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OH MAN sorry for falling off the barrel for the past few weeks on getting updates posted here, you guys! Everything should be all caught up now!

But, I also wanted to let you know that I'm gonna be trying out a new update schedule that's...more or less this!! Posting a big chunk of pages all at once! Here's what I posted on the comic's website:

After this update, the update schedule for Runewriters is changing in a kind of big way -- I'm gonna try moving to "scene" updates! This means that instead of getting one page a week, I wait until I've finished 4-5 pages and post them all at once as one "scene."
The main reason for this is that, to be honest, I can't quiiiiiite manage weekly updates right now. I thought over it a lot, and I think constant short hiatuses or skipping updates every couple of weeks aren't great solutions for you guys or for my mental health; I think updating in scenes is gonna be the best solution to make sure you guys are still getting satisfying updates!!
If you like this plan, then thank my dear friend and constant encouragement Steph!! She's the one who suggested it!!
BUT if you kinda prefer seeing the pages as they're finished and don't want to wait, I've got an option for ya -- I'm gonna try posting pages early, as I finish each one, on patreon for $1 backers!!
This is super new to me so we'll see how it goes!! I'm excited to try and I hope this will be a good solution for everyone! :D

Thanks to everyone for your patience as I try this out!! And thank you, always, to everyone who reads and enjoys the comic -- you guys are the best, and I couldn't do this without your encouragement and support! :love:

OKAY I THINK THATS EVERYTHING, feel free to ask me if you have any questions though!! :>
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I've got a table at Emerald City Comic Con this year! I'm....... NERVOUS ABOUT ALL MY THINGS GETTING THERE but Lord willing, provided there are no catastrophes, I'll have books and prints and my AMAZING PRESENCE over at Table BB11! :w00t:

Here's a handy map!
ECCC Table Map!! by Shazzbaa

If you're coming you should definitely stop by and say hello! :excited:
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YOU GUYS!!! I'm gonna be at Otakon this weekend!

I'm gonna be at Table Y-09, right by the Pratt St. entrance -- here's a handy map!!!!

If you're gonna be there, stop by and say hi! :excited:
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Hey guys!

In case you missed it, RUNEWRITERS WILL RESUME UPDATES ON JANUARY 4th, 2016!! w00t! 

But there's been a two-year hiatus and you might want a refresher on what was even going on, so for those who aren't into archive binging, the Runewriters Tumblr will be working its way through the archive by posting a little chunk of pages twice a week to get us all caught up by January! It just started this week!

Love  Follow Runewriters on Tumblr for more RW Recap updates! Love 
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the Store!!!!!

My Little Zombie by Shazzbaa  Hi I am an Introvert! by Shazzbaa  Pens and Proofreading by Shazzbaa

All books are now available in the main store (though a couple of them are on backorder and might be a little slow getting to you, BUT YOU CAN ORDER THEM NOW AND THEY'LL GET THERE AS SOON AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE), and you might also notice I've moved prints to Redbubble! I hadn't bought anything from them before, so I ordered a photographic print to make sure they look nice and I can definitely vouch for the quality! The move to Redbubble also means that you can now own a My Little Zombie shirt or iPhone case, IF THAT'S THE SORT OF THING YOU DESIRE

I think it's all set up right now but I might have missed something so let me know if anything seems off or isn't working for you!! 

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