OKAY I GOTTA ASK: RW readers, who's your favourite character in RW so far? :D
230 votes
Tareth (the blonde deaf girl YOU SHOULD KNOW WHO THIS IS)
Severian (the one with tentacles)
Jonan (the tall angry mute necromancer guy)
Xira (the mindreading turban-clad newcomer)
Quentin Agorath (the red-headed slightly addled head of the Agorath Order)
Iavin (the dark-haired puppet-master dude)
Esra (Quentin's neat-freak second-in-command)

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I, err, voted before seeing the poll's date, so I guess it's a good excuse to fangirl a bit here.

I'm pretty sure Xira was not here for long enough when you posted the poll or he'd have had more votes. His "I'm clearly mundane" attitude is hilarious. And the more I see him the more his age makes sense. Hmm, people who don't read the characters bios will keep thinking he's much older, though, i guess.

Esra, Quentin and Iavin don't have enough screen-time either to judge, I think. I'd like to see them more (but then I'd see the other ones less... huh).

I like a lot Severian too -he's got horns! and he seems to mess everything up, that's very entertaining.

I like Tareth and Jonan too, but hey, you asked for favourites, I can't name every single character of yours, it'd be cheating.

Need I say I like your comic?
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You know I just read your comic yesterday and I'm dropping in to say that I love your characters.  Tareth, Sev and Jonan (and the zombie pony) are all PERF, so keep doing whatever it is that you're doing.  :'''D
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Ahhhh gosh thank you so much!! ;u; :love:
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This was a really damn hard choice. I love them all for different reasons, which I will proceed to note down shamelessly.

I like Jonan because I love pissed off characters that basically have no choice but to be good guys. (Plus my heart and brain died when he realised that he couldn't eat or drink. I think part of that expression was because the fact that he had actually been responsible for accidental deaths was finally dawning on him. At least that's what I'd like to believe lol)

I like Severian because he's hilarious and I feel like I could get along with him very well in the real world. That's not a feeling I get very often, hehe.

I like Tareth because she's just a likable character. She's not very sociable but likes people anyway (*cough* like your explanation of introverts *cough*), she's deaf and therefore you can feel sorry for her, but she's determined and wants to be brave. She's not like the characters you don't like because they seem too good; she was thought up in a way that you can just feel the realness of her personality. She's not angel-like or unrealistic - she just wants to help and will do whatever she can.

I like Quentin because he's listless and derpy in spite of being Master Agorath. His first entrance was him trying to get back into his room because he locked himself out. You don't see that very often when authors are trying to demonstrate the prowess of their VIPs, if you know what I mean. But he's also strange in a way that you can't predict him. I'm always trying to study his behaviour and get nothing but "????". I might be looking too far into it, but that's what I do.

I like Esra purely because his bickering with his boss are awesome. He's older than Quentin and is totally OCD (which his master is certianly NOT) but is in no position to criticize or demand that there be more order in the Order. It's just so much fun to watch.

/sorry for this, leaving now herp derp
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omg this is amazing, thank you so much! :wow: I am flattered and thrilled you love them all enough to write this! :aww:
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Duuuude you're welcome. And you probably remember me from your site - the chatty one, remember? Wabbajack! :lol:
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I was stuck between Tareth and Sev but I chose Tareth in the end ^^
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It was hard, but I finally came up with an order: Tareth, Xira, Sev, Jonan, Esra, Iavan, Quinten. (Yes, I like the WITCH better than Quinten, which is strange for me. But that guy is so up to something he's on top of Mount Everest.)
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I am sad there is no option for Xira's noble steed. <_<
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Tareth is probably the best developed character in the story so far, and despite that she is nothing short of adorable, haven't seen her stall out into cliche or boring once (which is partially due to dialogue, but mostly to your wonderful understanding of body language and underlying psychology I think) As much as I like some of the other characters (especially the absentminded boss), they haven't quite finished breaking out of established tropes, if only for lack of screen time (sev, is an entertaining take on the athletic adhd wild child, whearas jhonan is still a walking "pride cometh before the fall). I even like xira mostly because he's being so nice to tareth (which means I lose any and all respect for him if he so much as thinks about betraying her...). She's a funny note, deaf, but neither overly handicapped or inexplicably overpowered (as you say, npc class).
I voted Iavin because he's clearly the bad guy. He straight up murders people...I like him cause he doesn't play by the rules :)
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Okay I gotta say it was super hard to choose! XD The moonwolf-lady wasn't an option, huh? And neither was the lady aberrant-hunter? Cuz I thought they were both cool as well!
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I am also one of those that has trouble deciding because there are things I really like about...pretty much everyone on that list! It makes me really curious how you go about character creation because everyone seems to have something interesting going on they need resolved, and as near as I can tell their various handicaps don't even seem to be the main one! They are so interesting and you can sympathize with nearly everyone. It makes me wonder if you tend to include some unanswered question/contradition/magic ingredient or something of the sort early on in your character making process because that was generally my impression of the DnD characters that sometimes appeared in TNH incentives as well. I was always going 'woah, what a cool twist'! I wonder if that rabbit chocobo would give zombie pony a run for his money though after that 'simple thoughts' omake. XD
That is the hardest question I have faced this month.

I was stuck between Xira, Sev, Jonan and Tareth. I went with Jonan, because I just so enjoy his aggravation, even though I love them all. Like, Sev is amazing, Xira has the adorable Jackalope and is generally a cool guy, and if anything happens to Tareth I will be out for blood.
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Shazz, how could you -not- put Kerby on the list? I was forced to choose Jonan as the closest substitute!

...okay, it was a -little- more difficult than just that, but I've always had a soft spot for less than nice inclined characters. ^_^
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Hahahahahaha but I'm so amused by the thought of "well, the zombie pony's not on the list so I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO PICK JONAN" xD

I really should've just titled the poll "who's your second favourite character after necropony" because I already know who'd win if he were on the list. xD
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I really like Jonan because he reacts very funnily when faced with Sev( and he has a soft spot for necropony) , but I like Sev because he's so random, but I like Tareth cause she's so sweet, but I like Esra because of his *fix fix fix* but I like Xira because he's helping Tareth and has a bunny-ostrich, BUT NECROPONY IS SO CUTE. ITS THE CUTEST ZOMBIE I'VE EVER SEEN. :I
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But AH GOSH thank you for all your kind words for everyone! :blushes: I'm so happy you're enjoying all my silly magic people! :love:
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What if mine is Necropony? :meow:
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I really should have said "who's your second favourite character" because I know if Necropony was on this poll he would win.
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Yeargh such a difficult choice! Ezra, though. Even though I have a soft spot for basically every other character.
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(to be fair everyone has way more votes than I expected; you guys are the best :heart: )
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Tareth for the poll, but they're all just so great. Your comic is amazing. Keep up the stellar work ^__^
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Ahhh gosh thank you so much! :love:
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