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OH MAN sorry for falling off the barrel for the past few weeks on getting updates posted here, you guys! Everything should be all caught up now!

But, I also wanted to let you know that I'm gonna be trying out a new update schedule that's...more or less this!! Posting a big chunk of pages all at once! Here's what I posted on the comic's website:

After this update, the update schedule for Runewriters is changing in a kind of big way -- I'm gonna try moving to "scene" updates! This means that instead of getting one page a week, I wait until I've finished 4-5 pages and post them all at once as one "scene."
The main reason for this is that, to be honest, I can't quiiiiiite manage weekly updates right now. I thought over it a lot, and I think constant short hiatuses or skipping updates every couple of weeks aren't great solutions for you guys or for my mental health; I think updating in scenes is gonna be the best solution to make sure you guys are still getting satisfying updates!!
If you like this plan, then thank my dear friend and constant encouragement Steph!! She's the one who suggested it!!
BUT if you kinda prefer seeing the pages as they're finished and don't want to wait, I've got an option for ya -- I'm gonna try posting pages early, as I finish each one, on patreon for $1 backers!!
This is super new to me so we'll see how it goes!! I'm excited to try and I hope this will be a good solution for everyone! :D

Thanks to everyone for your patience as I try this out!! And thank you, always, to everyone who reads and enjoys the comic -- you guys are the best, and I couldn't do this without your encouragement and support! :love:

OKAY I THINK THATS EVERYTHING, feel free to ask me if you have any questions though!! :>
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I've got a table at Emerald City Comic Con this year! I'm....... NERVOUS ABOUT ALL MY THINGS GETTING THERE but Lord willing, provided there are no catastrophes, I'll have books and prints and my AMAZING PRESENCE over at Table BB11! :w00t:

Here's a handy map!
ECCC Table Map!! by Shazzbaa

If you're coming you should definitely stop by and say hello! :excited:
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YOU GUYS!!! I'm gonna be at Otakon this weekend!

I'm gonna be at Table Y-09, right by the Pratt St. entrance -- here's a handy map!!!!

If you're gonna be there, stop by and say hi! :excited:
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Hey guys!

In case you missed it, RUNEWRITERS WILL RESUME UPDATES ON JANUARY 4th, 2016!! w00t! 

But there's been a two-year hiatus and you might want a refresher on what was even going on, so for those who aren't into archive binging, the Runewriters Tumblr will be working its way through the archive by posting a little chunk of pages twice a week to get us all caught up by January! It just started this week!

Love  Follow Runewriters on Tumblr for more RW Recap updates! Love 
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the Store!!!!!

My Little Zombie by Shazzbaa  Hi I am an Introvert! by Shazzbaa  Pens and Proofreading by Shazzbaa

All books are now available in the main store (though a couple of them are on backorder and might be a little slow getting to you, BUT YOU CAN ORDER THEM NOW AND THEY'LL GET THERE AS SOON AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE), and you might also notice I've moved prints to Redbubble! I hadn't bought anything from them before, so I ordered a photographic print to make sure they look nice and I can definitely vouch for the quality! The move to Redbubble also means that you can now own a My Little Zombie shirt or iPhone case, IF THAT'S THE SORT OF THING YOU DESIRE

I think it's all set up right now but I might have missed something so let me know if anything seems off or isn't working for you!! 

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Hey guys! Happy New Year, and thanks for checking back in! ;u; This is just a check-in on my part and Runewriters isn't restarting yet, but I wanna give you guys a heads-up on what's going on with me!

First! If this hiatus stuff is news to you, I've got a full explanation of what led me to this decision over here, but the short version is that I'm living with my grandmother, and I've decided to put my most intense personal projects on hold so I can focus on being with her. :")
If you want to keep up with me in the meantime,
you can, of course, watch me here if you wanna see other art stuff too,
you can still follow me on twitter for comments about, just, like, my life,
you can follow me on tumblr for sketches and stuff I inevitably post,
you can follow the Athena Studio twitter if you want to be alerted by tweets when I come back but don't actually want to be inundated with tweets about my life,
and you can follow Runewriters on tumblr if you just want to be there for whenever Runewriters starts up again!

So here's what's up with me!
I have two grandparents right now: my mom's mom, whom I live with (we call her "Grandmother"), and my dad's mom (we call her "Granny") who lives about a mile away. Grandmother is startlingly fit for her age, but Granny needs a lot of care, and I ended up leaving my job to be more available to spend time with both of them!
At the moment, I know I don't have the time to update this comic consistently, but I'm definitely still working on it in the background -- it is not lounging around unloved! I'm always working on designs for characters and places that are gonna show up later, fiddling with thumbnails and page layouts for upcoming pages, working hard on making sure the script and story is the best it can be! I think that time for extra care will do it a bunch of good. I'm still really excited about this comic and, Lord willing, I still can't wait for the time when I'm able to share it with you all again! But I don't wanna start it back up again until the time is right. ;u; 

I've been looking around for what I can do, and result of this is, keep an eye on my online store in the next couple of days! :D Lord willing, I'm planning to open it up again very soon, for a little while at least, and finally make the Runewriters chapter books and all four TNH books available to buy!

Okay, thanks for sticking with me through all that text! I feel I owe you guys some art after all this talking, so I put up some concept sketches of an upcoming (KIND OF????) character redesign over here, something I started working on pretty early in the hiatus! :D
Also if you've missed the RW crew, you might wanna check out some of the questions I took on tumblr about them!
And a few people have seen this, but if you want to see what I've been working on the most, you can VOTE for a picture of, uh, the plot????
I think that's everything for now. Thanks to EVERYONE who's sent me so many messages of love and support over this hiatus!! ;u; It really, really means a ton, and I really am just blown away by what awesome readers you guys are to support me and care about me even while the comic is paused for so long. ;u; Thank you all so much!!!
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OOOPS I POSTED THIS ON THE RW WEBSITE IN JANUARY and someone pointed out to me that I totally didn't post it here so AHHHHHHH I'm so sorry for leaving you guys in the dark! Here's the announcement from the website. ;u;

Alrighty, you guys! It's official -- Runewriters is on hiatus for this year. I don't know 100% when I'll be back in action, but I'll let you guys know where stuff stands at the beginning of 2015 at least!

I've got a full explanation of what led me to this decision over here, but if you'd rather avoid the personal stuff, the short version is that I'm moving in with my grandmother, and I've decided to put all my personal projects on hold so I can focus on being with her. :")

If you want to keep up with me in the meantime,
you can follow me on twitter for comments about, just, like, my life,
you can follow me on tumblr for any sketches and stuff I happen to post,
you can watch me here on deviantart if you only want to be alerted to FINISHED ART,
you can follow the Athena Studio twitter if you want to be alerted by tweets when I come back but don't actually want to be inundated with tweets about my life,
and you can follow Runewriters on tumblr if you just want to be there for whenever Runewriters starts up again!

Currently, Tumblr and Twitter tend to be the most active; twitter is a good place to hear random thoughts about my life (IF YOU'RE INTO THAT KIND OF THING???) and tumblr is a good place to see my occasional sketches and drawings!

Thanks to everyone who's been so understanding. ;u; I'll see you when I get back!

So I've mentioned before that Skwinky and I do a crit session for each others' pages every week, and lately we were thinking maybe that would be cool to sit in on? So tonight (probably around 8-9pm EST, though we don't have a time set yet) we were thinking we might livestream our critique session if you guys would be interested in joining us! :aww:

(also depending on how long we take we miiiiight be able to look at other peoples' stuff if you guys want to join in and bring stuff for crit but I DO NOT KNOW IF WE'LL BE ABLE TO DO THAT OR NOT WE'LL SEE)

ANYWAY JUST A HEADS UP I'll post another journal when I know if things are happening and exactly what time things are happening JUST KEEP AN EYE OUT OVER HERE. *o*
In just a couple minutes I'm gonna start streaming while I colour the next page of Runewriters! I've got a long way to go so come by and keep me company! :aww:

Also I hope you guys like the .hack// soundtracks
Thinking I might livestream while I work on the page? I'm just on mic but come by if you wanna keep me company! .u.

[EDIT: CLOSED] Ahhhh thanks for coming you guys it was really nice! ;u; Page will be done tomorrow evening!!
SPX is this weekend, guys! If you're coming, you should stop by and say hi to me and Skwinky at Table D7! :love: LOOK I MADE YOU A MAP!

Gonna be livestreaming in the next few minutes I think! YOU CAN COME AND SEE ME COLOUR???

EDIT: All done! Thanks for coming out to keep me company! *u*
In case you missed it, Runewriters is running guest art/comics this month! They're not my art so I can't post them in my gallery, but I SURE CAN LINK TO THEM AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

The third guest art is by xandrei!


(And here's the previous one, and the one before that, in case you missed it!)

Guest stuff is done as of this week so I'm gonna try to get you guys a page next update!! *u* WE'LL SEE HOW IT GOES
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In case you missed it, Runewriters is running guest comics this month! They're not my art so I can't post them in my gallery, but I SURE CAN LINK TO THEM AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

The second guest art is by charpal, aka Jordan!


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In case you missed it, Runewriters is running guest comics this month! They're not my art so I can't post them in my gallery, but I SURE CAN LINK TO THEM AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.
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I've had a couple of people ask what conventions I'm planning to attend this year, so I thought I'd make an OFFICIAL POST here as well!

Skwinky and I are doing a smaller convention set this year due to both busy life things for everyone --

Otakon - Aug 9th - Aug 11th
SPX - Sept 14th and 15th

If any of you are coming out to either of these conventions, be sure to stop by! We're hoping to have some new books and new prints and such and it should be pretty sweet. :love:
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Man, it feels like this thing has been in the works forever, but at last, the new store is up!

I've got all three TNH books, the Fat Animals Colouring Books which have been a huge hit at conventions, and a few posters you guys might recognise as well!

I tend to be a bit slower on shipping than the big online companies since I literally run this business out of my room (it can take an extra week or so sometimes), but I'll always e-mail to let you know when your books or posters are on their way and I try to be as communicative as possible. :")

Leave a message if you find anything bugs or anything that Flak and I missed, and we'll get on them ASAP!


P.S. - I did put together a Runewriters book of the first chapter to sell at conventions, but I'm not sure how much interest there'd be for something so new -- so let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that available also!
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So I ran into someone recently asking about why voicing (basically, the fact that Tareth is encouraged to speak rather than sign) is treated as important/desirable/necessary in Runewriters... and the thing is that I don't really think it is, so I wanted to go into that a little bit!

My instinct, as usual, is to say "keep reading!" :meow: because that issue was definitely not finished with in Chapter One -- but I can still understand the uncertainty. The tricky thing about this, I think, is that speaking aloud isn't a new thing for Tareth. She flips easily between the two -- but only with Severian. Speaking aloud to other people is the thing she hasn't really done before. It's being willing to step outside of her sheltered world that makes her decision a big deal, rather than it being a decision to vocalise.

That said, there's way more to the story, and Tareth's preferred method of communication is something that'll come up throughout. To those of you who are sad to see less signing this chapter -- do not worry! It's not done, not by a long shot. This is one of those long, long stories where whole characters and plot threads can fall into the background for a chapter or so and come back later, and without delving into too much explanation of my own story, I feel like this is basically an example of that.

Ultimately, though, my primary concern is the characters, rather than the issues they raise. The story is about them -- not about their deafness, or muteness, or OCD, or bipolar disorder, or anything else that is but one facet of them. I'm not trying to spread an Important Message About Deafness by having a deaf character -- Tareth's circumstances, especially growing up without any Deaf culture to exist in, are very different from someone who is deaf in our world -- though I do understand the danger of generalising "this is the way it should be" with anything like that, and I really don't have any intentions to make such statements as the story continues. So far, Tareth has been encouraged to speak aloud in order to help Severian. But there's more to the story, and to her story, than that. =)
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[Okay first off HOLY COW YOU GUYS I am floored by the response to the Pens & Proofreading poster! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! :love: ]

OKAY YOUSE GUYS here's the deal

Ordinarily I offer commissions as a big ta-da and there's all these different choices and whatnot BUT NOT TODAY

Today I'm offering these little quickie coloured things and they look like this:
:bulletyellow:Here is a Sollux…

They're small, inked, and they even have one or two colours!

:bulletyellow:Sollux sized ones are $30,
:bulletyellow:Fluttershy sized ones are $25

:bulletred: S. M. (Sollux-sized - paid)
:bulletred: S. T. (Sollux-sized - paid)
:bulletgreen: K. S. (Sollux-sized?)

E-mail me a little description of what you want at SHAZZBAA AT FOSKIE DOT COM or send me a note here on DA! Then I will tell you where to paypal me the money, and then you will paypal me the money, and then I will draw your commission! Do NOT paypal me money until I ask for it, please! c: FOR SOME WEIRD REASON I HAVE HAD LOTS OF PROBLEMS WITH PEOPLE THROWING MONEY AT ME UNBIDDEN? IDK

LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE if you want to get it mailed to you (and you are willing to pay shipping)! If you want a physical copy I'll break out a couple of markers for the colour; if want a digital copy I'll probably colour it digitally (since that tends to look best on a computer screen). I tend to work pretty small, so the physical copy will not be a big thing!

:bulletyellow:Ordinarily I am willing to design characters, but since I want this to be SUPAH FAST IN BETWEEN CONS and that is a long process, I'm not doing that this time! You must have visual reference of your character so I can see what he or she looks like.

:bulletyellow:No robots.

:bulletyellow:Nothing graphically NSFW!

:bulletyellow:No multiple character commissions this time, sorry, and only one slot per person! YOU ONLY GET ONE. CHOOSE WISELY.

I think so!



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EDIT: Stream is over, thanks to all who came!

Let's see if I can get livestream to work! Workin' on a print or something. :3