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The Thirteenth Doctor

"Is the future going to be all girl?"
"We can only hope."  

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I like her myself, still don't think there are enough female Time Lords!

MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Exllcent workss still not sure
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Lovely work.
I just keep looking at their eye lines and can't help but wonder 'who's taking the photo?'
MirrorKhaos's avatar
I'm sure she will rock it. Like this awesome drawing.
Absolutely stunning! The future looks great.
Ghostbear2k's avatar
Fantastic...oh, fantastic :)
(you can probably guess my favorite ;) )

Very cool lineup! I like it
rlkitterman's avatar
Thanks for sharing this!  It's strange to think we've already had six Doctors in the "new" series.
Roytrommely261's avatar
huh. 6 already... well, hopefully she won't be a colin baker!
rlkitterman's avatar
My hope too!  Had any chance to see her debut episode yet?
Roytrommely261's avatar
Yeah, seen all of them so far (sorry for the late reply!). She's definitely leaning towards 'bakerish'. Hopefully that's just the writers, though!
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i mean... i kind of already hate the thirteenth dcotr, just because of what BBC was pushed to do to gain audience, plus she kind of got on my nerves on broadchurch
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Gus, don't be the third Thompson Twin (with the dreads).
TheOldAI's avatar
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Absolutely brilliant
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And Looks Like Peter's Right.
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Capaldi or Davison?  There's a bit of a civil war with the Doctors right now- Davison and McCoy against (though it looks like McCoy's defected) and Capaldi, Smith, Tennant, McGann, both Bakers and archival interviews of Troughton all "pro".

Actually... that's not much of a civil war, is it? :D
HoshikoSoyokaze's avatar
McCoy was always on the fence, semi-pro. Davison was heard to have started to go Pro, but then the internet hung and quartered him.
PaulHanley's avatar
Yep- which really saddens me- I don't think it helped anyone to gang up on Peter, a generally all-around nice guy, for having a pretty darned moderate stance as far as the "nays" go- especially when he was clearly evolving on the subject.  A lot of naysayers will likely come around once they've actually seen the first few eps of Whittaker's run, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to give them some space for now.  I know a lot of people who weren't sold on the idea just a few years ago who've totally come around.
HoshikoSoyokaze's avatar
It's just sad now that if someone has a legitimate criticism suddenly, there will be a group of people who will take it as an attack on the actor's gender. This will happen. And it's sad that the culture war now is spreading and growing to such a degree.
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I don't know if I'd call his earlier statements legitimate criticisms as much as legitimate concerns- ones which didn't come from a hateful place but seem less rational if you think about them a while, and that's probably exactly why his feelings on it were evolving.  A lot of good causes would be well served if people realize that being biased or ignorant of something doesn't automatically make someone hateful or bad- *everybody* is biased and ignorant about something.  Nobody's perfect. 

Something people realize less and less nowadays is that a lot of folks will respond positively to criticism and new ideas if they're presented reasonably and without hostility.  Pete's a pretty positive person overall, and I think it would've been really interesting to hear him and Colin Baker (or maybe better, Sophie Aldred or one of the other female companions who's supported the idea) discuss it back and forth for five minutes, face to face (there's almost zero chance of that now, sadly).
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