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Fusion OCs - Out for a Walk

By Shazzbaa
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I ended up joining an RP with some friends with Turing, and the group he ended up in most recently was so cute I had to draw our small party. While walking through this dangerous forest they had a nice chat about what year they're from, the magic apocalypse, the advantages of having limbs you can swap out, discrimination against non-humans, and whether or not their respective homeworlds recognise them as people. Like y’do!!

Turing, the robot who did not bring the correct feet for traversing a forest, belongs to me. Jay, the blonde enby teen who's secretly a tree and is borrowing Turing's jacket, belongs to Parda! Static, the good pure four-eared salamander noodle friend, belongs to mafic97 (who is also on tumblr)!


Turing comes from a world that's basically earth in the future. No magic, no fantasy, just, we've managed self-aware robots. Technology like him is pretty new, so he's still in an awkward in-between stage where he's been named CEO of the company and is understood to be his own person, but is technically the company's property, can't legally draw a paycheck, and isn't allowed to do a lot of things without human supervision. He's sometimes frustrated by this but optimistic that things will improve!!

Jay comes from a world that used to be like earth until magic suddenly burst in, unleashing monsters on the world and rendering all technology inoperable. Their world has rebuilt since, but decades later still keeps a deep mistrust of these new monsters, which most people see as killers. Jay has been infected by one of these monsters, the Ghost Trees, and is keeping this Very Secret.

Static's world is a modern magical society that sees magic the ways ours sees electricity -- it's a powerful force, sure, but it's a normal part of life. They've lived with so many different kinds of fantastical creatures that their society is built around it, with laws governing the use of magic and making sure that no magical beings can be discriminated against. Static himself is downright horrified at the worlds the other two come from -- his world may not be perfect, sure, but you can't just kill monsters or enslave a robots without SOMEONE getting in trouble for doing so!!

I love the worldbuilding everyone's done for their fusions...... ITS SO NEAT???? anyway that's all the rambling about our fusion kids for now thanks for coming to my tedtalk everyone
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Fantastic details and feel
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Thank you so much!!