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Turing - Character Ref Sheet



I,,, wanted to make one a' those spiffy character sheets for that robot I recently accidentally invented and became very attached to. IT TURNS OUT THESE THINGS ARE DIFFICULT!!

It was a lot of fun though, I'm actually pretty proud of it!!


Turing isn't foolish when it comes to running a company, but he has a strange amount of optimistic naivety when it comes to operating outside of his office... mostly due to a lack of experience, since much of his understanding as an AI comes from interaction rather than direct programming. Turing was designed to operate in an environment that requires and rewards curiosity and problem-solving, and the unexpected drawback of these qualities is that he gets bored very easily and it's hard to make him, stop, working,,,
Kairos Robotics has made sure that he always has humans around to ask when he has questions, and most of his learning and development as an AI was in a job that required a lot of clear communication, so once he starts talking in any other situation he rarely knows when it is appropriate to stop. He gets a LOT of coaching for interviews and interactions with the public, since his cheerful hopes for robots to one day operate independently of human oversight tend to be seen as alarming by his human customers.

He is much more awkward than he lets on, but he is doing his best!!
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The fancy robo!!