyn is running for her life. However, she's ambushed by Skeletor's minions, she calls out to her father, The Faceless One, for help but the Evil Warriors take her away. We then see The Faceless One lamenting that he can't help her because magic forces keep him from leaving that temple, so he sends out a ghostly apparition of himself to speak to Man at Arms and Adam to help out a woman (he doesn't tell them that it's Evil-Lyn) who Skeletor is about to sacrifice to something called The Pool of Shadows. However...we then cut back to Tung Lashor and Sssqueeze, who find an ancient tablet and say that King Hiss will be pleased, very much spoiling to the audience that he's still alive. And it's here where lies my main problem with this arc and this season...there's way too much of the Snake Men! I get it, this arc is supposed to have them as the main villains, but they appear in every single episode from here on out in one way or another, even when the main plot of the episode has absolutely nothing to do with them, they feel the need to shoehorn in scenes with them. Skeletor may have been the main villain of Season 1, but they still had episodes that focused on OTHER threats like Count Marzo or Evil Seed. Now, I like the idea of having multiple villain factions, but The Snake Men take up WAY TOO MUCH of the season. Anyway, back to the main plot of the episode (watch from 6:31-10:00).,So yeah, we get a flashback showing how Evil-Lyn met Keldor. And after we get a fight between He-man and Beast Man, we get another flashback. So remember what I said about wondering how acid/green goo to the made Keldor into Skeletor? Well...(watch from 12:03-15:05),Yep, Keldor had made a deal with Hordak, voiced by Colin Murdock, to save his life. Now I feel the need to explain some more about this. In the original She-Ra, it had retconned that Hordak was Skeletor's is a retcon that I hate with a burning passion. Not only because I hate 80s Hordak (I will expand on why in my next review), but I also feel it just shrinks down the universe. While I prefer them to be not connected at all, if you must have Skeletor connected to Hordak in some way, I feel the way this show did it was a good one. So Skeletor opens the Pool of Shadows and some weird, Lovecraftian creature comes out before He-man shows up, frees Evil-Lyn, and is able to force the creature to retreat back into the pool. He-man offers Evil-Lyn a chance to switch sides...and she blasts him and rejoins Skeletor, being able to trick him into thinking she's totally loyal and won't try to betray him again. However, instead of just ending the episode there...they reveal that in fact, King Hiss is still alive. Next is the episode, " Of Machines And Men," something happens in Eternia and all tech goes out of wack, not just regular tech, but stuff like Trap Jaw's jaw, Tri-Klops' visor, Mekaneck's neck, and Man-E's face switching are also not working right. A mysterious being named Sortech arrives and tells He-man and Skeletor to go to a certain location, giving them nifty power armor suits because this show was made to sell toys. Meanwhile, Queen Marlena was coming back from a diplomatic mission when her ship suddenly breaks down and she has to deal with...*deep inhale* The Snake Men. And since I will have pretty much no other time, let's talk about Marlena. Now, in the 80s show, Marlena was actually one of the best characters and even had quite an interesting backstory, she was an astronaut from Earth who in a space mission, ended up crashing on Eternia. Her being from Earth actually added some interesting elements to her and there was even a moment I really liked, though I can't remember the episode it was from, where she reveals that she knows Adam is He-man cause he's her friggin son, and she's not just gonna suddenly not recognize him cause he's wearing different clothes and his hair is more orange than blonde. I mentioned that because none of that interesting stuff is with the 2002 series Marlena, we get none of her backstory, she barely has any screen time, and as far as we know, she doesn't know Adam is He-man, though it's more understandable with this series. So anyway, Randor saves Marlena from the Snake Men, He-man beats Skeletor, and technology is restored. Next up is " Second Skin," where Lord Dactys and the Speleans show up to show Randor shed snake skin, including one with an opening for five heads, King Hiss is still alive. And this would have been a shocking they didn't already show us that he was still alive a couple episodes ago. Basically, while He-man goes after The Snake Men, Orko finds out where King Hiss is heading, the Sea of Rakash, where there is an artifact called The Serpent's Ring. We then see the Snake men get the ring by swimming down, and they do that by...growing fins and gills...just like all snakes. So Orko then goes into the prison where we see Rattlor is still there...also the statue that used to be Snake Face. Orko wants Rattlor to tell him what the Serpent's Ring does, but he refuses to talk. Meanwhile, we see He-man, Teela, Man at Arms, Mekaneck, and Roboto arrive at a village, it's here where we learn what the Serpent's Ring does, turn regular people into Snake Men, which is what happens to all the villagers, Teela, Mekaneck, and Man at Arms. We then see Orko try to interrogate Rattlor again and I gotta admit, this scene is great (watch from 14:35-15:38).,There's just something oddly funny and clever about Orko using a giant Mongoose to interrogate Rattlor. So He-man and Roboto try to fight off the Snake Men while King Hiss tries to recite and incantation that will have the Serpent's Ring turn everyone on Eternia into snakes. But with the help of Orko, He-man stops him and the Snake Men retreat. Now then, I may be pretty harsh on this season so far, but next is by far the best episode on the show, " The Power of Greyskull." It starts off with seemingly He-man fighting Snake Men in front of Greyskull...but Greyskull looks different, then several images flash, including of Hordak. This is a dream Adam is having and he sees the Sorceress about it. Now, remember, that clip I showed where Hordak told Skeletor there would be a price for saving his life? Well...,So Skeletor heads off to free Hordak. Meanwhile, The Sorceress tells Adam some history, about how his ancestor, King Greyskull, had fought The Snake Men and the dark lord, Hordak. In fact, it was Hordak who first defeated the Snake Men, now the really good parts of the episode are the flashback bits where we see King Greyskull and his wife, who is clearly a proto-sorceress. Said wife, Veena, spies on Hordak, who is planning an attack on Castle Greyskull now that the Snake Men have been dealt with. One of his minions, a rock dude, suggests that maybe it's not a good idea to invade now since they're still recovering from their battle with the Snake Men, Hordak says that's a good idea...but because he needs to make it clear to the audience that he's evil, he kills the rock guy anyway. Veena tells Greyskull about this and suggests that he see an ancient and wise oracle. He does so, riding on his GIANT SABER-TOOTHED LION. So he meets this oracle...who happens to be one of Orko's race. The Oracle tells him to gain ultimate power to defeat Hordak, he must go through a long and perilous journey. Greyskull of course agrees and we see him go on said journey, surviving dragons, solving mazes, crossing blistering winds and scorching deserts, and climbing an ice mountain all the way to the top. There he finds the oracle and who gives this ultimate power...which is just his sword, a sword he lost during his fight with the Snake Men. Greyskull is confused by this, but the Oracle tells him that he always had ultimate power, he showed his wisdom, courage, kindness, strength in all that and he has the power. Before Greyskull leaves, the Oracle tells him one last thing, he looked into the future, and he won't survive the battle with Hordak. We then get King Greyskull's fight with Hordak, and this scene is so great that I need to show it in its entirety (watch from 13:52-18:27).,I don't know what happened with Hordak there, my only guess is that Hordak is more a spiritual form and it was just his body that was destroyed. I don't know, it's not made clear. So Greyskull wins, but Hordak phasing through him had mortally wounded him, in his final breathes, he grants his trusted generals his power and declares they will be a council, telling them to rule with Kindness and wisdom, his general becoming the council of elders and his sword becoming the sword of power that turns Adam into He-man. The Sorceress then warns Adam that Skeletor is going to free Hordak, he turns into he-man and goes to stop him. We then see Skeletor on his way to a special temple, the place he made the deal with Hordak when he sees He-man in the way, He-man tells Skeletor that is that temple is destroyed, Hordak will never be which Skeletor then chuckles and says He-man has a good point...before blasting and destroying the temple. Skeletor riding away laughing, He-man coming to the conclusion that Skeletor didn't want to set Hordak free. The episode ends with Evil-Lyn, having been spying on the whole situation. The next episode, " Web of Evil," starts with the character of Webstor breaking into the Andreenid Palace, finding Ambrosia, he starts wolfing the stuff down, his appearance becoming more monstrous. Oh wow, not only another episode that doesn't focus on the Snake Men, but an idea that's actually really interesting, the possibilities for this idea, like a more horror-themed episode, the ideas are near endless. So then we cut....*deep inhale* THE. SNAKE. MEN (watch from 57:44-57:48).,I am not kidding, the episode opens promising to focus on another villain and then the first 8 minutes, EIGHT MINUTES of this 22 minute episode are focused on the stupid Snake Men and promoting a new toy, this time a lion mech. Luckily, after that we see Stratos and Buzz-Off investigating Andreenos, seeing the place is deserted before seeing spider webbing. It's then we get introduced to a new character, Fisto, voiced by Mark Acheson (watch from 8:45-11:20).,So we but back to Andreenos where Stratos and Buzz-Off find out that Webstor ate Ambrosia, Stratos doesn't think that will be a problem since Ambrosia is temporary to non-Andreenids, but Buzz-Off says that Webstor's race is closer to them than he cares to admit. And that's all the explanation we get, folks, maybe we could have expanded on that if we didn't waste the first 8 minutes with the Snake Men. We also find out that somehow, the Ambrosia has mutated Webstor to the point where he's able to reproduce asexually and he plans to use his army of spider babies to take over Eternia. How did the Ambrosia do this? No explanation, maybe we could have expanded on that if we didn't waste the first 8 minutes with The Snake Men. So He-man and the Masters start fighting off Webstor's spider babies, eventually being overrun, one of the Andreenids sending out a warning that the spiders are loose, hearing this causes Fisto to go out. Webstor's spiders eventually cause a cave in on top of the masters, eventually, the Masters are broken out of the Cave by Fisto, who is revealed to be Man at Arms' brother, though punching the rocks to get them out clearly does a lot of damage to Fisto's...fist. We cut to Webstor who thinks the Masters are coming from below...only for something to attack him and his army. The Masters show see all the spider babies just dead husks, all the eggs broken into, and Webstor beaten, before he collapses, Webstor says it was Snake Men who attacked them, with He-man bringing up that the spiders and eggs the Snake Men ate were filled with Ambrosia, meaning the Snakes are now empowered with it. Now you see, THAT'S a good way to use the Snake Men, it's an actually effective cliffhanger that actually plays into the next episode. Speaking of which, the next episode, " Rattle Of The Snake," starts with Man at Arms giving Fisto a robot hand to replace his damaged one. We then see The Caligars and Speleans attacking each other, apparently, a squad of Caligars went missing and they have blamed the Speleans for it. Randor, Adam, Man at Arms, Teela and Fisto show up and stop the conflict, one of the missing Caligars shows up and tells what happened, their squad was ambushed by the Snake Men, said Snake men now having enhanced strength after eating the Ambrosia filled spiders. While the Masters go to find the missing Caligars, Teela has a talk with Fisto, where he mentions both him and Man at Arms fought in " The Great Unrest," but he doesn't quite remember what happened then. This is actually part of a mystery the show introduces, just who is Teela's father? Some people believe it's Fisto since the soldier The Sorceress fell for had a bandage on his right hand, however, that's never been confirmed, and Man at Arms has also said he has a fuzzy memory of that time. Unfortunately, that mystery will never be actually answered in the show itself. We cut to the Snake Men who are forcing the Caligars to push a giant drill, and wee King Hiss eating one of the Caligars. Also, whole Tung Lashor and Sssqueeze are pulling their weight, Kobra Khan is just standing there watching King Hiss eat, seriously Khan, get off your lazy behind and do something with your life. It turns out the drill enters an ancient temple belonging to a being King Hiss refers to as Serpos, apparently the god of the Snake Men, he plans to awaken Serpos to take over Eternia. After a scene of Fisto and Man at Arms arguing we cut to the Eternian prison, where Rattlor is able to escape prison by faking an injury, Roboto enters his cell, and it turns out the Rattlor lying on the floor was his shed skin, Rattlor himself clinging to the ceiling. He is able to beat Roboto and the guard robots and escape. We cut back to the Snake Men where King Hiss and the rest of the Snake Men are about to eat the rest of the Caligars, but then the Masters come in and fight them off, during the fight, Rattlor comes in and punches He-man. Also, it turns out Kobra Khan knew Rattlor was in the Eternian prison the whole time and just left him to rot in there, which Rattlor isn't happy with. Randor, and Speleans and the Caligars then come in, causing the Snake Men to retreat, so the remaining Caligars are saved, peace is made between the two races and the episode ends. Next up is " History," which starts with another fight with the Snake Men before we see Count Marzo, running for his life from some barbarians he swindled, that's when he runs into Evil-Lyn. Evil-Lyn wants his help to open a portal to Despondos and free Hordak, offering him his amulet in exchange. Marzo agrees and they head out. We cut to the Snake Men where King Hiss learns about this and we finally, FINALLY get something that's actually interesting about King Hiss, when he hears that Evil-Lyn plans to free Hordak, he puts his entire evil plan to a halt just to make sure that Hordak is never freed. The fact that King Hiss clearly fears Hordak is actually an interesting character trait of him and it's a shame that's pretty much all we get. So the Masters get into a fight with the Snake Men, King Hiss, and Rattlor go to where Evil-Lyn and Marzo plan to free Hordak, and He-man following them, thinking King Hiss is planning something. He-man has a fight with Rattlor and King Hiss over a lava river until rocks fall and send the two Snake Men into the river of lava, and before you, they are not dead. So then The Sorceress finally tells He-man " hey, Evil-Lyn and Marzo want to free Hordak, you should probably go stop them." (watch from 18:06-22:20),So yeah, Count Marzo is now free and with this amulet, this will be a very important prob-oh wait, never mind, final episode, " Awaken The Serpent." King Hiss awakens the Snake god Serpos, which is actually the stone snake on Snake Mountain, Skeletor retreats to the lower levels and swears revenge on whoever did this. And...that's the last we see of Skeletor. The Masters learn of Serpos and try to fight him...and fail miserably. Also, Serpos can spew lava out of its mouth, so that's neat. He-man and tosses aside by Serpos and makes a b-line for the palace, He-man tries to get there but he's too late, Serpos spews lava on the palace...melting most of it super quickly and nothing catching fire...did they confuse lava for acid? So Serpos smacks He-man away and Zodak sees this and heads off. King Hiss and the Snake Men take over the Palace while Zodak goes to Prince Adam, apparently, that smack away caused him to turn back, also Zodak knows Adam is He-man, how? I dunno, cause the episode is over half-way done. So the Masters are able to escape the chains the Snake Men put them in (rather easily I might add) while Zodak and He-man go to the Sorceress gives exposition on who Serpos is and tells He-man that defeating it will be his greatest challenge. So He-man fights Serpos while Zodak fights King Hiss, Zodak is eventually able to beat King Hiss by a really stupid way, I don't know how to describe it, so I'll check the wiki, he " took control of four of his heads which proceeded to eat the primary head" ....sure, whatever. So He-man with the power and such defeats Serpos, and the Snake Men retreat and...that's how the show ends. The season was supposed to have a full 26 episodes plus a third season, but the series was canceled before that was the case. There was a script for a 40th episode made called " Captured" where Kobra Khan would trick Skeletor and the Evil Warriors into breaking out King Hiss and the still turned to stone Snake Face from the Eternian prison. The series itself was canceled before production could be done on that script, but it was included as a bonus feature in the complete series DVD, as well as a comic adaptation of that script. The creators have revealed some of the things they were going to do for season three, for starters, Hordak was going to be the main villain, it's safe to assume that would have introduced Hordak's other minions and...possibly She-Ra. I don't know, whenever the creators were asked that they never really gave a straight answer. Supposedly, Hordak was going to be the main villain until the end, where Skeletor was able to defeat Hordak and become the final boss. Teela was also going to find out that the Sorceress was her mother in season three, much an episode of the 80s series, but unlike that episode, she wasn't gonna get her memory wiped of the event. And supposedly, it was gonna be revealed that Man at Arms was Teela's biological father, that the hints that it might have been Fisto in season two were gonna be revealed to be a red herring. Now you may think those things sound way more interesting than the Snake Men...and you'd be correct! The series had gotten canceled due to toy sales, I've heard conflicting stories, supposedly it was because they over-produced certain figures over others, leading to store shelves being filled with the same toys, which naturally affected the overall sales of the toy line. If you've noticed my tone throughout, I'm not too fond of the Snake Man arc. I've already explained my main reason why, the Snake Men are around way too much, being shoehorned into episodes that have nothing to do with them but I have another complaint that ties into the first one. You may have noticed that I haven't really talked about anything with characters Tung Lashor, Sssqueeze, or even really King Hiss, well there's a good reason...THEY'RE SO BORING! We BARELY get anything interesting about The Snake Men, we get SOME bits and pieces, like one that I forgot to mention before, Kobra Khan is hesitant about eating people, unlike the other Snake Men, or the other Snake Men looking down on Khan for not being an original Snake Man, but they ultimately amount to nothing. The Snake Men were not interesting enough to take up as much of this season they did. If the villains were more even with fewer Snake Men shoehorns, I wouldn't have minded, but nope. It's very unlikely we'll ever get a proper conclusion to this show, but hey, Samurai Jack was able to get a final season many years later, maybe someday we'll get lucky.So that was the 2002 He-man series, and despite the problems I've mentioned, I do really like this series. It's a fun action series with some quite good voice acting, there are problems, however. Sometimes the show seems to be afraid to have any kind of suspense, some characters like Orko can be annoying, and season 2 is drug down big time by a very sub-par arc. Still, though, I really do like this series and recommend it. Next time, I'm going to review the 2018 Netflix series, " She-Ra and The Princesses of Power"...and considering the feedback that the show has gotten, especially from She-Ra and He-man review of it might be considered a little controversial.
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Respect (an Entrapdak fic)Chapter 1: What Now? Adora, Catra, Glimmer and Bow collapsed on the grass, laughing cheerfully. It was hard to believe, but... they were finally free! No more fights, no menaces or the constant fear of losing your beloved ones for good. Horde Prime and the Hordes were no more. Leaning on an elbow, Bow turned amusingly to the girls.“So? What are we going to do now?” “We can bring magic back to the universe. “ Adora suggested, as she stared at the bright, pink sky in wonder “What do you guys say to one more Best Friends Squad road trip?” Everybody agreed entusiastically. They stood up to start building dreamy plans. However, it quickly became clear that Adora’s idea would have to wait. There was a lot to do in Etheria yet. They would have to calculate all the damage caused by both the Hordes and provide the proper aid to the people whom lost their homes. To decide what to do to the clones. And the towers. “I think we could adapt them to contact other planets, if She-Ra hasn’t turned everything inside into plants” Bow suggested, after they sat again on the grass. “I didn’t turn them into plants; I just made plants growing in them. Like Perfuma” Adora explained apologetically “I just wanted to keep the clones from fighting back, and that was the best I could think of. The computers and stuff are still there, if the plants haven’t destroyed them.”Glimmer put a reassuring hand on Adora’s shoulder. “If there’s anything useful left there, I’m sure Entrapta can put all back together. By the way, where is she? I haven’t seen her since that clone possessed by Horde Prime dragged her by her hair” she mulled, with a small twinge of guilt. “Swift Wind and Wrongie should have watched her back”, Bow added, more sincerely “Even if we hadn’t enough people to fight the clones, that was not an excuse to leave her unprotected.” “As if you never had abandoned her before”, Catra needled, as she stretched on the grass again. From all the things in the world, they had to talk about the hairy crackpot now? “Entrapta is fine” Adora reassured them with a smile “I just saw her, before I joined you.” Just like Catra, she really didn’t want to worry, now. Just to relax and enjoy some quality time with her friends... They spent a few moments in silence, before Glimmer spoke again. “She saved the entire population of Etheria. Including my dad, Mermista and Scorpia. Now that I think of it, I never appreciated her as I should. I forbid you guys to save her, but, in the end, we would have died in the vacuum of space if Entrapta wasn’t there to keep the ship from blowing apart.” “Entrapta found the signal of Horde Prime’s ship,” Bow told her, even though he thought that should be obvious for Glimmer “So, without her, we wouldn’t have been able to save you and Catra. And she was the one whom insisted that we should take Wrong Hordak with us. Without him, we wouldn’t have been able to enter Erilandia.” “Oh, we would. We’d just have a little more trouble, but we would have found a way”, Catra retorted acidly, her last hope of taking a nap blown by the wind “Come on! At this rate, you’ll start to say that Entrapta also helped Adora to turn into She-Ra again!” Her eyes opened wider. Now that she bothered herself to think of that, Entrapta had been the last straw whom motivated her to break free from Shadow Weaver. Not by lecturing her with boring advices, like Adora and Scorpia had tried many times, but with a simple explanation of the Black Garnet’s real function. And, after that... “Well, as Bow just said, we wouldn’t have been able to rescue you without Entrapta’s help “Adora replied amusingly, unaware of her girlfriend’s sudden disturbed mood “So, yes, she contributed for She-Ra’s return. For better or worse, nothing was the same after we abandoned Entrapta in the Fright Zone. Like she was one of those catalysts Shadow Weaver was always bringing up. ‘A force that triggers a chain reaction’...” she mocked the dramatic speech of her deceased adoptive mother “Just like my first sword.” “That’s right!” Glimmer cheered up “Everything started when the three of us went looking for that sword in the woods. Seems like yesterday we were trying to kill each others!” “And then the Best Friends Trio was born!” Bow exclaimed “As a queen, you should create a date to celebrate the day the Rebellion was reborn. She-Ra Day!” Adora glanced at Catra, whom looked away. For the two, that day brought nothing but painful memories... but how to tell Glimmer and Bow without being a spoilsport? For her relief, she heard an approaching, well-known neigh. Grudgingly, the four (actually, five, because Melog had joined them during the talk) stood up. Probably Swift Wind was coming to ask why they weren’t celebrating with the rest of the gang. Or (brrr) to sing for them a song he composed to celebrate Horde Prime’s defeat. However, as he came closer, his expression clearly brought bad news. “Guys! We have a problem! There’s another clone among us, besides Wrong Hordak.” Swift Wind started to speak before stopping in front of them. “But now all the clones are free from the hive mind”, Bow reasoned “They’re no longer a menace, right?” “They are fanatical, remember?” Glimmer said darkly “This intruder probably wants to kill Adora, or the four of us, to revenge Horde Prime’s death” “Don’t worry, he...” Adora started, but her stallion was faster. “Uh, I don’t think this is the case. According to Entrapta, he killed Horde Prime himself.” “HE WHAT?!” the group parroted in disbelief. Even Melog let out a shocked meow. “It is true!” Adora confirmed quickly, before Swift Wind interrupted her again “I read in his mind, when I sent Prime’s soul away. Sorry I haven't told you yet, but I was tired and I didn’t see the need to worry you! That second clone, that Entrapta is defending... he is Hordak.” “You stole my thunder” Swift Wind pouted.
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POP Computer Generated
Netossa by DianeVallee




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Tyrannuss555 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2021  Hobbyist Artist
Are crossovers allowed?
OrionPax09 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2021  Professional General Artist
Oops! I accidentally submitted my fanfiction  She-Ra Episode Concept: The Garden of Anger by OrionPax09  to the gallery "Adora". Would you be so kind as to move it to the "Fanfiction" gallery?
CosmicLuci Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm working on a drawing of The Doctor (from Doctor Who) in the style of Princesses of Power (kind of a Doctor Who/She-Ra crossover, but it won't have any actual characters from She-Ra in it). Anyway, I was wondering if that sort of crossover can be submitted to the group, or if it's really more for just She-Ra characters, as I don't want to submit it needlessly.
L0NNIEart Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was just wondering if this is like just for the OG she-ra or the reboot as well...
Don't get me wrong, i like the original, but I also really like how much more diverse the characters are in the reboot. Also im a noelle stevenson stan.
queenzelda01 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
There's going to be a She-ra reboot coming to Netflix & personally I don't like it & think of it as a dumpster fire because they don't stick to the cannon of the series story. That & the animation is that of the style of Steven Universe which I personally don't like. I am not a very happy She-ra fan.. But there's always the first original version which impo is way more superior.
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