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Doctor Who: Fade Away Page 2



This is page 2 of Doctor Who: Fade Away by my talented pal Paul Hanley :iconpaulhanley: (story, colors, and lettering) and myself (pencils and inks). It is our (very fond) farewell to Nicholas Courtney.

If you are feeling particularly generous please donate in Nicholas Courtney's name. Just go ahead and C L I C K H E R E to donate. If you can't donate personally -just pass on the link.

I met Patrick Troughton when I was a young buck. I was part owner in a failing comic book store. We were sponsoring Doctor Who on the local PBS channel and Patrick came to the store and the mayor of Minneapolis ( or one of his lackey's more likely) gave Patrick the key to the city.

I gave him a picture I had drawn of him and Wendy Padbury. He pulled me aside later and said in his indomitable voice, "You know I get quite a lot of these but I must say you are very, very good. You should pursue art as a vocation."

After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I went on to become a professional commercial artist. After all, Who am I to ignore advice from The Doctor?

:iconpaulhanley: says: As some fans will know, the Brigadier's first meeting with the Doctor (in THE WEB OF FEAR) happened off-camera. I thought it should finally be portrayed here, and set about the intimidating task of writing their first scene ever. Then late in the game, it occurred to me that their meeting might have been depicted in the old Target novellization of the story- and sure enough, it was. It'd be blasphemy to rewrite the great Terrance Dicks, so my scene went in the trash. This is pretty much his dialogue word-for-word- so really, "Uncle Terrance" wrote 3/5 of this page. :D

This'll probably be the last page till late this month as I'm headed off on vacation. But stay tuned, there's good stuff to come... :)

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Read The Doctor & I... by Paul Hanley and I

Sarah Jane Smith: Final Report [link]
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