OKAY I GOTTA ASK: RW readers, who's your favourite character in RW so far? :D
230 votes
Tareth (the blonde deaf girl YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO THIS IS)
Severian (the one with tentacles)
Jonan (the tall angry mute necromancer guy)
Xira (the mindreading turban-clad newcomer)
Quentin Agorath (the red-headed slightly addled head of the Agorath Order)
Iavin (the dark-haired puppet-master dude)
Esra (Quentin's neat-freak second-in-command)

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I, err, voted before seeing the poll's date, so I guess it's a good excuse to fangirl a bit here.

I'm pretty sure Xira was not here for long enough when you posted the poll or he'd have had more votes. His "I'm clearly mundane" attitude is hilarious. And the more I see him the more his age makes sense. Hmm, people who don't read the characters bios will keep thinking he's much older, though, i guess.

Esra, Quentin and Iavin don't have enough screen-time either to judge, I think. I'd like to see them more (but then I'd see the other ones less... huh).

I like a lot Severian too -he's got horns! and he seems to mess everything up, that's very entertaining.

I like Tareth and Jonan too, but hey, you asked for favourites, I can't name every single character of yours, it'd be cheating.

Need I say I like your comic?