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I just finished a rush corporate job. (that's where they keep the money I've found). Every time I finish one of these jobs I feel the need to draw something I want to draw.

The line art may be viewed here.

I was reading a review of The Dark Knight and I got inspired to draw Heath Ledger's version of the The Joker.

Although, I'm still very sad about Heath. He was an amazing actor. I'm an actor as well and it's just well, unhappy...

Update: I saw the The Dark Knight today. I really liked it. Ledger was incredible as the Joker. Probably closer than anything I've seen as far as a characterization of the Joker goes. Ledger really captured the essence of the thing. He kind of played my ideal of him. Or at least how I saw it in my head. No green hair though? I like the green hair.
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Great Depth & colour to the image, quality work *-*
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Is he going to show us a magic trick? 😄 Lol! This is amazing! 👏 Great job!!! 😄
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It's exactly like him in the movie. It's great.
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This... This... This... Im speechless, im also drawn in by the eyes.
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Come hither stare.

Gotta love ledger.
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Really love the style here. This looks fantastic. :)
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Wow! ledger was the best Joker ever, played the part as if he was really him, thats what I like about actors like Ledger- the way they capture their role and truly become the character their supposed to be- shame how he turned out, was looking forward to seeing him in others roles- actors like him are rare
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I like the hair
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I went with traditional comic colors on this.
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Ah yes, I thought it look familiar! You did a bloody good job with the coloring
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I have prints at shows I guest at.
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