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Umbreon Plush Pattern

By shazy
THIS PATTERN IS FREE TO USE. Please do NOT sell or repost it anywhere!!

Just a word of warning, i have not tested this tutorial, there may be slight issues with the sizes of the pieces. These are the correct shapes, but feel free to change the size of each piece how you see fit.

The pattern for this plush

The pattern is for normal umbreon. To make shiny umbreon, just change the black to grey, the yellow to blue and the red to yellow^^ (dont change the eye pupil to grey)

Requested by :iconkaia-anevay:

I wont be making a tutorial to go with this, but here is a basic step by step to help:

Note: Leave a 1cm border around each piece when you cut the shapes out.

1. Cut the head pieces and sew them together along side A

2. Cut the ear pieces and sew each ear along the outside, leaving the gap where the green line is. Turn inside out and stuff the ears via this hole.

3. Pin the stuffed ears to the INSIDE of the (now joined) head pieces where the green lines are. Now line up side B of the second head piece with both Side B's of the first and sew, making sure the ears are on the inside. This might be difficult as the ears are stuffed. If so, sew as much as you can, then turn inside out, stuff the head, and finish the stitching from the outside. This finishes the head.

4. Cut the body pieces and sew both top pieces to the bottom along side C (one on each side). Do not sew where the orange line is, this is the neck hole, you'll need it to turn inside out.

5. Cut the tail pieces and sew them together along the rim, leaving the gap where the blue line is. Turn inside out, stuff.

6. Pin the tail to both side D's where the blue line is, making sure it is pointing INSIDE. Sew both side D's together. Turn the body inside out and stuff. At this stage, you might want to fill the body with beans to weight it.

7. Sew the head to the neck, making sure there is enough stuffing to support it so it isnt floppy. Now you have your base.

8. Cut out the eye shapes and sew the black pupils to the red shapes. Then pin the eyes to the head how you want them, and sew them on. Do the same with the yellow rings on umbreons forehead, shoulders and legs.

9. Cut the long yellow pieces and pin them around umbreons ears and tail. You may need the adjust the length of the piece depending on the width of the tail/ears. Sew them down.

10. As a finishing touch, stitch a little black nose to umbreon, just with thread overlapping, and give him paws by sewing through the stuffed ends of his arms and legs along the dotted lines. If you like, you can also give him shine to his eyes by cutting white circles of material and sewing them to his eyes. See my plush for an example.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you use it^^

and i used :iconrenegar-kitsune:'s jolteon plush pattern to help with the head for umbreon, so that is why there is credit to them.
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How do I put the head together?

is there a video?

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do u have a template for rainbow dash?
Pikachueviaseedling's avatar
I might make a fennec fox with this, is that OK or does it have to be Umbreon? (Yes i'll credit you when i put it on Da)
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could this pattern be reused as an angel dragon plush? Of course with modifications to the head would be necessary, just curious!
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Ohh that's so helpful!
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If I leave all the scales like that, no resizing at all, would it still work properly? Is there anything you would recommend resizing?
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Hello! Thanks so much for making this pattern! I'm making a Zephyr plush from league of legends using it, and i'm stuck on one bit. 
When you connect the head and the body, is the head supposed to have a hole in it at the bottom, that you sew to the opening of the neck? if so, where abouts should that hole be, in the head? I know you sew the 3 head pieces together like a triangle, but where exactly am I supposed to stop sewing to leave a hole for the neck?
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Yes, the head should have an opening at the bottom. you should be able to use the nose as a guide to where the bottom of the head is and where the neck should begin. Its not a problem if you stuff and sew up the two parts seperately though, and then just sew the neck over part of the under-head area. Its up to you, whatever you think looks best. I prefer to stuff and sew up the head completely as a seperate object and then connect the two. 
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too cuuuuuute XD
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Heyou, this is super cute!  You asked us not to resell or re-upload the pattern, but would you mind if we sold finished plushies made from this pattern?
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It depends in what quantity and what product. If you are selling umbreons then no, but if its altered for a different animal then I dont mind

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Hello, can you send my the pdf file? ill message you my email!
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I used this to make a plush of my coyote sona.…
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Ahhh excellent!! It looks wonderful~~ I'm glad my pattern could help. thanks for showing me!
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if I just print this out will it be sized correctly? :3
shazy's avatar
As long as you keep everything in proportion (dont resize different bits) should be fine
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Thank you so much for the pattern it was very useful as a reference for making a huge ragdoll like Sylveon. <3
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no problem ^^ glad it helped
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Hi! This looks really cool, and I'd love to try it out, but would you mind telling me what stitches to use where if you're planning on hand sewing it? Thank you! =^-^=
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I sewed my version by hand and just used a simple running stitch ^^
Kyogre20's avatar
That's what I was gonna do! Thank you!! so, running stitch on all of it, correct? No back stitch or anything?
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