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Pokemon - Female Symbol

By Shazzbaa
You came here searching for a monster you had not captured, but it is an 80 foot tower of shifting red lights that stands before you, shrouded in darkness. It screams endlessly, musically. You cannot stop listening to its cry.
Kinda a companion to Missing Number, Female Symbol is a significantly more obscure glitch pokémon, but it's DEFINITELY one of my favourites. The dark square you see in its sprite isn't actually part of the pokémon; the pokémon is those red shapes, which change every time you look at it, and the dark square is just darkness around it -- if you manage to catch a Female Symbol and send it into battle, that same dark screen will also obscure your moves and options in battle.
Female symbol is infamously difficult to catch, however, since its pokédex information has to play its cry; its cry is very long and sometimes you'll get trapped listening indefinitely to its unending song. (I've had this happen to me when sending it into battle, too.)
Its Pokédex info also lists it as being 80 feet tall, which is my favourite thing! It's an 80' tall tower of shifting red lights shrouded in darkness that might drive you to madness with its unending cry!! THAT IS LITERALLY A LOVECRAFT HORROR.

Anyway, hello, I love pokemon glitches and I hope I can inspire you to consider how amazing they are. If you would like to own this as a companion to Missing Number it is ALSO available in my Redbubble store for... SOME?? REASON???????
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Omg I love this. Female symbol is my fav. glitch Pokemon, I remember a childhood friend showed me the original MissingNo on his Pokemon Red cartridge with the old man glitch, way back in the day before everyone really knew about it. I thought it was the coolest thing.

When I found out there was more glitch Pokemon later on, I was really fascinated by it. But for some reason, female symbol really stood out to me. The other day I finally used an emulator to run into female symbol, and I caught it with a master ball (I couldn't catch it with a pokeball no matter how many times I tried). It did take a really long time to wait for her cry to end on the Pokedex entry, probably around 10 minutes, but I finally got to sit through it so I was able to save and keep her.

So now female symbol is my partner pokemon on that rom save. LOL! And she is so strong, surprisingly, way stronger than regular MissingNo, and my particular one is actually a little bit stronger than even Mew. As glitchy as she is, she totally mops the floor with everything. It's so funny and epic. But I do have to make sure I save the game state before every single encounter, wild pokemon or otherwise, because she does have that chance of going into an endless cry everytime you send her out.

The only glitch she's been causing is she is altering the graphics of my pikachu that follows you around. But he goes back to normal when you look at his stats. So she's surprisngly stable for a glitch Pokemon, too. Just thought I should share my story in case anybody else wanted to hear it, lol. XD

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This is probably the best version I've seen of this pokemon.

Although I must say, I find it weird that everyone calls this pokemon ''female symbol'' rather than ''Venus'' which is the proper name for the ''female symbol'' and the namesake of the planet Venus's name.

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80.3 feet tall, she's taller than a Wailord. Imagine encountering something like her in real life.
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she wants to sing a song for you!!!!! she is trying her best.............. she is just Shy
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I find this to be both hauntingly beautiful, and yet terrifying!
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This is so good man, I keep thinking about your piece seriously!!
I love that you respected the height of female symbol which is ridiculously huge and the design of its sprite the way it is... it's even creepier imo
It's so eerie and well done!! Very good job!
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Oh man, thank you so much!!! HONESTLY it was finding out how tall female symbol was that inspired this..... like..... that's such an Eldritch Entity I HAD to try to imagine what it would be like to really encounter it!!

Thank you so much!
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Wow, it's my favorite Pokemon now.
Personally, I think Nintendo should totally include the (more well-known) "glitch pokemon" in their games... Just imagine:
'M is a Bird/Normal type, it's 23 feet tall and is made of junk data... It's literally 7 meters of pure primordal chaos with wings.
MissingNo. is also a Bird/Normal type... that weighs over ten-thousand pounds. They may as well go the whole way and have it be a sentient bird singularity or something... Though, given its sprites (Aerodactyl fossil, Kabutops fossil, a Ghost and glitchy messes) and the fact that it might also appear as a Normal/99||9 type pokémon, maybe it should be the Pokémon-verse's Grim Reaper instead?
But, yeah, I definitely think ♀ would be the most interesting one. I mean, for starters, it's Normal/Normal type. If you ask me, that in itself just sounds suspiciously like it's trying to deny the fact that it's an 80 feet tall, 3 tons heavy THING. "Nnnope, I'm just an extraordinarily normal pokemon, move right along, nothing to see here." Then there's the fact that it's an 80 feet tall, 3 tons heavy THING. An 80 feet tall, 3 tons heavy thing with base stats second only to Arceus. And then there's its moveset. It starts with Spike Cannon (so it presumably has spikes), Waterfall (Cthulhu confirmed?), Dream Eater (and if you teach it TM42 it gets a STAB from using Dream Eater, too) and Psychic (which shouldn't come as a surprise seeing as it's pure mind raping horror). After that it learns Constrict (what kind of physique does a 23 meter tall thing have if it's able to CONSTRICT something?!), Hyper Beam (which it learns at Lv.6), Pay Day ('cuz why not?), Stomp (can you imagine being stomped on by this thing?), Petal Dance (pretty pretty Cthulhu?), Twin Needle (which it learns twice... whatever this thing is, it obviously likes its spikes and needles), Double Kick (or, in other words, Stomp TWICE) and Hydro Pump (yyyup. definitely, definitely Cthulhu). Personally, I feel the only way its form can be made justice is if its in-battle animation is some Alucard-esque shapeshifting (kinda like this: Also: It already has its own boss encounter music.
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Mannnnn yeah, I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'd just really like to see a future pokemon game that centres around the glitches -- like, every game introduces some new type and some new legendary etc etc, what if one game the whole story of it that whichever professor was looking into was that some pokemon (whom we know get stored as data in the PC) were getting corrupted data, and a Glitch type was introduced??? MISSINGNO could be that game's legendary -- I think it would be awesome!! It probably wouldn't make sense to keep the moves the same, since a lot of Glitch pokemon don't learn anything super impressive other than their SuperGlitch moves, but heck, I don't even care!! I just wanna see these guys actually exist in canon, I think it'd be amazing!!
Indeed. The only thing I can think of that'd concievably make the inclusion of the glitch Pokémons a bad idea is that there's something special about the way they're so mysterious an unknowable. Properly putting them into a Pokémon game would be a bit like defining Cthulhu: A bit of the "magic" that makes them so special would go away... Well, unless effort is put into making their Pokédex entries just as mysterious and unknowable as before... preferably they should be identical to their original entries.

(Hmh, seems the Hellsing clip I linked to got deleted... Meh, I'll just post a new link: ...10 year old clip with a 480p resolution. That's pretty impressive... And it hopefully shouldn't go away any time soon, either.)
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To put glitch pokemons in the game they would need to take some steps in order to not destroy their magic. Here is my take on it:

1: They should not have an entry directly in the pokedex, it should only be viewable directly by the pokemon and it should be an incomprehensible or/and glitchy mess. Preferably a recreation of its original one.

2: May be only me. but i think they should not have natures or IVs, due to them being uncomprehensible and not following the same rules as the other pokemons. In addition, i think they should be able to learn multiple times the same attack. I also think they should not have an Ability, it should just be written ???.

3: Most important in my opinion, i think you should not be able to catch them in the new games, they should be imported by pokebank. Basically, if you want a pokemon glitch, then you need to really do the glitch in its original game.

3: Unexisting types such as ¨bird¨ should either return or turn into ??? types. Basically they should keep their glitched types.

4:The game should act as if it dosen't know they exist, if you have a glitch pokemon as first in your party, then NPCs should mention a random pokemon even if you don't have it.

5: The game should incorporate them whitout changing much of them (aside for maybe a 3d model but even then it needs to respect the original glitch form) and should do it without mentioning it, even nintendo or gamefreak should make no mention of it and they should not be listed in official pokemon lists. They could even go further and not answer any questions relating it.

6: Not a necessity but they could also be banned from online battles.
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Oh god this is amazing! Do you plan on making a series of these? I'd love to see how you handle .4, a, and H-Poke. :D
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Oh man!! thank you so much!! :D
Alas, I'm not as familiar with the Red/Blue glitches as I am their Yellow counterparts -- it's awesome to know I'm not the only one who'd like to see more renditions of glitches in the world, though! :love: I've pondered some ideas for Q and Z4 because MAN A GLITCH SERIES WOULD BE JUST THE RADDEST, but it's definitely tricky to get a really strong visual that still evokes the sprite. Whether I revisit is all about whether a good visual strikes me, I think! : )
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Oh my god. Yessss. A truly Lovecraftian horror.

Just had a thought, I feel as though the red lights are not the form of the thing itself but rather like the false colors you see when you press your fists against your eyelids or sit in total darkness for a length of time caused by the rift in reality that is perceived as the darkness around it. Merely a song in the vastness, brushing up against our own illusion of the mundane. Were the singer themselves to actually enter into our realm, nothing would remain but that haunting tune.

Yep, losing my shit just thinking about it.

A terrifying thought...

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I'm 100% on board for this
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That sleepy delirium comes in handy every now and then.
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Nice design and colors
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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