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Tribal bunny

Doodled while at work. I seem to do really good stuff while I'm there. XD

Maybe I should start takin' my sketchpad and such with me...

This image is not to be re-posted, edited, or distributed unless you have my written consent to do so.

UPDATE (May 28, 2019) - Since so many people seem to have delighted in STEALING this image (as in, used for profit), have an updated, watermarked version instead. Also disappointed to see how many tattoos of it are out there that have zero acknowledgement of the source of the work. If you're gonna ink my art on you, at least have the decency to look for a way to tell me about it and maybe send people to check out my other work. Sheesh.
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I love this! Would love to make this a tattoo. But not on my ass...
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I sorry I used you art with out permission I'm so very sorry.....
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This looks really pretty ! 
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I would love to chat with you about the possibility of my using this art for in my business logo/name.  :) 
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This is really cute, i love it!
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:3 Really cool design, and it'd look so awesome as a tattoo!
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That is very cute <3
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Yes, take your sketchpad with you!

This is really awesome. x3
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Seems to be my most popular piece. Who'da thought, when it took all of about ten minutes. O_o;;
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Well, you never know! :D! And trust me, the length of time it takes to complete something hardly EVER figures into whether people like it or not. xD
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I'll tattoo this on my ass, just for you, Shayde. <3

Very nice. :)
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I want pictures!! >O
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It's cute. And [Like AlmightyBlah] I had thought of Tattoos when I saw it. I won't be surprised if someone finds this and puts it on their ass or boob...or something.
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Lawl. Yeah, that'd be amusing. They better post a picture of it. >O
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Ooh, that's cool! Looks sort of like a bunny-flower...
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Cute! I'd recommend carrying the sketchbook--I try to keep a notepad and one of my cameras with me everywhere I go--even to the office. ^_~ It helps a lot when the art-bug bites.
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That's really good.
Have you ever considered designing tattoos?
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I actually have a couple of tattoo designs in my gallery. Angel and demon skater chicks done as a commission for someone I used to hang out with. Never quite got around to finishing 'em. Oh well.
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