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Doctor Who: Fade Away Page 1

This is a labor of love created by my talented pal Paul Hanley :iconpaulhanley: and myself. It's our goodbye to the great Nicholas Courtney.

When Paul told me about it; I pretty much demanded that he let me draw it. It's nine pages total and we'll be uploading them in the next few weeks.

If you are feeling particularly generous please donate in Nicholas Courtney's name. Just go ahead and C L I C K H E R E to donate. If you can't donate personally -just pass on the link.

Fade Away: Page 2

Fade Away: Page 3

Fade Away: Page 4

Fade Away: Page 5

Fade Away: Page 6

Fade Away: Page 7

Fade Away: Page 8

Fade Away: Page 9

Read The Doctor & I... by Paul Hanley and I

Sarah Jane Smith: Final Report
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That smirk on the Brig's face after the bartender asks the Doctor for ID! Priceless!!
Astonishing !! Geez, i miss the Brigadier !! RIP,Sir !!
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Thank you. I miss him too.
same here, that's funny, that reminds me of the "5 doctors" special episode i saw last night & i saw some cool memorable "brigadier" moments !! & there's also one good fellow that we never forgot: Sarah Jane Smith.
Btw, i wish if i could see a story of yours about the Time War which includes the 8th Doctor's Regeneration to the 9th, that would be cool. Anyway, what i read from you, its just memorable & fantastic. Keep Up The Good Work & i hope that we can read more Doctor Who Stories from you & your fiend. & btw, i like the draws, very detailed & all. Cheers !!
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R.I.P Nicholas Courtney
Just read this after watching the latest Doctor Who episode (not giving it's name cause itself is a bit spoilery), but this is wonderful. I've got very little experience of old Who so I don't know the Brigadier character, but its a lovely piece, especially with what happens in the episode.
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Yes. Fade Away ended up fitting rather nicely into continuity. Almost as if Moffat was aware of it. Paul and I were pleased. I love the old Who series. Especially Troughton and Pertwee. It is a very different experience than the new series -but very fun.
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This looks great! I've only watched a little of the original series, and no story arcs with the Brigadier, but I still mourned Nicholas Courtney's passing.
The art is great in all of the pages! I especially like the more dramatic poster-ish panels, like panel 2 on page 4.
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Thank you. Paul and I feel that if you're going to do Doctor Who in comic form that you should always go big. There's no budget constraints or actors that are no longer with us. Even though this was a fairly subdued story we did try to make the 'further adventures' pretty grand.
Sanshaino's avatar
Absolutely lovely! I haven't seen much of old Who, and pretty much nothing of the Brigadier, but enough to enjoy this immensly. Because it's lovely and adorable and all gruff manly affection and the Doctor still has a lot of problems expressing emotion for others. Favved!
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Thank you very much.
I had always wished that when the 9th Doctor was in London with Rose he had managed to visit the Brigadier, or for 10 to report to him after the Christmas Invasion.

But this series is brilliant, and a wonderful tribute to Mr. Courtney.
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Thank you. It is truly a shame that he didn't end up in the new series. Which is really what motivated this story for Paul and I.
kilian777's avatar
Who ever the officer is, he sounds like Shawn Connery in my mind.
FallenAurora's avatar
Lovely, lovely! Ha that the Doc has to show ID.
BenSoulstone's avatar
Very awesome work here, yes indeed. A fond farewell to Nicholas Courtney, I'm sure he'd love this.
magpie-poet's avatar
:giggle: Love the gentle snideness!
ShawnVanBriesen's avatar
Ah yes. Very much.
AbbyRomana's avatar
This is stunningly beautiful and quite enjoyable dialogue. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. :D
Super-Skitty's avatar
Oh my gosh, what a lovely idea. To send a great man out with love, pride and dignity. I love this already. Also, really like the way it's drawn and set out.
burning-waters's avatar
ID! pfff. he's 900-some, cant ya tell?!
kenshin-chan64's avatar
what a great idea to memorialize a great man :) i cant wait to read the rest
FFRedXIII's avatar
A nappy, brilliant.

Great work, to both of you.
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