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hoxlirium gaze

A complete set of animated XP cursors. The cursors feature roving disemboweled eyes, rotating pointers, and other effects. Animations are smooth. 15 animated cursors total. Enjoy.

note: These cursors contain alpha-blended shading and will only look good in Windows XP or equivalent operating systems.
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:eager: by darkmoon3636 :eager: by darkmoon3636 how to install this cursor?
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how to download it?
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i thoroughly enjoy this wicked blue eye. I've spent many hours zoning out and staring at it on an older computer and have finally found someone to thank :coffeecup::eye:
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I remember this one. Hoaving to reinstall windows 3 time sucks. I do like this creepy cursor set.
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Genius, I love this cursor.
What do you use to create your cursors?, I would like to change its colour palette slightly to fit in more with my steampunk theme desktop (rusty range of colours ranging from dark brown to gold (take a look at the winamp skin Unison Brainstorm)), but only on the arrows, the eye is perfect. If I manage to do this I would send you the resulting files for posting.
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Hello fellow cursor creator. We have just started a community for those of us who enjoy making cursors. We like your cursors and would like you to join us ^_^ Check us out at Cursor-Mania. Hope to see you there!
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You can disembowel an eye? Weird!

Anyway, these look great!
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Goooooooooooooooooooooood! nice work man ;-)
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